Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1256

Just as Lei Heming was proud of himself, he suddenly felt that his legs were blocked by a huge force.

He didn’t know when Samuel had already stood beside Jiang Yingying. He easily blocked the fatal blow from Lei Heming with his arm.

“Alas.” Samuel looked at Jiang Yingying and sighed. After all, she was a little girl with an unstable mind. She was easily irritated by Lei Heming’s words. If he had not been prepared in advance, even if Jiang Yingying could survive, she would have been an abnormal fool.

“Samuel, what are you doing?” Lei Heming gritted his teeth as he looked at Samuel. This was the arena for the champion competition while Samuel actually dared to step onto the stage at this moment.

“Samuel, you are breaking the rules of the championship competition. Do you know what will happen to you?” On the side of the field, Fang Zhantian was also roaring because Jiang Yingying should have died. But Samuel’s sudden appearance saved Jiang Ying from a disaster.

“Rules. I am the rule in a place where I am .” Samuel spoke in a faint voice.

As soon as these words came out, all the people in the stadium were stunned.

“This is the Martial Arts Society Assembly held by the Swallow City Martial Arts Association, and he said that I am the rule. Doesn’t this mean that he doesn’t take the Martial Arts Association seriously at all?”

“Samuel, you’re talking big. Are you provoking the entire Martial Arts Association?” Lei Heming said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Samuel kicked Lei Heming away. The new star in the martial arts world did not even have a chance to react.

The arena was once again shocked. Regardless of whether it was the ordinary audience or the people in the field of martial arts, they were well aware of the strength of Lei Heming. Samuel had managed to kick Lei Heming out of the arena with just one move, which showed that his own strength was also very strong.

“Whoever thinks I have broken the rules can step forward and challenge me now. If I lose, I will accept your rules. If you lose, I will be the rule,” Samuel said lightly and then helped Jiang Yingying up.

Jiang Yingying lowered her head and did not dare to look at Samuel, because she knew that she did not lose to Lei Heming in strength, but that Lei Heming’s words affected her mood, which led to this situation. So she had no face to face Samuel.

And if he asked Samuel to stand up for her, it was obvious that he would offend the entire Martial Arts Association, which was a huge problem for Samuel.

“Samuel, you’re too arrogant. Let me have a look.”

“Ignorant young man. How dare you challenge the Martial Arts Association? You don’t know what’s good for you. Let me show you how powerful you are.”

“The Hannigan family has declined. I didn’t expect a small character like you to not know how to keep a low profile. In that case, you’d better die here today.”

Several people who refused to submit stood up after Samuel finished speaking. All of them looked fierce. Obviously, they were not going to let Samuel go.

These people were well-known in the Swallow City martial arts world, and their strength was not bad. Their appearance immediately made the championship match even better.

For the ordinary audience, it didn’t matter who was the champion. What was important was that they could see an unexpected wonderful scene today.

“You go and rest first,” Samuel said to Jiang Yingying.

Jiang Yingying walked out of the ring silently. She was very regretful in her heart, but it was a pity that time couldn’t go back. It was useless for her to regret now.

Samuel tidied up his clothes and looked at the several people under the ring with fierce eyes. He said, “Let’s go together to save time.”


“Han Qian, where did you get the capital to be this arrogant?”

“It’s not up to you, a good-for-nothing, to humiliate the martial arts world.”

These people were angry, but the audience in the audience was completely ignited by Samuel’s words. They were crying and howling.

It was unprecedented, and no one dared to imagine that he could single-handedly defeat the entire Martial Arts Association.

“If you think the ring is too small, I can come down and play with you.” With that, Samuel jumped down from the ring.

The five people opposite him were all livid with anger. With their names, they were a well-known existence in the Swallow City martial arts world, but now they were ignored by Samuel, which was unbearable.

“Since you’re courting death, we’ll fulfill your wish.”

“Let’s go together and kill this arrogant boy.”

“Little kid Hannigan family, don’t regret it when you’re in hell.”

The five of them went up together. Almost everyone thought Samuel was doomed.

On the viewing platform, Elder Yi’s expression did not show the slightest bit of nervousness. Instead, he appeared exceptionally calm. After all, he was able to force Fang Zhan to use the sword in his palm. How could these mundane characters be a match for Samuel?

But Samuel made such a scene, the entire Swallow City martial arts world would be turned upside down.

“Elder Yi, isn’t Samuel too high-profile?” Fang Zhan said.

“In my opinion, he did this on purpose, which could be regarded as a warning to the opponent to the Hannigan family. This guy’s thoughts are very deep. Every thing he did involves a lot of interests. In the whole stadium, except for the two of us, I am afraid that everyone has been trapped by him.” Elder Yi said with a smile.

Fang Zhan took a deep breath and sighed. “His strength is not simple, and his shrewdness is even more amazing. It seems that Lin Tong has no chance to defeat him.”

In the face of the five men’s attacks, Samuel’s eyes flashed with a trace of bloodiness that no one could detect. The muscles under his clothes swelled up in an instant.

One move!

Two moves!

Three moves!

In the face of the five people, Samuel did not show any sign of being defeated. Instead, he became braver and braver as he fought, which shocked countless people.

It should be noted that these five people were almost the top masters in Swallow City’s martial arts world. However, even if they joined forces, they could not suppress Samuel, which was enough to show that Samuel was powerful.

“How could this guy be so powerful?” In the stands, Zhong Tianyi gritted his teeth and said. A chill rose in his heart. If Samuel did not die here today, it would be too much of a threat to the Zhong family.

“It’s not that he is too powerful. It’s that the current martial arts world is too useless.” Chen Bao said disdainfully. In front of the founder of the Martial Arts Association, the current martial arts world had completely fallen into depravity. People like them were not worth mentioning in the past. But now, these five people were called top masters, which was really a joke.

After hearing Chen Bao’s words, Zhong Tianyi felt a little relieved. As long as Chen Bao could kill Samuel, this threat would not be worth mentioning.

Five great masters lost their combat capability in Samuel’s hands one after another. Until the last person fell, the whole stadium became silent. Everyone stared at Samuel in disbelief.

“He defeated the entire martial arts world with his own strength, and no one dared to say a word?”

“Is there anyone else who is not convinced?” Samuel asked.

This sentence exploded in everyone’s ears like a bolt of spring thunder.

It was not enough to knock down five people, but he was still provoking the Swallow City martial arts world.

Could it be that he really wanted to beat all the people in Swallow City’s martial arts world in turn?

Fang Zhantian panted heavily. He had never expected Samuel to be this powerful. Even if Lei Heming faced the five-man attack, it was impossible for him to have even the slightest chance of victory. Yet, he had so easily resolved this crisis.

No wonder he was able to remain calm when he blocked Lei Heming’s fatal blow.

If Samuel had not gone to Cloud City, there would have been no Lei Heming’s reputation in the martial arts world of Swallow City.

As for Wang Xin, he was already dumbfounded. It seemed that he could not believe Samuel had defeated the five great masters of the martial arts world.

“Wasn’t the Young Master of the Hannigan family regarded as trash by Nangong Qianqiu a long time ago? How could he be so powerful?”

Could it be that this was the real trump card Hannigan family? Nangong Qianqiu spoiled Han Jun. Did she deliberately hide the power of Samuel by releasing a smoke bomb?

Wang Xin breathed a long sigh of relief and said to himself, “How many years has it been? The Swallow City martial arts world has not been so lively for many years. Since Chen Bao left, no one has been able to show such strong ruling power.”

In Chen Bao’s era, there were many new stars rising in the martial arts world, because at that time, the Martial Arts Association’s requirements were very harsh. If one wanted to join it, he must have the strength to be recognized by Chen Bao.

Chen Bao’s standards were extremely high, so he had to force the people of that era to train hard. However, after Chen Bao left, the standards dropped a lot, which led to the mixture of good and bad in the current martial arts world.

At this time, out of the corner of his eye, Wang Xin suddenly saw an old man with a head full of white hair walking toward Samuel.

When he saw the man’s face clearly, there was a hint of horror in Wang Xin’s eyes. “Chen Bao! It turns out to be Chen Bao!”

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