Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1228

The incident in Bin County came to an end. Samuel hurried back to Cloud City without stopping.

Although he hoped to buy more time and find some problems that needed to be solved, he couldn’t find anything to do after the incident in the Bin County.

At the top of Cloudridge, Elder Yi and Fang Zhan stood at the top of the mountain. Facing the whistling strong wind, the two in thin clothes were not affected by the cold at all.

“Is it the best time to take him back at this time?” asked Elder Yi. In recent days, Elder Yi had been tangled with this question. With the existence of Yvonne and Han Nian, Samuel could not let go of his concern for the secular world. This problem would become an obstacle for Samuel’s growth in Tianqi, which would make him more worried when facing some things.

But anyone who entered the Tianqi Realm had to do one thing. That was to abandon the secular world. This was an irreversible and rigid rule. However, Elder Yi knew that such rules could not be applied to Samuel. Otherwise, it would only cause his resistance and even make him give up the idea of entering the Tianqi Realm.

“Elder Yi, enter Tianqi, and forget life and death. This is the first rule of Tianqi, but Samuel can’t do it,” Fang Zhan said. He didn’t mean that Samuel was afraid of death, but that Samuel had his own responsibility, so he wouldn’t put his life and death out of the line.

“Yes, he has a wife and a child. His future is the future of his family. How could he do it?” Elder Yi sighed. If it was an ordinary person, Elder Yi would use special means to treat him, or even cut off his attachment to the secular world by Tianqi. But Samuel was different. He was a special person, and he was highly valued by Elder Yi. He even regarded him as the future of Tianqi, so it was impossible for him to use these means.

“Kill Yvonne and Han Nian?”

If he really did this, Tianqi might encounter unexpected trouble once Samuel found out about it.

For so many years, there had been a God’s favored son named Lin Tong. However, Lin Tong’s ability could not bear the responsibility, and Samuel was qualified to do so. Such a person was a double-edged sword. If used well, it could create miracles, but if not used well, it would hurt oneself.

“Elder Yi, I think… his ability is very strange,” Fang Zhan said.

“In Tianqi, there are many strange people. Although he is strange, he is also the strongest among them. I am confident that in three years, Tianqi will become stronger because of him. When facing that thing in Tianqi, only he is qualified to turn the tide,” Elder Yi said.

Speaking of that matter, Fang Zhan looked very serious. As one of the top ten masters of the Tianqi era, he had a core position in the Tianqi era, so he naturally knew the secret of the Tianqi era. What was guarded by the Tianqi era was the earthly secret that ordinary people didn’t know, and the hidden danger that the secret brought to the world was the extinction.

Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, “The stronger his ability is, the harder it is to control him.”

These words aroused Elder Yi’s dissatisfaction. Elder Yi shook his head and said, “His strong character will not be controlled by anyone. I will never have such an idea. He is like a spring. The harder he is to suppress, the stronger his resistance will be.”

“Can Tianqi change the rules for him? We can’t let him do everything he wants, can we?” Fang Zhan said.

“Rules are made by human beings. Why can’t they be changed?” Elder Yi said casually.

A trace of shock flashed in Fang Zhan’s eyes. The rule of Tianqi had been passed down for a hundred years. Elder Yiwanted to change the rules because of Samuel. How important Samuel was in Elder Yi’s heart?

However, it was not only the four sects that had the final say in Tianqi. The status of the four sects and three halls was equal. Even if Elder Yi wanted to change the rules for Samuel, he had to get the approval of the three halls. But it was so difficult to do so.

For so many years, although the four gates and three halls coexisted peacefully on the surface, they were actually in conflict everywhere. It was common for people to compete with each other, and there were times when the four gates and three halls looked down upon each other.

Take Lin Tong for example. Although he was known as God’s favored son, only the people of the four sects agreed to these four words. The three halls regarded this matter as a joke and never thought that Lin Tong was qualified to be called such a title.

“Elder Yi, will the three halls agree with you to do this?” Fang Zhan asked tentatively. He knew that since Elder Yi said so, there must be some arrangements, but he didn’t know what Elder Yi would do.

Elder Yi smiled and said, “In Tianqi, strength reigns supreme. As long as the three halls see Samuel’s potential, why should they refuse?”

Potential was not like women were pregnant and they couldn’t see or feel the potential. It was impossible for the people of the Three Halls to believe just by talking.

“Spring is coming, April is a very important month for the Tianqi realm. You’ve been away from the Tianqi realm for so many years; do you still remember what will happen in April?” Elder Yi suddenly asked.

“Of course I remember. The annual assessment of masters in the Tianqi era. The efforts of all the people in the Tianqi era are all to show their strength in this month,” Fang Zhan said. Although he had been away for many years, how could he forget such an important thing?

There were four levels in the Tianqi Realm. Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Yellow. Yellow was the lowest level, which meant that they were the people on the edge of the Tianqi Realm. When they were in the Nangong Clan, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian were in the yellow level. Every time they were promoted, their status in the Tianqi Realm would be higher. Only when they were promoted to the Heaven level could they be regarded as the real people in the Tianqi Realm. As for the core members, they must reach the strength of Fang Zhan, or at least become one of the top ten masters.

Even Lin Tong, who was known as a favored son of heaven, was not a core member of the Tianqi Taoism, because he didn’t even know the real secret of the Tianqi Taoism.

“How long will it take for April to come?” Asked Elder Yi.

“The new year is coming soon. After the new year pass, there is only one month left,” Fang Zhan said.

“That’s right. Samuel has advanced from the Yellow Level to the Heaven Level in a month’s time. What a shock to Tianqi.” While saying this, Elder Yi’s face showed a very serious smile.

Fang Zhan was stunned. Only then did he understand what Elder Yi was thinking about.

He actually wanted Samuel to take part in the master selection process and he placed such high hopes on Samuel.

It was unprecedented for Tianqi to promote people from the Yellow level to the Heaven Class in a month. If Samuel really succeeded, the whole of Tianqi would be shocked. Even the title of the favored son of Lin Tong could not be compared with that of Samuel.

But… the level of the experts was like a flight of stairs, which required one to climb up step by step. Was it possible for Elder Yi to break the rules and let Samuel participate in the competition for the promotion of each level?

“Keep your chin and don’t look like you’ve not seen much of the world,” Elder Yi said with a smile.

Fang Zhan quickly shut his mouth. He was indeed shocked by the idea of Elder Yi. It was estimated that no one in the entire Tianqi era had ever thought of doing this.

“Elder Yi, you asked him to attend the assessment three times. He can’t bear it,” Fang Zhan said doubtfully.

“If you want to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, how can you not pay a bit of a price?” Elder Yi said.

“But I don’t think the three halls will agree to his participation,” Fang Zhan said.

“As long as he has the ability, what right do they have to object? I can’t wait to see Samuel slap them in the face. It’s time for this bunch of old fellows to see how powerful the young people are.”

Fang Zhan’s eyebrows jumped. In the past, there were rumors in the Tianqi era that Elder Yi and the big shots of the three halls didn’t get along well with each other. Without evidence, these rumors were just rumors. But today, Fang Zhan had seen that there was a great gap between Elder Yi and those people.

“Elder Yi, you…” Fang Zhan swallowed, moistened his throat, and continued, “Aren’t you afraid of slapping yourself in the face?”

Elder Yi was stunned. He really hadn’t thought about this question. If something went wrong, he would be the one to lose face.

“How is that possible? Samuel was able to force you, one of the top ten experts, to use the Palm Sword. With his strength rising to the Heaven Level, what kind of problem would there be?” Elder Yi said.

Ten great experts?

Every time he mentioned these words, Fang Zhan could only smile bitterly, because he had been away from Tianqi for too long and completely abandoned himself. With his current ability, how could he be qualified to be called one of the top ten masters?

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