Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1230

Samuel did not know how to deal with Tian Ling’er. This mischievous little girl knew very well who she should please and whom she should get protection from. As long as Yvonne was happy, Samuel’s threat to her would be meaningless.

” I don’t argue with you. It’s meaningless” Samuel said disdainfully.

Tian Ling’er raised her fist with victory and said, “You can’t beat me. Just admit defeat.”

Samuel waved his hand and took out his phone to dial Manfred’s number.

“Find a place to get together tonight,” Samuel said to Manfred. He could stay in Cloud City for less and less. It had been a long time since Samuel and this group of brothers had eaten, drank, and chatted with each other. He could make use of today’s free time to deal with the matters of Cloud City.

“Okay, I’ll go arrange it right away. How about having hotpot on such a cold day?” Manfred said excitedly.

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

After hanging up the phone, Manfred couldn’t wait to leave Hex Capital Nightclub.

Recently, there was a famous hotpot restaurant in Cloud City. It was very popular almost every day. People had to queue up with brands for dinner. Moreover, at three o’clock in the afternoon, people had already started to queue up. The restaurant, which was so popular that it was second to none in Cloud City.

Arriving at the hotpot restaurant, Manfred’s appearance directly alerted the manager. The manager immediately relayed the news to the boss. After all, Manfred’s current status in Cloud City was a big shot. No matter where he went to eat, the boss’ personal reception was already the lowest standard. No one dared to slight him in the slightest.

“Boss Manfred, I didn’t expect that such a big shot like you would come to my small shop. It’s so glorious.” The boss said to Manfred with a smile.

“We won’t be receiving any other guests tonight, right? I want to book up the whole place.” Manfred said.

The boss had a conflicted expression on his face. One night’s turnover in the hotpot restaurant could be ignored, but this would definitely cause dissatisfaction from the other customers. Manfred was worthy of the boss’ attention, he didn’t want to ruin his reputation just because of Manfred.

“Boss Manfred, we have specially prepared a private room here. How about I arrange a private room for you?” The boss said. If Samuel were to come, he would be willing to pay the price of smashing the signboard. However, Manfred was not worth it.

Upon hearing these words, Manfred’s face darkened and he said, “You don’t want to give me any face?”

“Boss Manfred, I’m just doing a small business. The customer is God. I dare not offend other guests.” The boss said with a wry smile.

“You don’t dare to offend other guests, that’s why you offended me?” Manfred asked.

The boss looked like he was in a dilemma as he said to Manfred, “Boss Manfred, I definitely don’t mean that. I hope you can understand me.”

Although the manager stood aside and did not dare to speak, he still felt a little dissatisfied. In his opinion, Manfred had gone overboard. After all, he was just one of Samuel’s subordinates. There was no need for him to make such a big fuss. It was not like Samuel was here to have a meal.

“Alright, since you are unwilling, then I can only choose a new place. After all, Brother Samuel likes a quiet place when eating.” Manfred said indifferently. The reason he addressed Samuel as Brother Samuel was because he wanted to find a proper position to let others know that Manfred was only one of Samuel’s subordinates. However, in front of Samuel, he directly called him Samuel. This was something that Samuel had requested.

Hearing this, the boss froze on the spot.

How dare Samuel come to this place for dinner?

This was the dream of so many people!

Not to mention a small hot pot restaurant, even in the entire hotel, as long as he was willing to go, the hotel would be willing to empty all the guests for him.

“What did he say just now?” The boss asked the manager.

The manager was also at a loss. He was obviously frightened. Who would have thought Samuel would come to this small place for dinner?

“Boss, it seems that Samuel is coming too,” the manager said.

The boss instantly jumped up as if the floor was burning. He said to the manager, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and stop Manfred. If I miss this good opportunity, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

By this time, Manfred had already walked out of the hot pot restaurant. The manager was frantically panting as he blocked Manfred’s path.

“Boss Manfred, please wait, please wait.” The manager was out of breath.

Manfred’s expression was indifferent as he said, “What am I waiting for? It’s such a vast Cloud City; can it be that I still can’t find a place to eat?”

At this moment, the boss ran out and heard Manfred’s words. He immediately became regretful and said, “Boss Manfred, I’m really sorry. Don’t worry. Tonight, there will definitely be no other people in this restaurant.”

Manfred coldly smiled and said, “Isn’t it just a small business? Aren’t you afraid of offending the customers?”

The boss was really afraid of offending the guests, but if Samuel came to dinner, did he need to worry about the lack of customers? Even those big bosses would fight for a reservation.

“Boss Manfred, it’s my fault. Please give me another chance.” The boss said with an apologetic look.

Manfred patted the boss’ shoulders and said, “You can’t blame me for you not grasping the opportunity.”

His words made the boss’s heart turn cold. He didn’t know how many people were waiting for such an opportunity in the entire Cloud City, but he was going to miss it?

“Boss Manfred, I’m sorry. I deserve to be blamed for being unreasonable.” As he spoke, the boss bent his knees as if he was going to kneel.

Manfred hurriedly stopped him. He wasn’t used to others kneeling down to him without a second thought. Furthermore, it was just a small matter of having a meal. There was no need for it to reach such a degree.

“Tell your chef to make the bottom of the pot tastier and prepare more fresh dishes.” After finishing these words, Manfred turned around and left.

The boss was stunned for a long time before he came to his senses. He couldn’t control the joy on his face at all. He quickly said to the manager, “Hurry up, go tell the kitchen that all the dishes tonight must be fresh enough. If they can’t be prepared, go and buy them immediately.”

“Yes, yes, yes, boss. I’ll do it right away.” The manager was also in a panic. Since the opening of the restaurant, this was the first time that he had met a real big shot. No one dared to be careless.

The boss took a few deep breaths and even pinched his thigh. After feeling the pain, he realized that it was not a dream. Samuel really wanted to come to him for dinner.

“How dazzling the family is! I didn’t expect that I would end up like this. Fortunately, I didn’t miss this opportunity. Otherwise, how could I face our ancestors in the future?” The boss said with a look of relief.

Samuel didn’t know about the matter, and he left the Hillside Villa at four o’clock in the afternoon.

When he arrived in Hex Capital Nightclub, Manfred, Johann, Qi Hu, and the others had been waiting at the door for a long time.

These few people could be considered Samuel’s closest brothers. Although Johann had once been looked down upon by Samuel and had even been taken away his right to become a gray leader in Cloud City, Johann could not afford to take on a great responsibility but he could do some trivial things.

“Brother Samuel.”

“Brother Samuel.”

Johann and Qi Hu shouted at the same time.

Samuel walked up to Qi Hu and punched him in the chest. He asked, “Have you gotten used to urban life?”

“It’s more than just getting used to it. Right now, he’s the most famous cannon king in Hex Capital Nightclub,” Manfred said with a smile.

Samuel looked at Qi Hu in surprise. When he first came down from the mountain and came to Cloud City, he was very unfamiliar with everything in the city. He didn’t even know food, clothing, housing, or transportation. But now, he had such a title. It seemed that he had made a good living in Hex Capital Nightclub.

“Qi Hu, I really didn’t expect you to have such an ability,” Samuel said with a sigh.

Qi Hu scratched his head awkwardly and glared fiercely at Manfred before saying to Samuel, “Brother Samuel, the world is so beautiful, it’s much better than the one on the mountain. Master kept saying that it’s dangerous at the foot of the mountain. So it turns out that he was lying to me.”

Upon hearing this, Samuel could not help laughing out loud. It seemed that Qi Hu was really bewitched by the beauty. He did not even believe his master’s words.

But that was the truth. There were so many kinds of things in the cities. How could the boredom on the mountain compare with that?

“Everyone has their own ways of dealing with things. I won’t interfere with the life you choose. However, women, when you meet someone you want to love, you have to make full use of your time. Don’t let yourself regret, and don’t hurt her,” Samuel said. These words were from the bottom of his heart, as well as Samuel’s faith in love.

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