Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1242

Samuel continued, “I used to be like that. Even the servants could laugh at me or bully me. Nangong Qianqiu even incited Han Jun to hit me. In her eyes, I’m not a Hannigan family at all.”

Listening to these words, Yvonne’s heart ached so much that she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t imagine what kind of pain the young Samuel was going through.

As a member of the Hannigan family, he and Han Jun were treated so differently at home. No wonder he hated Nangong Qianqiu so much. If it were Yvonne, she would never forgive Nangong Qianqiu.

“You once asked me if I would feel wronged if I was beaten and scolded by Lydia. Now do you understand why I said I couldn’t? Because I had suffered more pain. The humiliation that Lydia brought me was not even a little bit,” Samuel said.

Yvonne held Samuel’s hand tightly and said, “Samuel, can I go in and have a look?”

Samuel smiled and said, “Of course you can. This is your husband’s home, and also your home.”

After that, Samuel pulled Yvonne into the room.

The room looked very simple, because there was no one in the Hannigan family. All the shabby furniture was covered with dust, and there was even a spider web in the corner.

Yvonne was a person who was very afraid of insects. In the past, when she came to this kind of environment, she would definitely reject it very much. But now, instead of being afraid, she wanted to clean the room up.

This was Samuel’s home, which was hers.

The old-fashioned high-rise wooden bed was creaking. Yvonne did not mind the dust on the bed. She sat on it directly, swung her legs, and said to Samuel, “Can we stay here tonight?”

“Of course. I’m not used to changing rooms either,” Samuel said with a smile.

“Then I’ll clean up this place. I want our house to be clean,” Yvonne said.

Just like that, Yvonne brought over a basin of water and began to clean up with a cloth. Samuel naturally couldn’t just sit around and help out.

“What does this mean?” When Yvonne wiped the bed and saw the conviction Samuel had left behind, she asked out of curiosity.

“I’m nothing in the world. I came here to be the master of Hengshan Mountain, meaning that there’s no place for me in the world, so I’ll be the master myself,” Samuel explained.

Yvonne suddenly realized that this was Samuel’s idea since he was a child. Now, he had succeeded.

After cleaning the room, Yvonne was so tired that she sweated all over.

Samuel suddenly thought of something and said to Yvonne, “Do you want to try how I bathed before?”

“Yes, I do.” Yvonne said without hesitation. She wanted to experience everything that had happened to Samuel before, because only in this way could she feel that she could get a deeper understanding of Samuel.

“But it’s winter now. I don’t know if you can take it,” Samuel said.

Yvonne frowned discontentedly and said, “Why can’t I? Are you looking down on me?”

Samuel smiled and brought Yvonne to another secret base in the backyard.

It was almost secluded here. Even the servants in the house did not often come here in the past.

Since Samuel lived in a storage room, he did not have any equipment for hot water. Taking a shower in summer was a very easy problem, but it would be very troublesome in winter. However, at that time, Samuel found the Hannigan family’s hot water pipeline in this secret place. Then, he changed the valve and could take a bath here secretly.

“Is this the place?” After arriving at the place, Yvonne stared at Samuel, which was almost out of view. Under this kind of environment, stripping off the clothes and taking a shower was something Yvonne couldn’t even imagine.

“Although there is only one wall, it is enough. Even if someone comes to the backyard, they will not notice this place.” After saying that, Samuel knocked down a brick on the wall.

The brick looked normal on the surface, but there was only half of the brick when it was pulled out. It was just enough to leave a crack in the wall.

Samuel took out a piece of scented soap and said, “I used it when I was a child, but it seems that I can’t use it anymore.”

Just as Samuel was about to throw it away, Yvonne snatched it from his hand and said, “Who said I can’t use it? I think it’s fine.”

Samuel smiled. He knew Yvonne wanted to experience everything he had experienced when he was a child, which moved him a lot.

“Are we going together, or are you going first?” Samuel asked with a smile.

Yvonne’s face suddenly turned red. She and Samuel were an old couple, but taking a bath together was something that had never happened before.

“Don’t even think about it. Keep a lookout for me. Don’t peek.” Yvonne raised her fist and threatened Samuel.

Samuel nodded repeatedly and then turned his back.

Yvonne lowered her head and slowly took off her clothes with a shy look on her face.

When the hot water valve was opened, there was immediately a cloud of smoke. Yvonne, who was in the smoke, was more like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world, with a fairy-like aura floating in the air.

Samuel couldn’t help but turn his head to look out of the corner of his eye, but Yvonne noticed this, she immediately scolded him. Samuel was so scared that he quickly turned his head.

But on second thought, Samuel felt that it was a natural thing to see his wife take a bath. He was not a thief, so why should he feel guilty?

As a result, Samuel turned around openly and stared straight at Yvonne.

Yvonne said shyly, “What are you doing? Hurry up and turn around.”

“You’re my wife. There’s nothing I have seen everything,” Samuel said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Yvonne felt even more embarrassed. However, she had no way to stop Samuel, so she had no choice but to accept her fate.

After the two of them took a shower, there was no Sky Thunder or Earth Fire. After all, it was still day time, and the impact was not good.

At this time, Zhong Tianli had returned to the Zhong family, as if he couldn’t lift his head.

The news of the airport had already been transmitted back to the Zhong family. It didn’t need Zhong Tianli to say anything more, but the Zhong family had already known it.

Zhong Mingguo was very angry about this. Zhong Tianli vowed to let Samuel return to Cloud City, but he did not expect that he would lose face for the Zhong family in front of so many people.

“Zhong Tianli, do you still remember what you told me before? You said you wanted Samuel to return to Cloud City at the airport. But now, people outside are laughing at our Zhong family. Can you bear the responsibility?” Zhong Mingguo scolded.

Zhong Tianli had not expected Samuel to be so powerful. He didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

“Grandpa, Samuel is very powerful. Even our bodyguards are no match for him,” Zhong Tianli said.

Zhong Tianyi sneered and said, “Zhong Tianli, you’re a good-for-nothing. How dare you drag others into the mire? Are they all good-for-nothings like you?”

Zhong Tianli’s face turned cold and he said, “Don’t kick me when I am down. We don’t think Samuel is that simple.”

Zhong Tianyi, of course, knew Samuel was not simple. He even wanted to kill him with the help of Han Tianli. However, Zhong Tianyi did not take Samuel seriously, even though he was not simple.

Zhong Tianyi firmly believed that as long as he took action, it was only a matter of time for Samuel, a good-for-nothing, to get out of Swallow City.

“Zhong Tianli, do you still want me to value you with such a result? Do you have the right?” Zhong Mingguo asked.

Zhong Tianli panicked. He wanted to deal with Samuel in order to prove his ability, but not in this way. If this matter was over, he would not be able to lift his head in the Zhong family for the rest of his life.

“Grandpa, please give me another chance. I won’t let you down this time,” Zhong Tianli said hurriedly.

“You’ve already lost face once. Does our Zhong family want you to continue to lose face?” Zhong Mingguo said coldly.

“Grandpa, I’ll take the expert with me this time. I promise you that I won’t lose face,” Zhong Tianli said eagerly.

Zhong Mingguo did not believe in Zhong Tianli anymore. He trusted Zhong Tianyi more, so he hoped that Zhong Tianyi would show up and save the face of the Zhong family.

“Tianyi, what do you think?” Zhong Mingguo asked.

Zhong Tianyi did not have the strong desire to perform like others. After all, he was already the most outstanding young man among the crowd, so he was not in a hurry to take responsibility for this matter.

The more important it was for him to show up at the last minute, the more valuable it would be.

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