Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1259

The more Samuel fought, the braver he became. Chen Bao, who was forced to the corner of the ring, could only defend passively. In this case, even the ordinary audience could tell who was stronger. As for those from the Martial Arts Association, they naturally knew the gap between Chen Bao and Samuel.

No one had expected things to turn out this way.

Back then, the number one martial artist had been suppressed by the Hannigan family’s useless Young Master to the point where he didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

Everyone in the Martial Arts Association knew that after today, the Martial Arts Association was likely to become a joke, and the status of the Hannigan family in Swallow City would rise sharply. It was afraid that in the future, Swallow City would no longer be able to compete with the aristocratic families of the Hannigan family.

“I didn’t expect Samuel to be so powerful. Even Chen Bao is no match for him.”

“It’s really unexpected. Isn’t Samuel a good-for-nothing? How could he be so powerful?”

“Han Jun has been thrown into prison. The Hannigan family should have declined. But now, because of Samuel, the Hannigan family will probably reach an unprecedented height.”

“Those people who have offended the Hannigan family this time around have to live with their tails between their legs. Who will be able to endure Samuel seeks revenge?”

The spectators in the stands were discussing among themselves animatedly. From not optimistic about Samuel to now giving him a supreme evaluation, the entire process only took a few minutes to change.

“Samuel used to say that all the families who have been against the Hannigan family should kneel down in front of the Han Mansion to ask for forgiveness. I remember that the whole SwallowCity regarded these words as a joke. But now, who dares to say that they are a joke?”

“It’s going to be lively in front of the Hannigan Family’s courtyard. I don’t know how many people have to kneel down.”

“Samuel is the one who can support the Hannigan family. Han Jun is nothing.”

On the arena, Chen Bao knew that he could not compete with Samuel. Although he was unwilling, he had to accept his fate in the face of such a powerful opponent.

All of a sudden, Chen Bao gave up resisting. Not only did he have to admit defeat, but he also had to sacrifice his own life.

Just when everyone thought that Chen Bao was bound to die, a figure on the stage flashed by and stood in front of Chen Bao at a speed that ordinary people couldn’t see clearly.

Samuel’s life-threatening punch was blocked by him, and he did not seem to be in a good mood either. There was a flash of pain on his face.

“Why is there another person? Is he Chen Bao’s helper?”

“This guy is really fast. I didn’t even see how he got on the ring.”

“I didn’t expect that there are so many reclusive masters in our Swallow City. The Martial Arts Association is nothing.”

Samuel looked at the man and frowned slightly. He asked, “Fang Zhan, what do you mean?”

Fang Zhan took back his trembling hand and said, “Your strength is amazing. If I hadn’t prepared for it, my hand would have been disabled.”

“If you continue to stand in front of me, not only will your hand be crippled, your life will also be destroyed,” Samuel said coldly.

Fang Zhan felt Samuel’s killing intent and could only say, “This is Elder Yi’s advice. I hope you can let Chen Bao go.”

Samuel’s eyes burned brightly as he looked at Fang Zhan. As of this moment, Fang Zhan looked straight into Samuel’s eyes, and an uncontrollable fear welled up inside of him. Fang Zhan couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He had never been afraid of death. Why did he feel uncontrollable fear when he saw Samuel’s eyes?

“Give me a reason.” Samuel said faintly.

“You don’t have to kill him, do you? The shock you have brought to Swallow City is already enough. I believe that those people will never dare to oppose the Hannigan family in the future. Why do you have to sacrifice Chen Bao’s life?” Fang Zhan said.

“Some people will not be able to remember if the lesson is not profound enough.” Samuel said. This was something that he had learned from his experience. His mercy had already caused many mistakes. Hence, Samuel would not leave any room for action now. He needed to let those sharp tactics of his to truly cause those people to feel fear from the bottom of their hearts. Only by doing this would he be able to completely resolve this problem.

“You’ve trampled the entire Martial Arts Association under your feet. Isn’t that enough?” Fang Zhan said with a wry smile.

Samuel took a look at Chen Bao. There was no hatred between him and Chen Bao. The reason why he killed Chen Bao was to make him more vicious so that Hannigan family’s enemies would understand that he was not a man to be trifled with. Speaking of which, Chen Bao was indeed innocent. However, he came out to stop Samuel at the critical moment. Samuel was not to be blamed.

However, since Elder Yi was the one who wanted to save Chen Bao’s life, Samuel could only respect him. After all, Elder Yi was the leader of the Four Gates.

“Within two days, I want all those people who are targeting the Hannigan family to kneel and apologize in front of the Hannigan family’s compound. I, Samuel, will personally come and visit them if they don’t agree.” Samuel spoke to the audience in the viewing gallery. Although he did not know whether there were any members of the clan present, he believed that these words would soon be transmitted to those people’s ears.

Zhong Tianyi, who did not know what fear was, suddenly found that his legs were a little weak at this moment. He could be very calm in the face of anything, and he could even handle it with ease. But at this moment, he was a little confused.

With Samuel’s performance, what right did the Zhong family have to compete with Samuel?

His last trump card, Chen Bao, was the number one martial arts practitioner in Swallow City, but he almost died in Samuel’s hands.

“Don’t… don’t I really have a way to deal with you?” Looking at Samuel’s back as he left the stadium, Zhong Tianyi said in a daze. He had always been high and mighty, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but lower his shoulders. Obviously, he was not spirited at all.

Samuel’s words in the stadium soon spread throughout Swallow City, and the turmoil caused by them was needless to say. Those families began to worry about themselves, and no one could think of a way to deal with Samuel’s words.

After all, the whole martial arts world had been stepped on by Samuel and had not dared to say a word. How could they have the ability to deal with Samuel?

Once Samuel came to visit, it would be the end of one’s family.

In an instant, many people had already decided to kneel down in front of the Hannigan family to atone for their sins. Compared to their deaths, more people chose to give up their dignity.

However, it was very difficult for the Zhong family to give up their dignity.

Zhong Mingguo was the one who took the lead in making trouble for the Hannigan family. He wished he could overthrow the Hannigan family’s position in Swallow City when the Hannigan family was in decline. It could be said that he was the initiator of this matter. Zhong Mingguo once swore to the outside world that as long as the Zhong family was there, the Hannigan family would never be able to rise again.

Such words were like slaps to Zhong Mingguo’s face one after another.

“Tianyi, what’s going on? Chen Bao has already taken action. How can he let Samuel be so arrogant?” Zhong Mingguo asked Zhong Tianyi.

Zhong Tianyi said, “Grandpa, even Chen Bao lost. He was almost killed by Samuel. His power is beyond our imagination.”

Zhong Mingguo was a figure of Chen Bao’s generation. He knew Chen Bao’s strength better than the younger generation of the Zhong family. In those days, Chen Bao’s ruling power was unparalleled. Even Yan Jun, who was in his heyday, was half a step shorter than Chen Bao.

But now, Chen Bao had lost to a young junior like Samuel!

“Grandpa, we’d better apologize. Maybe we don’t have to kneel down so exaggeratedly,” Zhong Tianli suggested. Although Zhong Tianyi’s plan was unsuccessful and Zhong Tianli could be happy, he was more worried about the turmoil of the Zhong family. Once Zhong Mingguo was unwilling to admit defeat, the Zhong family’s fate might end here. Zhong Tianli did not want to suffer such an undeserved disaster.

For Zhong Tianli, as long as he had money to spend, he could continue to live a rich life. As for apologizing, it was just a little embarrassment. Compared with the bankruptcy of his family, the ending was much better.

“Do you think a good-for-nothing like you has the right to speak?” Zhong Mingguo scolded Zhong Tianli in a cold voice.

If it were in the past, Zhong Tianli would have been too scared to speak. But today, he was exceptionally bold. He retorted, “In Samuel’s eyes, who is not a good-for-nothing? Grandpa, do you still have a way to deal with Samuel? The entire Martial Arts Association, even Chen Bao, can’t deal with Samuel. What right does the Zhong family have?”

“You…” Zhong Mingguo pointed at Zhong Tianli angrily and said, “Do you know that the dignity of my Zhong family will be trampled on by Samuel? How can we raise our heads in the future?”

“upraise our heads?” Zhong Tianli smiled disdainfully and said, “It’s better to be a human being than a ghost.”

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