Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1266

The Heavenly Family did not hang up the couplets that Samuel had personally written for them. Instead, they were placed in a prominent position in the living room. In the eyes of Tian Changsheng, the value of this couplets was extraordinary. If they were to be used like this, it would be a pity to be soaked in the sun and rain. Moreover, Tian Changsheng had a feeling that this kind of almost unique item would be of greater value in the future. It could definitely be used as a family heirloom when it was kept.

On the New Year’s Eve, everyone in the family participated in the production of the New Year’s Eve meal. Even Yvonne, a woman who didn’t know how to cook, was helping them in the kitchen. Several men were watching TV and drinking tea in the living room, enjoying the comfort of a day only a day a year.

Manfred, Johann, and Qi Hu also came to Hillside Villa. The few people who were alone were deliberately called by Samuel. After all, there were more people here. If they were only allowed to stay in the Hex Capital Nightclub, it would appear too desolate.

When it was time for the New Year’s Eve dinner, the whole family was full. They ate delicious food while watching the party and chatting happily. Even Han Nian seemed to feel the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival. She had been staring at the east and reluctant to sleep.

At 12 o’clock, the night sky of Cloud City was lit up by fireworks, which indicated that a new year had begun.

The family stood in front of the villa and enjoyed the beauty of the night sky. Yvonne stood beside Samuel, holding his arm tightly.

The Spring Festival was coming. This meant that what Yvonne hated to face the most would happen soon.

She knew that Samuel would leave. This was not something that she could stop. Moreover, Yvonne did not wish to become Samuel’s stumbling block. No matter what Samuel was going to do, she would support him behind his back.

After watching the fireworks, the crowd dispersed.

Samuel and Yvonne returned to their room. At this time, it was natural for them to be sentimental.

The next day, on the first day of the new year, according to folk customs, the further away on this day, the luckier it was in the new year. Therefore, early in the morning, the Hans gathered together and prepared to go to a temple in the suburbs to pray.

This was what many rich people liked to do. Samuel did not believe it; it was not free from vulgarity.

The two Audi cars set off. On the way, Samuel received a call from Tian Ling’er.

Tian Ling’er asked for Samuel’s arrangements. When Samuel told her that she was going to pray in the temple, all the members of the Heavenly family immediately set off. They were going to meet up with the Hannigan family in the temple.

The temple was very lively. Samuel’s group had just alighted from the cars when they attracted many people to secretly observe them. Some of the people with great status were able to tell who Samuel was with just a glance. They immediately became incomparably respectful.

“Samuel. With your current status, it’s already not very suitable for you to travel. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of pressure to the others.” Seeing that many people had become reserved because of Samuel’s arrival, Manfred couldn’t help but tease him.

Samuel did not expect that he just wanted to join in the fun and it would cause such an effect. Those who were happy became unnatural at this time. If it was not because of him, who else could it be?

Not long after, the members of the Heavenly family arrived as well. Tian Ling’er immediately ran over to Yvonne’s side and held his hand intimately.

This was Tian Ling’er’s trump card. Once she had any argument with Samuel, Yvonne, the big shot, would be able to make Samuel submit to her rule. So she knew very well who she should please.

“Sister Yvonne, look at your face. Didn’t you have a good rest last night? Did my brother bully you again?” After shooting a glare at Samuel, Tian Ling’er asked Yvonne.

After fighting for a long time last night, Yvonne didn’t have a good rest, but this was a couple’s romance. How could he be bullied by Samuel?

Yvonne shook her head and said, “Last night, the gunfire was like a war. How could I have a good sleep?”

“In the future, Cloud City is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers,” said Tian Ling’er.

Yvonne smiled helplessly. “How can I have so much power? Even if I can do it, I can only do it once a year. I can’t deprive others of their happiness because of me.”

“Don’t exaggerate. Don’t talk nonsense,” Yvonne said.

” Sister Yvonne, how can this be exaggerated? They have affected your rest,” Tian Ling’er said as if it was a matter of course.

At this time, people gathered up their courage to come and greet Samuel. These people did not have high status in Cloud City. It was a privilege for them to see Samuel once. They did not expect to have any relationship with him. It was just that it was rare to see such a big shot. If they did not say hello to him, they would regret missing such an opportunity.

After dealing with those people one by one, the Hannigan family and the Heavenly families walked into the temple. Since they were here to burn incense, they had to do the procedure. Even if Samuel did not believe it, he had to do it well superficially.

The incense burning needed to queue up. Generally speaking, the more important a person was, the more money they gave, the temple would arrange for them to burn incense earlier.

But because of the arrival of Samuel, the news spread quickly in the temple. So those who had already lined up had to give up a special channel for Samuel.

The higher one’s ranking was, the higher one’s status in Cloud City. They did not wish to offend Samuel because of a small matter like offering incense. After all, regardless of how high one’s status was in Cloud City, one had to lower one’s head and behave in front of Samuel.

After the incense ceremony, the Hannigan family and the Heavenly families left the temple. This kind of people was not suitable to stay in crowded places for long, because Samuel was too easy to attract attention now. Wherever he went, he was the focus. He was more influential than the so-called superstars.

Moreover, what he brought was not only his influence, but also his deterrent power, which would make everyone unconsciously restrain themselves.

Just like Manfred had said, the current Samuel was no longer suited to travel at will. If not, it would put too much pressure on others.

After sending the young and old back to Hillside Villa, Samuel followed Manfred and the others to Hex Capital Nightclub.

Manfred had already guessed what Samuel wanted to say. Since the New Year was over, it was obvious that Samuel would not stay for long in Cloud City.

“Samuel, where are you going this time?” Manfred took the initiative to ask Samuel.

Samuel sighed and said, “I don’t know when I can come back. Do you think I should go?”

Manfred didn’t know what Samuel was facing, but since he had already said so, it definitely wouldn’t be a short period of time before he left.

From Yvonne’s point of view, Samuel’s departure was very unfair to Yvonne. After all, they already had a child. Samuel should not be absent from Han Nian’s growth.

However, Manfred knew that since it was something Samuel could not reject, then it must be something extremely important. This was something that he had no choice but to do.

“Actually, you already have an answer in your heart. Perhaps you still have some rejection, but hasn’t your decision already been made? Don’t worry, Cloud City has our family. I’ll give you my life to guarantee that I’ll protect my sister-in-law and Nian’er.” Manfred said with a serious expression. This matter had already happened once and Manfred would definitely not allow such a thing to happen again.

With Manfred and the rest around Cloud City and the presence of Yan Jun, Samuel naturally wasn’t worried about the safety of Yvonne and Han Nian. It was just that he wasn’t sure how long it would take for him to leave. Thus, he felt extremely sorry for Yvonne.

“Three years. Within three years, I will return no matter what. Help me take care of them,” Samuel said.

Manfred took a deep breath.

Three years!

These three years, for Yvonne, would probably be extremely difficult to endure.

“Brother Samuel, take me there,” Qi Hu said.

Samuel shook his head. Tianqi was not a place that anyone could go. It was already an exception to bring Jiang Yingying with him. How could he bring Qi Hu with him?

“Stay in Cloud City and protect Nian’er. I’ll let you be Nian’er’s bodyguard. You won’t feel wronged, will you?” Samuel said.

“Of course not. I will be the little girl’s protective umbrella in the future. Anyone who wants to hurt her can only step on my body,” Qi Hu said firmly.

“Boss Manfred, I’ll leave everything here to you.”

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