Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1275

In order to win the second round of the grading competition, Samuel and Jiang Yingying spent a lot of effort on training, and they did not take it lightly at all. Because there was a big gap between the Xuan Level and the Yellow Level. Samuel did not want any accidents to happen in this grading competition.

What he wanted was not to prove himself, nor to let outsiders know how powerful he was, but to solve the confusion in his heart as soon as possible and not to waste a little time.

At the same time, Lin Tong and He Xiaoxiao were also plotting how to kill Samuel.

Lin Tong did not want his title of God’s favored son to waver because of Samuel. He Xiaoxiao wanted to make Samuel pay for ignoring her.

Although they were not in the same boat, they had the same purpose, so they met each other frequently recently.

As for Lin Tong’s desire to join the Three Halls, Elder Yi had already known about it. After all, Lin Tong had now made no secret of his going to the Three halls.

“Elder Yi, if Lin Tong joins the three halls, it will be a great loss for us. He will make the three halls stronger. We can’t lose Lin Tong,” a middle-aged man said to Elder Yi. As an assistant to Elder Yi, he had been paying close attention to the movement of Lin Tong recently. The frequent contact between Lin Tong and He Xiaoxiao made him worry very much.

Lin Tong was, after all, a very talented person, and his future achievements were limitless. He was even likely to represent the future of the four gates. If such a person was allowed to join the three halls, it would undoubtedly promote the arrogance of the three halls.

Elder Yi smiled slightly. He did not care whether Lin Tong would join the three halls or not at all, because the nature of people like Lin Tong could not enter the eyes of Elder Yi. In the view of Elder Yi, pursuing the bubble reputation was the biggest taboo for warriors.

“Do you know why I didn’t accept Lin Tong as my disciple?” asked Elder Yi.

“I don’t know.” The assistant shook his head. This was probably the mystery in the hearts of all the Tianqi people. Because no matter how you looked at it, Lin Tong was thousands of times better than Samuel. Moreover, Lin Tong had been in the Tianqi Realm for a longer time and had more advantages than Samuel. But Elder Yi had made a move that made many people dumbfounded. He abandoned the favored son of heaven in front of him and chose a secular person as his disciple.

“Lin Tong has a certain level of strength, but he won’t be the strongest in the future. More importantly, he has been unable to get rid of his vanity for so many years. The title of God’s favored son has made him lose himself. With such a temperament, he can never become a top master and can’t bear the future of the four gates.” Elder Yi explained.

The assistant shook his head. In his opinion, it was a very normal thing for young people to have vanity, and since Lin Tong had such strength, it was not a big deal to have a little vanity. Anyone would not be able to control this.

“Elder Yi, could it be that Samuel became the strongest? I’ve heard about his ranking game. He did show great strength, but it’s just a yellow-level ranking game. For Lin Tong, who is at the Earth-level, there is still a huge gap between them. Moreover, with Lin Tong’s talent, I’m afraid that Samuel can’t catch up with him for the rest of his life,” the assistant said.

Elder Yi laughed and said, “This is because you don’t know much about Samuel. Maybe he can fight with Lin Tong now. Do you believe it?”

“I don’t believe you.” The assistant gave a positive answer without thinking, because the masters in the Tianqi era and the secular masters were completely different. Even if Samuel had been invincible in the secular world, he was not qualified to be called a master in the Tianqi era. Moreover, since Lin Tong grew up in the Tianqi era when he was a child, his talent and the accumulation of martial arts were not comparable to Samuel’s.

“Since you don’t believe me, then we can only watch. What I can tell you is that Samuel would be the first person to enter the Devil Kings’ cave in the next ten years, and he will come out alive,” said Elder Yi.

The assistant looked shocked and asked in disbelief, “Elder Yi, are you really going to let him participate in the Heaven-level promotion?”

“Do you think my words are a joke?” Elder Yi said calmly.

His assistant did feel that Elder Yi was joking before, and he even thought that it was only this way to increase Samuel’s fame in Tianqi, so that his disciple would be known by everyone. He did not expect that the promotion of Heaven-grade was actually true!

Didn’t he want Samuel to die?

In the past ten years, no new person in Tianqi had been promoted to Heaven-level.

In the past ten years, dozens of people entered the Devil King’s cave, but none of them could come back alive, and they were all top masters at the Earth Level.

In his assistant’s opinion, Samuel didn’t even have a one percent chance.

“Elder Yi, it has been ten years since someone reached the Heaven Level promotion. How could Samuel do it?” The assistant said.

Elder Yi sighed and said helplessly, “Because no one can complete it, the devil’s cave has become the mental worry of many Earth-level masters in the past two years. They are afraid of the devil’s cave, so no one is willing to challenge it. The top power of Tianqi is weakening imperceptibly. If this continues, the Tianqi era will decline sooner or later.”

The assistant knew this truth, but this could not change the situation easily, let alone it was not the situation Samuel could break. Elder Yi wanted to use Samuel to break those people’s fear of the devil king’s cave. Although this was a good idea, he absolutely chose the wrong person.

Samuel had just joined the Tianqi era. In his assistant’s eyes, he was like a baby in a swaddle. He was still growing up and might be able to do it in the future, but not now.

“Elder Yi, are you betting? Are you betting Samuel will come back alive from the devil’s cave to stimulate others?” the assistant asked in confusion.

Elder Yi nodded and said, “It’s not fair for Samuel, but I believe in him.”

The assistant shook his head and said, “Elder Yi, I don’t know where you got your confidence in him, but it’s almost impossible. I don’t think he’s qualified to be promoted to the Earth category.”

Elder Yi heaved a long sigh. After bringing Samuel to the Tianqi Realm, all of this could only be left to fate. Whether Samuel could get promoted was not under his control. If he made a fool of himself because of this, Elder Yi could only bear the responsibility.

“I’m going back to my room to rest. You don’t have to interfere in the affairs of Lin Tong. Let him choose.” Elder Yi said.

The assistant was very reluctant to see Lin Tong join the three halls, but since Elder Yi had said so, he had no choice.

“You put your hope in Samuel, but abandoned a real talent like Lin Tong. Eler Yi, I’m really worried that you’ll regret your decision one day,” the assistant said to himself.

Except for Elder Yi, all the people of the four sects were puzzled about this matter, and some of them were even a little angry.

The four leaders of the four sects gathered together to discuss how to persuade Lin Tong to stay and change his mind.

“Elder Yi was really confused this time. Recently, Lin Tong has had frequent contact with He Xiaoxiao in the past two days. Does he have to pretend that he doesn’t know?”

“Lin Tong is a master cultivated by the four sects. How can it be taken advantage of by the three halls? Since Elder Yi doesn’t show up, we have to find a way to persuade Lin Tong to stay.”

“I’ve already sent people to check on Samuel. He’s indeed powerful, but there’s still a big gap between him and Lin Tong. Losing Lin Tong for Samuel will be a great loss for the four sects.”

“I’ve already informed Lin Tong. He’ll be here soon. Our four masters will ask him to stay together. I hope he can do us a favor.”

Soon, Lin Tong arrived. Because of his special identity, even if he met the four chiefs, he would not be inferior to them. Moreover, Lin Tong was very dissatisfied with the four sects now. As long as He Qingfeng opened his mouth, he would immediately abandon the four sects and throw himself into the arms of the three halls, so he did not pay attention to the four people in front of him at all.

“Gathering together, I wonder why you want to see me?” Lin Tong said faintly, with a sense of disdain and pride in his tone.

“Lin Tong, we know that you have frequent contacts with He Xiaoxiao recently, and we have guessed that you want to join the Three Halls, but you are a master cultivated by our Four gates, so we want to ask you to stay. Tell us your conditions.”

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