Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1281

“Elder Yi, why do you value this young man so much?” He Qingfeng asked in confusion. This was also a question that he had always been curious about. He had never had the chance to ask before, but now he wanted to answer his doubts. After all, Samuel was just a secular person. Why would Elder Yi value him so much?

“The four gates need a person who is capable of my position. Lin Tong is capable, but his character is not suitable, but Samuel can meet my requirements,” said Elder Yi.

He Qingfeng shook his head and said, “Although his character is enough to satisfy you, he is just a good-for-nothing in terms of strength. How can he convince the public in a place like Tianqi, where strength is the most important thing?”

Tianqi was a place to talk with strength, and the only way to prove himself was through strength. In He Qinghan’s opinion, Samuel had not reached this requirement; maybe he would be able to do it in another ten years. But now, it was absolutely impossible.


This was the prejudice all the people in the Tianqi era had against Samuel. That was because they had always looked down on the masters in the secular world. That was why they thought that no matter how powerful people in the secular world were, they had to wait until after they arrived at the Tianqi Realm to become a real master.

But Samuel was different. He had joined the Tianqi for a short time. It was not because he was not strong enough, but because the Tianqi did not pay attention to him at all.

“If I tell you again, perhaps it will be Samuel who can save the Tianqi. What will you think?” Elder Yi said.

To save Tianqi?


He Qingfeng couldn’t help raising the corner of his mouth and showing a sneer.

This was no longer a joke. It was an incredible illusion.

They had once blocked the attack from the second world, which had cost the lives of thousands of top-level Heaven-level experts. Now, however, Elder Yi had said Samuel alone could do it, which was really amazing.

“Elder Yi, although I also hope to have such a person, I can’t agree with you if you say that he is Samuel,” He Qingfeng shook his head and said.

Elder Yi smiled faintly. He did not provide examples to prove this matter, because this was just his feeling. However, Elder Yi believed in his own feelings very much.

From the moment he laid eyes on Samuel, he felt that he was not an ordinary man. The first thought in his mind was a connection to the Second World. Perhaps this was a destiny in the unseen world that could not be explained, but he believed it very firmly.

“He Qingfeng, I hope that after I go to the second world, you can support Samuel to secure the position of the master of the four sects. In the future, he will certainly be able to play the key role in fighting with the second world,” Elder Yi said. Although it was said to support him, in fact, his biggest purpose was not to let He Qingqing take advantage of the chaos to embarrass Samuel, because once He Qingfeng got involved in the internal affairs of the four sects, Samuel would have a harder time walking forward.

“Elder Yi, if you are willing to put your hope on him, I won’t. But you can rest assured that I won’t intervene in anything related to the four sects.” If he put his hope on a young boy, He Qingfeng couldn’t do it, nor would he think so, because in his opinion, it was no different from sitting still and waiting for death.

“Perhaps, if you change your mind a bit, there will be unexpected surprises,” Elder Yi said.

“You don’t have to persuade me. As the master of the three halls, how can I put my hope on him? If this is spread out, won’t I be laughed at by others?” He Qingfeng refused decisively.

Elder Yi shook his head helplessly. Since He Qingfeng was unwilling, he had nothing to say, but his inner thoughts would not be shaken.

As soon as he left the forbidden area and went back to the four gates, his assistant hurriedly ran up to him.

“What’s going on, Elder Yi?” asked the assistant.

“It’s not optimistic.” Elder Yi smiled slightly. The energy fluctuations in the second world were abnormal. This was likely to indicate that the second world’s creatures would come back. For any person, this was a fatal piece of information.

“If it is not optimistic, why are you still in the mood to smile,” the assistant said with a speechless expression.

“Can I still cry? Even if I cry, it’s useless,” Elder Yi said helplessly. His mood was mixed now. Instead of facing this matter with a low spirit, he might as well relax. Anyway, what should come will come. No one could avoid it. So why not choose to be happier?

“Is there no way to resolve this?” The assistant asked. He knew that once this matter erupted, what kind of serious consequences would there be? This would involve tens of millions of people’s lives.

“Yes,” Elder Yi said without hesitation.

The assistant’s face lit up. No wonder Elder Yi was so happy. It turned out that he had already thought of a solution.

“Elder Yi, you’re not kind. You don’t even tell me you have a solution. I’m worried about you,” the assistant said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but that I’m afraid you won’t believe me,” Elder Yi said.

“Whether I will believe it or not, you should tell me first. Who knows, maybe I’ll believe you?” The assistant said with a smile.

“Samuel is the savior. He’s the only one who can solve this problem. Do you believe it?” Elder Yi said.

The assistant’s face changed in an instant, and he said, “Elder Yi, are you kidding me? Samuel has put the vermin in you? You treat him as a savior. It’s pure bullshit.”

“See, you want to hear it, but you don’t believe it. If I say it but you don’t believe it, what can I do?” Elder Yi said helplessly.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but who can believe such words? Even if you make a joke, there must be a limit.” The assistant sighed. He really wanted to dig out Elder Yi’s brain to see what thoughts were contained in it. The degree of importance he attached to Samuel was completely beyond the scope that ordinary people could understand.

It was one thing to hand the four sects over to Samuel. But now, he thought that Samuel was the savior. Wasn’t Samuel a joke?

“How many years have you known me?” Elder Yi suddenly asked the assistant.

The assistant answered without hesitation, “Forty-three years. I’ve been by your side since I joined the Tianqi era. I’ve been counting the days.”

“In the 43 years, when did I make a joke with you?” Elder Yi’s eyes suddenly became hot.

The assistant was stunned. “A joke?”

For 43 years, it seemed that Elder Yi had never played a joke on him. He treated everything very seriously, which was also one of the characteristics of Elder Yi.

“I don’t think so,” said the assistant.

“Since I hadn’t, do you think I will joke with you on such an important thing?” Elder Yi asked calmly as he looked directly at his assistant.

The assistant took a deep breath, and his eyes gradually became inconceivably doubtful.

“Elder Yi, is what you said true? Samuel is really the savior?” the assistant asked in a trembling voice.

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