Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1215

Although he was very reluctant to part with the banquet and did not want to miss such a rare opportunity in a hundred years, Liu Yi could not bear to part with his old mother, so he had to leave early.

Liu Yi knew that he had missed an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and once such an opportunity was missed, it might never happen to him again.

When he returned home and saw his old mother panicking, Liu Yi quickly sat beside her and comforted her, “Mom, don’t be afraid. No matter what it is, I’ll take care of it.”

The Old Madam shook her head, and her eyes were full of horror. She was a very unreasonable person in daily life. It was common for her to argue with other owners in the community. Even the neighbors on the same floor didn’t want to have a good relationship with her. Even those who took the same elevator as her didn’t want to. They would rather wait for a while. From these trivial things, it could be seen that the Old Madam was really not popular.

However, the old lady did not think that. Liu Yi would be able to resolve anything, so she was used to it.

But this time, the old lady knew that her unreasonable behavior had caused a lot of trouble. Liu Yi might be able to solve other problems, but offending Samuel and Yvonne was beyond Liu Yi’s ability.

“Did you quarrel with other neighbors again?” Liu Yi asked.

The old lady shook her head. She did not dare to tell Liu Yi about this matter.

“The square dancing position was robbed by others?” Liu Yi continued to ask.

These trivial things were really common for Liu Yi, and they would be played almost every day. But as her son, he was naturally responsible for his family, and he had to stand up for his mother in everything, which was also what he should be responsible for.

In terms of filial piety, Liu Yi definitely had no problem, but the problem was that his filial piety was too much.

“Then what’s going on?” Liu Yi was puzzled and wondered if there was a new problem.

“I went to the hospital today to cut the line,” the old lady said.

Liu Yi smiled. There was no need to be afraid of cutting the queue. He patted his mother’s shoulder and said, “Mom, this is a small matter. What are you afraid of?”

“I cut Samuel and Yvonne’s team and pushed Yvonne.” The old lady made up her mind to tell the truth, because she knew that hiding the truth might make the consequences worse. It was better to let Liu Yi know as soon as possible so that he could find a way to solve it.

“Who, who are you talking about?” Liu Yi suddenly stood up from the sofa, and his mind was buzzing.

“Han… Samuel, and Yvonne,” the old lady said.

Liu Yi’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper and he sat back down on the sofa, but he was obviously in low spirits.

Samuel and Yvonne!

These two names were like thunder to Liu Yi.

The old lady had provoked these two people and even pushed Yvonne.

After the fight in Green Island, Yvonne did take Samuel to the hospital. But how could it be so coincidental? How could his mother have run into them?

“What, what else did you say?” Liu Yi knew that things would not be so simple, because he knew the old lady’s temper very well. No matter who it was, she would scold him.

“I, I also scolded Yvonne for being a coquette,” the old lady said.

Liu Yi was hit too hard by these words, which made a smile appear on his face as if he had lost his mind.

A coquettish fox?

How dare she call Yvonne a sly fox!

Who was Yvonne now?

In the entire Cloud City, no one dared to complain about Yvonne.

Those who used to say bad things about Yvonne behind her back wished that they could shut their mouths; for fear that Yvonne would get even with them.

He had worked so hard to get the ticket to the banquet, hoping to take this opportunity to open up more roads for the company. He dreamed of expanding the company and letting his old mother live a better life.

But he never thought that his mother would make such a big mistake before he could complete what he had been trying so hard to do.

At this moment, Liu Yi finally woke up. He was too filial and spoiled the old lady, which led to such a result today.

If she hadn’t been so arrogant, if he hadn’t helped her solve so many troubles, she wouldn’t have been like this today.

“I brought this upon myself. If I hadn’t helped you in everything, you wouldn’t be so unreasonable no matter who you are talking about,” Liu Yi said in despair.

In the past, the Old Madam had never thought that she was unreasonable and even thought that everything she did was natural. Others should give in to her and take her as the center of focus in everything. But now, when she met with an iron plate, the Old Madam suddenly came to her senses.

At this time, Liu Yi suddenly stood up.

The old lady asked, “Where are you going?”

“Where else can I go? Now I can only ask for Samuel’s forgiveness.” After saying that, Liu Yi went straight out of the house.

At the Green Peak Manor.

After checking on his physical condition, Samuel returned to the Green Peak Manor and went directly to the lake, followed by Zhang Bifeng.

For what happened today, Zhang Bifeng thought that he had not done a good job of security work, so if Samuel wanted to blame him, he would never have any complaints.

“Mr. Hannigan, today’s responsibility is on me. If you want to blame me, I am willing to bear all the consequences.” Zhang Bifeng said to Samuel in an uneasy mood.

“It has nothing to do with you. Even if a hundred security guards block the door, they can’t stop him from coming in,” Samuel said.

Zhang Bifeng had seen Fang Zhan’s strength, but in his mind, Samuel was stronger. In the process of fighting, although Samuel was in decline at the early stage, he became braver and braver as he fought. In Zhang Bifeng’s opinion, if they continued to fight, it was very likely that Fang Zhan would lose.

“How deep is the lake?” Samuel asked Zhang Bifeng.

“Two meters,” Zhang Bifeng said. The construction of the artificial lake was done by him personally, so he was very clear about the parameters of the artificial lake.

“Does it have any stress points under the lake?” Samuel continued to ask.

“The stress point?” Zhang Bifeng looked at Samuel in confusion. He did not understand what he meant.

“It is the kind of force point that can support one to stand on the surface of the lake.” Samuel explained.

Zhang Bifeng shook his head and said, “No.”

Samuel took a deep breath. Although this was the answer he had guessed a long time ago, he still could not believe it after hearing Zhang Bifeng’s words.

For other bystanders, the appearance of the white-bearded old man on the green island was something that happened in the blink of an eye. No one could see how he did it.

But Samuel saw it clearly. The old man was obviously walking across the lake. If there was no support under the water, how could he walk forward on the water surface?

Although the water had a capacity, it was impossible for it to support a person’s feet.

“How did this old thing do it?” Samuel frowned. This matter was beyond his knowledge. How could an ordinary person do such an incredible thing?

“Mr. Hannigan, what did you say?” Zhang Bifeng did not hear Samuel’s words clearly and asked.

“It’s nothing. Go and do other things,” Samuel said.

Zhang Bifeng could only leave for the time being. However, he could see that Samuel was worried, as if he was confused by something.

Samuel jumped over the fence, walked to the lake, and gently patted the surface of the lake with his palm.

The waves of water rippled, and the buoyant force brought by the water surface could be easily felt by the palm, but this kind of buoyant force could not support a person’s weight.

“Do you want to know how I did it?” At this time, the white-bearded old man’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Samuel turned around, pretended to wash his hands, and said, “I just want to wash my hands. Do I need you to teach me?”

Elder Yi smiled faintly. He knew what Samuel was thinking about, but this guy was too embarrassed to admit it.

“When you go to the Tianqi era, you will get to know this world again. At that time, you won’t find this kind of thing strange.” Elder Yi Jian said.

“What kind of place is Tianqi?” Samuel asked curiously.

“I can’t tell you. After all, you are not a person in the Tianqi era yet.”Elder Yi said.

Samuel shook the water in his hand and said indifferently, “Forget it. I don’t want to know anyway.”

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