Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1206

Samuel knew that tea was a small thing. The reason why Tian Changsheng proposed this was that he knew that he didn’t like this kind of social activities, so he found an excuse for him. Samuel naturally agreed.

After all, there were too many people here today. If Samuel had seen them one by one, he would not hesitate to say something. And with his current status, although the people who had come were all big shots, he did not need to say hello to everyone.

“Disciple, I didn’t expect you to be so good at this,” Samuel said to Tian Changsheng in a low voice.

Tian Changsheng had a proud look on his face. How could he not know Samuel? Even he could not accept this kind of social engagement on such an occasion, let alone Samuel.

“Master, I did so well. Shouldn’t I be rewarded?” Tian Changsheng said with a smile.

“What reward do you want?” Samuel felt that the old man had bad intentions, especially the smile on his face, which obviously showed that he had bad intentions.

“Hey hey.” Tian Changsheng smirked and said, “The Heavenly family also has some use for the project in the west of the city and the village in the city. Would you like to think about it, master?”

Now, these two projects were the biggest reform in Cloud City, and they were still in progress. Although Tian Changsheng would not compete with the company of the Heavenly family and Sue family, he still hoped that the Heavenly family could get some benefits from such a big piece of fat.

“No problem. You can discuss this matter with Linda,” Samuel said. He did not care about money anymore. The reconstruction of the west of the city and villages in the city would definitely make money. It was reasonable for the Heavenly family to want to share a piece of the pie. Samuel did not mind if the Heavenly family interfered.

“Okay, thank you, master,” Tian Changsheng said happily.

At this time, Han Tianyang pulled Samuel aside and asked, “Isn’t Nangong Boling coming? Why hasn’t he appeared yet?”

“He won’t show up until the banquet begins,” Samuel said with a smile. He wasn’t worried about this matter. He had probably guessed what Nangong Boling wanted to do as well.

Countless people were talking about the same name in Cloud City. Some people even looked down on Han Nian in comparison. Samuel didn’t deliberately listen to them, but he knew a lot. If Nangong Boling was in Cloud City, he would have known about it. So, he chose to appear after the banquet began with Albert and Stanford. In this way, the discussion would naturally quiet down. Moreover, the waves caused by the huge stone would definitely cause a storm in Cloud City.

Han Tianyang was a smart man. After hearing Samuel’s words, he could guess what Nangong Boling wanted to do.

“It seems that Nian’er’s popularity will soon surpass yours, and she is an internationally renowned figure,” Han Tianyang said with a smile.

Samuel nodded and said, “Not soon, but she has already surpassed me. It’s just that when Nangong Boling appears, she will be even more powerful.”

The news of the news about the students of Albert and Stanford had shocked the whole world. Countless international news media occupied the headlines. If the media knew that their fellow student was a baby who had just been a hundred days old, the news would definitely shock the world and turn the world upside down.

After arriving at the lounge that Zhang Bifeng had specially prepared for Samuel’s family, he went to take out the best quality tea from his collection.

The Samuel family did not walk toward the banquet hall until it was almost time to take their seats.

The banquet hall with hundreds of people became unusually quiet after Samuel and the others appeared. No one spoke a word. Everyone’s gaze was focused on Samuel.

Some of them had seen Samuel, while others had only heard of his name. When they saw that he was so young, they couldn’t help but marvel at him.

What did it mean that he was young and promising?

One could understand the meaning of these words just by looking at Samuel.

Among these guests, there were some young and beautiful women. At this time, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. Samuel was such an excellent and young man. The key point was that he was very handsome. He had already gotten married and had children. They were completely hopeless.

“If only I had known him earlier.”

“Given my beauty, I can’t possibly lose to Yvonne.”

“Alas, it’s a pity that I missed such an opportunity. I don’t know if he is in the mood to find a lover. If I can’t be his wife, I’d like to be his lover.”

Such words were whispered by many women. Even those women who did not speak had the same thought in their hearts.

“Yvonne, look at those women. They’re so jealous that they can’t wait to kill you with their eyes,” Linda whispered beside Yvonne.

Yvonne also felt that many people were looking at her with hot eyes. Perhaps as Linda said, they were really envious of her. Yvonne couldn’t help but feel happy in her heart.

Although she was not a woman who cared about these things, who wouldn’t be willing to be envied by others?

“What’s the point of being envious? Samuel is mine,” Yvonne said with a smile.

Linda curled her lips. She had a good impression of Samuel for a period of time, and even Qi Yiyun was unable to extricate herself from him. Perhaps this kind of man was born to have a fatal attraction for women.

“You can be proud of yourself. I must find a husband more outstanding thanSamuel in the future,” Linda said.

Yvonne didn’t belittle Linda’s future husband. She just smiled at her words, but in her mind, no one could compare with Samuel.

After the members of the Hannigan family took their seats, Samuel stepped onto the stage. As the host, he needed to say something to show his gratitude.

After some tedious and unnecessary greetings, someone could not wait to take out the gifts he had prepared.

It was still remembered that on the day of Han Nian’s birth, she had received a lot of lavish gifts. There were even many supercars, so Manfred had to build a warehouse to store them. And this gift was naturally more expensive.

Even though Manfred had already prepared the storehouse to store the gifts in advance, he couldn’t help but feel his head ache as he looked at the numerous names of the gifts that had been presented one after another.

“It looks like the place I prepared isn’t big enough. There are so many things, where should I put them?” Manfred said with a look of a headache.

“Boss Manfred, these people are too generous. It’s as if they don’t need money.” Johann exclaimed. There was nothing cheap about these listed gifts.

“From the way they see it, the heavier the present, the better impression they will leave on Samuel. Naturally, they would have to show their utmost sincerity. There’s nothing strange about that,” Manfred said. Why did they want to attend the Hundred Sun Banquet? Wasn’t it just because they hoped to be recognized by Samuel? In this current situation, the only way for Samuel to remember them was to give Han Nian valuable gifts.

Johann nodded to show that he understood, but it was estimated that he could only see this kind of gift once in his life.

The gift delivery delayed the time of the banquet. It was not easy for the delivery to end. An old man put his hands behind his back, and two foreigners walked into the banquet hall behind him.

Zhang Bifeng knew clearly who had received the invitation, but the old man in front of him was definitely not one of them. So he immediately felt bad that an outsider had broken into such an important place.

When Zhang Bifeng was about to call the security guards, he saw Samuel raising his hand to stop him.

“Samuel, I’m not late, am I?” The one who had come was naturally Nangong Boling. How could he miss something as important as this? Furthermore, it was Samuel who had personally called him.

“Not too much, not too much. It’s just right timing.” Samuel said.

At this time, many people who had paid attention to the international news recognized the two people behind Nangong Boling.

“Isn’t… isn’t this Albert and Stanford?”

“Why are these two world-famous figures here?”

“They had accepted a student before. It was an international big event.”

Linda was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth. She paid special attention to this matter, so the appearances of Albert and Stanford had been deeply imprinted in her mind.

But… but why were these two people here?

An amazing idea came to Linda’s mind, so much so that her eyeballs were about to fall out.

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