Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1243

Zhong Tianli looked at Zhong Tianyi nervously. He knew that as long as Zhong Tianyi agreed, Zhong Mingguo, who was partial, would definitely hand this matter over to him, and he would completely lose the chance to turn over. However, what Zhong Tianyi said next surprised Zhong Tianli very much.

“Grandpa, since he thinks he can do it, let him try again. I have a lot of things to deal with in the company recently, and I can’t find time to do it,” Zhong Tianyi said.

Hearing this, not only was Zhong Tianli stunned, but the others also didn’t expect that with Zhong Tianyi’s character, he would not give Zhong Tianli a chance. He was not a kind-hearted person.

Zhong Mingguo was slightly stunned. This was not what Zhong Tianyi would say. Was it because of the success of his company that Zhong Tianyi had no desire to show now? If he became proud because of this little achievement, Zhong Mingguo must let him realize the cruelty of reality. It would not be good to have such a mentality if he wanted to support the entire Zhong family.

However, in front of so many people, since Zhong Tianyi’s words had already been spoken, Zhong Mingguo could only agree.

“Okay, Zhong Tianli, I’ll give you another chance. I hope you can make good use of it,” Zhong Mingguo said to Zhong Tianli.

Zhong Tianli was too lazy to think about why Zhong Tianyi wanted to give him a chance. He felt that as long as he was sufficiently prepared, he would definitely be able to make a comeback.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Tianyi, come to my study.” After saying that, Zhong Mingguo took the lead and walked towards the study.

Zhong Tianyi walked over to Zhong Tianli and said, “This is your last chance. Take good use of it and use all your methods. If you really can’t figure out a good way, I think you can start with his wife and children. This is absolutely a good breakthrough point.”

Zhong Tianli frowned when he saw Zhong Tianyi’s good intentions. “Why is this guy doing this for my sake?”

But he had to admit that Zhong Tianyi’s method was really good. With his wife and children as threats, would Samuel still dare to stay in Swallow City?

“Zhong Tianyi, I know what I should do. I don’t need your advice,” Zhong Tianli said coldly.

Zhong Tianyi smiled faintly. How could he not help him? How could this guy think of such a plan? If he didn’t do something to anger Samuel, Samuel wouldn’t have destroyed him.

It seemed that Zhong Tianyi was being kind, but in fact, he was hoping that Zhong Tianli would touch Samuel’s bottom line and use Samuel to cripple him. In the entire Zhong family, Zhong Tianli was the only one among the younger generation who could cause some trouble to Zhong Tianyi. The others were nothing to him.

“Good luck,” Zhong Tianyi said with a smile as he walked toward Zhong Mingguo’s study.

In the study, Zhong Mingguo sat in front of the desk with a serious look on his face. He had high hopes for Zhong Tianyi. If Zhong Tianyi was just arrogant because of the little achievement in front of him, he would be very disappointed. Therefore, he needed to remind Zhong Tianyi. He could not be arrogant because of such a small result. It would be the biggest obstacle for him to inherit the Zhong family.

“Tianyi, your company is really good now, but you should know that it’s impossible for you to meet my requirements with such a result, so your pride is very ridiculous in my eyes, do you understand?” Zhong Mingguo said bluntly. He deliberately wanted to strike Zhong Tianyi so that he would realize his weakness.

“Grandpa, do you think if I don’t intervene in this matter, I’ll be proud?” Zhong Tianyi said lightly.

Zhong Mingguo did think so, but after hearing Zhong Tianyi’s words, wasn’t that the case?

“What other plans do you have?” Zhong Mingguo asked in confusion.

“Grandpa, with Zhong Tianli’s character, he won’t be convinced just because of the matter of building his own company, no matter how miserable he is. In the future, when I become the family master, if he doesn’t accept me, there will inevitably be internal strife. In this way, how can the Zhong family develop and become stronger? Therefore, I need him to be completely convinced. And if I can do this, I have to start from my strong point,” Zhong Tianyi said.

“What’s your strong point?” Zhong Mingguo thought for a moment and suddenly understood what Zhong Tianyi meant. He said, “You mean to let Zhong Tianli suffer a setback on this matter and let you solve it in the end so that he will know the gap between you and him?”

“With his character, things won’t be so simple. But since I want to be the family master, I have to consider everything for the family. I don’t allow any infighting in the family. I need everyone to be convinced by me. Next, I have to take it one step at a time before I can make plans in the future,” Zhong Tianyi said.

Zhong Mingguo was very pleased that Zhong Tianyi had such a mature idea. However, there was a loophole in this matter. Why did Zhong Tianyi think that Zhong Tianli would not be able to deal with Samuel?

If Zhong Tianli had done so, his confidence would have inflated and he would have a stronger desire to compete with Zhong Tianyi. In this way, the conflict between the two of them would only expand endlessly.

“But you didn’t think about the result of Zhong Tianli’s success,” Zhong Mingguo said.

“That’s impossible.” Zhong Tianyi laughed and shook his head. It might be feasible to use Zhong Tianli’s methods to deal with others. After all, he could fight, but he had no chance against Samuel. According to the information that he had, Samuel was more powerful than Zhong Tianli.

“You’re so sure. It seems that you know Samuel better than me,” Zhong Mingguo said.

“Grandpa, Samuel is indeed very powerful. Have you forgotten that there’s a man named Yan Jun with him?” Zhong Tianyi asked.

Zhong Mingguo’s eyes froze.

Yan Jun!

This man, who had once been by Han Tianyang’s side and wreaked havoc in the city, had not made a move for many years. He had even been forgotten by many people. However, when this name was mentioned, it was still frightening, especially at Zhong Mingguo’s age. He was very clear about how powerful Yan Jun was back then.

Zhong Mingguo took a deep breath and said, “However, he hasn’t made a move in many years. I only mentioned him to an old friend a few days ago. That old friend of mine said that the current Yan Jun was not the same as he was back then.”

“That’s just your guesses. No one has confirmed it, so Yan Jun is still worthy of our fear,” Zhong Tianyi said.

This reason made Zhong Mingguo have to admit that. If there was nothing to confirm, he should never draw a conclusion. Otherwise, once the result was beyond his imagination, the ending would also undergo earth-shaking changes.

“It looks like our Zhong family still needs to spare some effort to deal with Yan Jun,” Zhong Mingguo said with a serious expression.

“Grandpa, I’ve thought about this for a long time, so our Zhong family will soon welcome a very powerful expert. I paid a lot of money to invite him here. With him here, we don’t need to be afraid even if it’s Yan Jun,” Zhong Tianyi said.

Zhong Mingguo laughed and nodded with gratification. He said, “Tianyi, you’re really thoughtful and didn’t let me down. In the future, when the Zhong family is handed over to you, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. You’ve done everything well. I believe you can make the Zhong family go further.”

“This is the first requirement of inheriting the position of the head of the family. How would I dare to be careless?” Zhong Tianyi laughed.

Zhong Tianyi’s position in Zhong Mingguo’s mind had risen a lot after this conversation. This was Zhong Tianyi’s ability, which could not be compared with by the rest of the younger generation of the Flower World.

Moreover, Zhong Tianyi hid his real purpose in his words. He did not need Zhong Tianli’s admiration for him. This guy would always be a time bomb. Only when it was completely destroyed could it be truly stable for Zhong Tianyi.

After leaving the study, Zhong Tianyi returned to his room, wondering when Zhong Tianli would really make Samuel angry. He couldn’t wait to hear the news that Zhong Tianli had been disabled.

“I almost forgot, and I have to pick up the plane.” Suddenly thinking of one thing, Zhong Tianyi left the Zhong family in a panic.

The master that Zhong Tianyi invited would arrive in Swallow City on tonight’s flight. Zhong Tianyi did not dare to neglect this matter. Because Samuel had Yan Jun by his side, he needed such an expert.

In the yard of the Hannigan family, in the evening, Gina personally cooked a table full of sumptuous dishes. This was the skill she had learned for Samuel in order to cook for him. Unfortunately, when Samuel returned to Swallow City, he did not stay at home for dinner.

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