Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1263

An idea suddenly came to the current president’s mind. If he could get Samuel to join the Martial Arts Association, then the previous embarrassment of the Martial Arts Association would vanish like smoke in the air.

After all, Samuel was a member of the Martial Arts Association. It was not worth condemning him for defeating the Martial Arts Association.

“President Chen, do you think we have a chance to let him join the Martial Arts Association?” The current president asked.

“What a joke, what a big joke!” Chen Bao looked at the current president with great disdain. If he let Samuel join the Martial Arts Association, did the Martial Arts Association have the qualifications to do so? With his current strength, it was enough for him to join the TianqiRealm. How could he take a Martial Arts Association seriously?

What’s more, Chen Bao suspected that the man who appeared in the arena before was probably related to Tianqi, because he could block Samuel’s fatal punch, which showed that his strength was extraordinary. How could such a person be a master in the secular world?

The current president looked embarrassed. He was just asking Samuel to join the Martial Arts Association. It was not a joke at all. In his opinion, Chen Bao just couldn’t let go of his dignity.

“Maybe you think I’m ashamed to do this, but I can tell you that Samuel doesn’t care about the Martial Arts Association at all. He only cares about higher levels,” Chen Bao said.

A higher level place?

The current president’s eyes narrowed. As the president of the Swallow City Martial Arts Association, he naturally knew where the so-called higher-level place of Chen Bao was. After all, this was the ultimate goal of every warrior.

“President Chen, do you mean Samuel is going to join the Tianqi Realm?” the current chairman asked.

“He doesn’t want to join, but it’s very likely that he has already joined. His performance in the championship match is enough to make those people take a fancy to him,” Chen Bao said.

The current president took a deep breath and showed a helpless bitter smile. He almost forgot about it.

It seemed that someone in Tianqi had come to the championship in person. If they had seen Samuel’s powerful strength, how could they miss such a talent?

The Martial Arts Association was like a kindergarten in front of Tianqi. Samuel was not a fool. How could he abandon the Tianqi and choose the Martial Arts Association?

“What a joke! It’s really a big joke!”

“He’s so powerful at such a young age, and he’s even fortunate enough to join the Tianqi realm. I’m so envious of him,” the current chairman said.


Chen Bao was more than just envious. He was so jealous that he almost went mad, because he had been away from Swallow City for so many years and had been pursuing the opportunity to join the Tianqi Realm. However, the Tianqi Realm had never appeared again. Now that the Tianqi Realm was right beside him, however, it was stolen away by Samuel. He knew that he probably would never have the chance to see the world of the Tianqi Realm in his lifetime.

The previous rash rejection had caused an irreparable situation.

Not long after, a piece of explosive news spread in Swallow City.

As the Zhong Family, which was the last line of defense of this incident, countless people paid attention to the Zhong Family. When they knelt down in front of the Hannigan family’s courtyard, the whole Swallow City City was in an uproar.

“The Zhong family also knelt down. It seems that they are also afraid of the Hannigan family.”

“Even the Zhong Family has given up resisting. Now, who else in Swallow City dares to oppose the Hannigan family?”

“Great, Samuel is really great. In just a few days after he returned to Swallow City, he changed the status of Hannigan family in Swallow City, and even the business pattern of the entire Swallow City, which is horrifying.”

“Unexpectedly, the once useless Young Master of the Hannigan family has now become the most glorious person in the Hannigan family. Who would have thought that an abandoned son who was not valued by others would have such great ability now?”

“Samuel, I’m afraid that this name will draw a new era.”

It was unknown whether Swallow City had a new era because of Samuel, but the Hannigan family had reached an unprecedented height because of Samuel. This was an ironclad thing. He had single-handedly re-established the moment of the Hannigan family’s prosperity. This was something that no one could have imagined.

Qin City.

Han Jun, who was considered a useless person, had a ferocious expression on his face when he heard about this matter. From his point of view, this kind of glory should have been created by him. However, the limelight had now been stolen by Samuel. Moreover, he had ended up like this because of Samuel.

In Han Jun’s mind, he had thought more than once about how to take revenge on Samuel. It was a pity that the current he would never be able to leave Qin City, let alone take revenge.

“You don’t want to give up?” The messenger asked Han Jun.

Han Jun almost gritted his teeth and said, “How can I accept it? These honors belong to me. Grandmother said that I can support the Hannigan family.”

The man smiled faintly and said, “Is there no mistake in Nangong Qianqiu’s words?”

“Of course not,” said Han Jun without hesitation. “Grandma told me that I’m the true future of the Hannigan family, and that I have the Emperor’s statue. It was Samuel who snatched it away from me.”

“Snatch it away?” The man shook his head and said, “Do you know Feng Qian Company?”

“Leroy’s company?” Han Jun asked in confusion. He did not understand why he would suddenly mention the Feng Qian Company.

“Leroy is just a puppet. The real owner of this company was Samuel, who founded it at the age of 14. At the age of 14, Samuel made a plan for his resistance to life. What were you doing at that time?” the man said.

Han Jun’s pupils trembled like an earthquake.

The Feng Qian Company was founded by Samuel when he was 14 years old. How could it be possible!

“It’s impossible. How could Samuel have the money to set up a company? Don’t try to fool me.” Han Jun shook his head and denied it. He absolutely did not believe that Samuel could do such an amazing thing at the age of fourteen.

“That’s the truth. Soon the whole Swallow City will know about it. Nangong Qianqiu made a big mistake back then, so he entrusted the Hannigan family’s important task to you,” the man said.

Han Jun was enraged by these words. His eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. He said, “Don’t forget, you’re working for me. If you speak up for Samuel, you’ll die a terrible death.”

The person smiled faintly and was not afraid of Han Jun’s threat at all. This was because he knew very well that even if Han Jun had a chance to leave Qin City in this lifetime, it was impossible for him to become the family head of the Hannigan family. What was there to be afraid of about such a good-for-nothing?

And every word he said was true.

Because of Samuel, the Hannigan family is where they are today.

If the Hannigan family had fallen into Han Jun’s hands, the sun would have set long ago.

This was the difference between Han Jun and Samuel.

“You’re just a good-for-nothing now. Do you think you can scare me? In the past, I helped you because you might become the family head of the Hannigan family. But now, the fact tells me that this is an impossible thing. You don’t even deserve to serve Samuel,” said the man.

“Serve Samuel?”

Han Jun was completely irritated by his words. In his eyes, Samuel was just a good-for-nothing abandoned by his family. Han Jun didn’t even deserve to lick his shoes. How could he do that?

“I want you to regret it. I want you to know who the final winner between I and that loser is. Just wait, I, Han Jun, will never be a coward in Qin City for the rest of my life. When I get out of here, I will take back everything that belongs to me,” Han Jun said, gnashing his teeth.

The man stood up and said, “From now on, I won’t see you again, nor will I inform you of anything. Take care of yourself. But I kindly advise you not to go against Samuel. You don’t have that ability.”

“Grandma,” Han Jun said, “I’ll definitely avenge you. I, Han Jun, am the true Master of the Hannigan family. No one can take it away from me. Samuel, just you wait. I’ll make sure you die without a whole corpse.”

Samuel had a faintly superior attitude in Swallow City. Everyone wanted to see what Samuel would do next, whether he would reorganize the whole business circle in Swallow City, and whether he would make the Hannigan family become one of the top aristocratic families in Swallow City.

At this time, Samuel did not have this idea at all. For him, since the matter in Swallow City had been settled, the future development would be handed over to Liam and Leroy. As for him, he had to go back to Cloud City to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Outside the yard of the Hannigan family, dozens of people were kneeling, while Samuel and others had begun to pack up their luggage.

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