Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1217

Tang Long and his family were standing in the distance, looking very reserved. The moment they saw Samuel, they were stunned and didn’t know what to do.

Tang Chengye was an old classmate of Godfrey. When Tang Chengye first changed a new house, he also took a group of old classmates to show off in his new home. And taking this opportunity, he even belittled Samuel.

In the past, Tang Chengye very much hoped Yvonne could marry Tang Long. In his opinion, a good-for-nothing Samuel was not worthy of Yvonne. Only his excellent son had the qualification.

However, ever since Samuel’s identity slowly surfaced in Cloud City, Tang Chengye finally understood the difference between Tang Long and Samuel.

Tang Long was indeed capable, but there was a huge difference between him and Samuel.

In the current Cloud City, Samuel had become the most well-deserved number one. Tang Long had once offended Samuel, causing him to become an unemployed vagrant.

The three of them all knew that if they wanted Tang Long to develop in Cloud City again, they had to be forgiven by Samuel. That was why they had taken this opportunity to apologize to him.

However, when they saw the big shots who left and they saw Samuel, they did not know what to do. After all, Samuel’s status was far higher than theirs. He was not at the same level as them.

“Dad, your old classmate is here,” Samuel said to Godfrey with a smile.

Godfrey also had a faint smile on his face, as well as a hint of pride.

In the past, when Yvonne and Samuel just got married, Tang Chengye often criticized Godfrey for this matter. At that time, Godfrey held back his anger, because Tang Long’s career was like the sun at high noon. No matter whom it was, Tang Long was much better than Samue. Therefore, in the face of Tang Chengye’s sarcasm, Godfrey could only swallow his anger.

Even now, Godfrey still clearly remembered how Tang Chengye compared Samuel with Tang Long. He once said that Tang Long was a dragon, while Samuel was just a maggot.

But now, Samuel was different, and Godfrey’s position had changed. Who dared to say that his son-in-law was a good-for-nothing?

Walking to Tang Chengye, Godfrey said with a smile, “Old Tang, what are you doing here? If I had known earlier, I would have let you go in to have a meal. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Tang Chengye looked embarrassed. He did want to go in, but what qualifications did he have? The people who attended the banquet today were all famous figures, and he was just a commoner.

“Godfrey, you are now a big shot. You won’t be able to meet me even if I want to,” Tang Chengye said.

Godfrey had been lying in bed some time ago. Not only Tang Chengye couldn’t see him, but other old classmates couldn’t get in touch with him either. So in private, someone said that Godfrey’s status had changed and he had already looked down on his old classmates, but the reality was not like this.

“You can’t say that. Although I am indeed a little different now, I remember all of you old classmates. I haven’t forgotten them. If I hadn’t been sick some time ago, I would have asked you out to drink a long time ago,” Godfrey said.

“You are sick, what’s going on?” Tang Chengye asked with a very concerned expression.

A sense of disdain rose in Godfrey’s heart. “This guy is pretending to care about me. It seems that he has something to ask me for.”

“Old Tang, why did you come to see me today?” Godfrey asked directly.

Tang Chengye glanced at Tang Long and said in a dilemma, “Godfrey, I do have something to trouble you with. No company dares to accept my son now. I have no choice in Cloud City, so I want to ask you for help.”

Tang Long had once been hired by the real estate of Weakriver with a high salary, but because he had a conflict with Samuel, he was expelled from the real estate of Weakriver, which almost spread throughout the entire Cloud City. And those people knew who the boss of the real estate of Weakriver was. Who dared to accept the person who was expelled by Samuel?

It was not that Tang Long had not tried the development of other cities, but without foundation, he could not accept everything from the beginning, so he would rather stay in Cloud City to look for opportunities.

“It’s about this.” Godfrey sighed. He knew what was going on with Tang Long. He had been fired by Samuel from the property of Weakriver. Since it was Samuel’s decision, he could not change it easily.

Samuel had long forgotten about these trivial things. Moreover, the grudge between Tang Long and him was now not a big deal at all. In the past, Godfrey had been laughed at by a group of old friends because of him. Now, it was time for Samuel to save face for Godfrey.

“Dad, it’s up to you. I’ll take Yvonne and the kid home. It’s windy outside,” Samuel said to Godfrey.

Godfrey’s face lit up. He knew that Samuel was deliberately giving him face. He nodded and said, “Okay, okay, you go home first.”

After Samuel and others left, Tang Chengye walked to Godfrey with a flattering smile.

“Godfrey, your son-in-law is really something now. Our old classmates are all very envious,” Tang Chengye said.

“Ahem.” Godfrey cleared his throat and said, “Old Tang, I remember that you often said Samuel was a good-for-nothing, didn’t you? Isn’t he a good-for-nothing?”

Hearing this, Tang Chengye’s face instantly became very ugly.


Who dared to say Samuel was trash in the current Cloud City? If he was trash, wouldn’t the entire Cloud City be worse than trash?

“Don’t say that. I used to be blind and didn’t know how powerful he was. Now I’ve seen it clearly. A few days ago, we gathered together. Who doesn’t say that your son-in-law is powerful?” Tang Chengye said.

There was a proud smile on Godfrey’s face that he could not hide. In the past, he had been scolded over and over again because of Samuel. Now, he could finally feel proud because of Samuel.

“Uncle Godfrey, please give me a chance. I really have no way to go now,” Tang Long said to Godfrey. He remembered that he had said in front of Godfrey that it was wrong for Godfrey to marry Yvonne to Samuel, but now, Tang Long did not dare to have such an idea, and he had no more improper thoughts about Yvonne.

“When there’s no way out, you think of your Uncle Godfrey? Tang Long, you were not so modest when you scolded me. Fortunately, I didn’t marry my daughter to you, otherwise, our Sue family would really be ruined.” Godfrey quickly vented his anger.

“Uncle Godfrey, this means that you have foresight.” Tang Long said something against his will.

“Okay, for the sake of your father and me being old classmates, I will give you a chance to register in the real estate of RWeakriver tomorrow,” Godfrey said.

“Thank you, Uncle Godfrey. Thank you, Uncle Godfrey.” Tang Long thanked him excitedly. He was just looking for a job, but he didn’t expect that he would have a chance to return to the real estate of Weakriver.

“Old Tang, let’s meet up with our old classmate another day and see what other people’s children are doing. If they don’t have any great achievements, I’ll arrange a job for them,” Godfrey said generously. But after saying that, he regretted it a little. After all, he was just an idle person and had no right to arrange work for everyone.

“Okay, I’ll inform them later. I’m sure no one will be absent,” Tang Chengye said.

Godfrey just wanted to show off. He didn’t expect that he would make such a promise in such a short time. But if he said it out, it was like spitting out saliva. He couldn’t lick it back by himself. He could only go home and discuss it with Samuel. He hoped that he could agree. If not, Godfrey would lose face in the alumni gathering.

“Then I’ll go first.”

Looking at Godfrey’s back as he walked away, Tang Chengye couldn’t help sighing heavily. Among all his classmates, Godfrey’s birth was the best, but he used to have the worst life. Unexpectedly, Godfrey rose to fame overnight and became the most powerful man’s father-in-law in Cloud City. Tang Chengye would never be able to catch up with his current status in his lifetime.

“It’s a long way to go. I didn’t expect it to be Godfrey’s turn to be proud now.” Tang Chengye shook his head helplessly. His son, whom he was proud of, couldn’t be compared with Samuel.

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