Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1277

“Vermillion Bird, can you have something to talk about? Why did you start to fight?”

“Say it. I’ll rip your mouth out. Watch how you talk.” The Vermilion Bird roared angrily.

Fang Zhan had unspeakable bitterness in his heart. He didn’t know that age would cause such a strong emotional fluctuation of the Vermilion Bird. If he had known this would happen, he would have shut up.

“Don’t you want to know the strength of Samuel? Stop and I’ll tell you,” Fang Zhan said.

“Right now, I don’t want to know anything. I just want to tear your mouth apart.” The Vermilion Bird didn’t give him the slightest chance. It was clear that the topic of age had already touched upon the Vermilion Bird’s restricted area.

“This Fang Zhan deserves it. Doesn’t he know that a woman’s age is a secret? If he casually says it, of course he will be beaten.” Jiang Yingying stood beside Samuel and watched the fun, but she didn’t forget to kick Fang Zhan when he was down.

Samuel secretly kept this in mind. He would have his own ideas in the future that he could not mention this topic.

“Fang Zhan has lived in seclusion in the mountains and forests for many years. I’m afraid he has long forgotten how to get along with women,” Samuel said.

Jiang Yingying curled her lips. It could not be an excuse to live in seclusion in the mountains. This was the most fundamental taboo to deal with women, especially when it came to dealing with older women.

At this time, Fang Zhan was obviously unable to resist the pressure from Vermilion Bird. After all, he had lived in seclusion for many years. Although he had been working hard to restore his strength recently, it was still impossible for him to return to the peak. The path of Martial Arts was to go against the current. If he didn’t advance, he would retreat. This was something that no one could change.

“He forced me to use my Palm Sword,” Fang Zhan suddenly said.

The Vermilion Bird stopped in the blink of an eye and turned to Samuel.

Sword in the Palm!

Fang Zhan’s palm sword didn’t come out, otherwise, it would take his life. Samuel was still alive, which meant that Fang Zhan couldn’t kill him even though he wielded his palm sword, which shocked Vermilion Bird so much that she couldn’t believe it.

“How could this young man have such a powerful strength?”

The Vermilion Bird looked at Fang Zhan coldly and said, “I’ll deal with you later.”

After that, the Vermilion Bird moved quickly and appeared in front of Samuel in the blink of an eye.

“You can ward off his palm sword?” The Vermilion Bird’s chest heaved slightly.

For a man, this kind of scenery was breathtaking. Fortunately, Samuel was a special example. His eyes did not even look down at all.

“No,” Samuel said truthfully. If it hadn’t been for Elder Yi’s timely appearance that day, he would have been killed by Fang Zhan’s palm sword.

The Vermillion Bird frowned, Samuel continued to explain, “While Fang Zhan was using his Palm Sword, Elder Yi came out to stop him, which saved my life.”

The Vermilion Bird suddenly circled around Samuel. She looked him up and down as if she wanted to see what was special about him.

Samuel couldn’t block Fang Zhan’s Sword Wield, but he was able to force Fang Zhan to use it. It was enough to show that Samuel’s strength was not weak.

But this guy, no matter how she looked at him, she couldn’t see that he was so powerful.

“Kid, tell me the truth. What’s special about you?” The Vermilion Bird stopped in front of Samuel. She was very close to him and oppressed him with her powerful momentum.

The tips of their noses almost touched each other’s. Samuel could even feel the breath of the Vermilion Bird. The fragrance became clearer and more attractive.

Samuel couldn’t help asking, “May I ask what perfume you use?”

A trace of coldness flashed in Vermilion Bird’s eyes, and she said, “Are you flirting with me?”

Samuel quickly shook his head. Facing such an irascible woman, how could he dare to tease her? Moreover, Fang Zhan just said that she was already a woman of nearly 40 years old. Samuel did not have such a hobby.

“No, I just want to give my wife the same one,” Samuel said.

“Don’t change the topic, tell me, why are you so powerful? Fang Zhan was once one of the ten great experts, how could you force him to use the Palm Sword!” The Vermillion Bird said coldly.

In Tianqi, people never put secular masters in their eyes. It was not because of prejudice, but because in fact, in Tianqi, the strength of secular masters was really not worth mentioning. This was not an exception, but everyone was like this.

But Samuel was an exception. He was able to force Fang Zhan to use his sword in the palm before he joined the Tianqi era. Such strength was simply impossible in the eyes of the Vermilion Bird.

Samuel’s strength came from his skull, but he had never told anyone about it. He had never told anyone about it before, now, or even more so in the future.

“Maybe it’s because my talent is extremely high, even higher than that of Lin Tong?” Samuel said.

The Vermilion Bird was obviously gritting her teeth. Was this really something that talent could do? But apart from this explanation, there seemed to be no other way to explain this situation.

“Kid, remember, the four sects lost Lin Tong because of you. I’ll give you a piece of advice. If you can’t replace Lin Tong, I’ll never let you go,” the Vermillion Bird threatened.

“Calm down first. It’s easy for a woman to have wrinkles when she’s angry. That’s not worth the loss,” Samuel said.

After hearing this, the Vermilion Bird’s expression relaxed in an instant.

Wrinkles, this was the natural enemy of a woman!

“I’ll be there to visit you in the next grading competition. I hope your performance won’t disappoint me.” After that, the Vermilion Bird turned around and left.

Fang Zhan didn’t dare to breathe loudly on the side, for fear of attracting the attention of Vermilion Bird.

But before the Vermilion Bird had gone far, she suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fang Zhan.

Fang Zhan’s heart tightened. He really shouldn’t have offended this woman.

“Fang Zhan, let’s settle this next time.”

Fang Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What did he do to offend Vermilion Bird?

After the Vermilion Bird left, she went straight back to the Vermilion Bird Gate.

Among the four sects, the Vermilion Bird Sect had the least people. Because women had a great disadvantage in martial arts, this was the key to the minority of the Vermilion Bird Sect. It was extremely difficult for women to enter the Tianqi Realm and reach the Earth Level.

However, the Vermilion Bird Sect was definitely one of the four gates, including the three halls, which were all extraordinary existences. Because women were very fatal to men, which was the attraction of magnetism. Moreover, the women of the Vermilion Bird Sect were all top beauties, which gave many people preferential treatment to the Vermilion Bird Sect.

“Sect Master, what happened? Is Lin Tong really going to betray the four gates?”

“This Lin Tong is really a good-for-nothing. The four sects have cultivated him for many years, but he has no affection for usat all.”

“In fact, this matter can’t be blamed on Lin Tong. He is the God’s favored son of Tianqi, but he didn’t get the treatment of God’s favored son. His limelight has been taken away by a good-for-nothing. Anyone else wouldn’t be convinced.”

Several beautiful disciples expressed their own opinions. In their hearts, between Samuel and Lin Tong, the latter was obviously more popular among the people. After all, Lin Tong had been in the Tianqi era for many years, and his excellence could be seen by everyone.

On the other hand, Samuel was a nobody. He had just joined the Tianqi realm and wanted to steal Lin Tong’s fame. How could it make Lin Tong submit to him?

“Do you think Samuel and Lin Tong can’t be compared?” asked the Vermilion Bird.

“It’s not just us who think so. I think all the people in Tianqi will think so.”

“Sect Master, Lin Tong has been in the Tianqi for so many years, how can an outsider compare with him?”

Hearing this, the Vermilion Bird nodded. Before she saw Samuel, she had the same idea. But after meeting him, she had to change her mind. A man who could force Fang Zhan to use his sword, could she say that he was not powerful enough?

“If I tell you that Samuel is very likely to be more powerful than Lin Tong, do you believe it?” The Vermilion Bird continued to ask.

“He’s even more powerful than Lin Tong?”

Upon hearing this, they couldn’t help laughing with their hands covering their mouths.

“Sect Leader, how is this possible? He is a man from the secular world who has just joined the Tianqi Realm. How can he compare with Lin Tong?”

“For Tianqi, the masters of the secular world can only be regarded as martial artists who have just entered the martial arts world. Sect Leader, why did you suddenly say that?”

“Sect Master, are you so angry that you’ve lost your head?”

Seeing their reactions, the Vermilion Bird shook her head. She had planned to tell the other three about it, but now it seemed unnecessary, because no one would believe her.

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