Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1282

After being silent for a long time, the old man’s eyes became more and more determined. He believed that only Samuel could solve the current predicament. Only he could save the common people from danger.


Elder Yi’s tone was very flat, but it was full of unswerving determination.

After taking a deep breath, the assistant had no choice but to change his attitude toward Samuel.

Although Samuel was still a nobody in his heart, the fact that Elder Yi was able to show such a firm attitude showed that Samuel was trustworthy. At the very least, he should give Samuel a chance.

“The second stage of the grading competition is about to begin. Elder Yi, would you like to watch it?” asked the assistant.

Elder Yi shook his head and said, “There’s nothing to look at. He will definitely be promoted.”

In the Xuan-level territory.

After he fell into a coma that night, Samuel found that his body had changed a lot. That kind of power could no longer only be exerted with his right hand, but was full of energy from head to toe. Moreover, when he tightened his muscles and entered a combat state, his body became extremely strong, which enhanced his ability to fight.

At this point, Samuel asked Jiang Yingying to try. When Jiang Yingying hit him with all her strength, not only did Samuel not feel any impact, but even the recoil force directly caused Jiang Yingying’s wrist to be dislocated. This discovery surprised Samuel and confused him at the same time.

On the first night of the grading competition, Samuel sat at the head of the bed, staring blankly at the red rope without a skull.

The skull had disappeared for no reason and had not been taken away by Fang Zhan and Jiang Yingying. And others could not have come to his room for no reason. Could it be possible that the skull could fly away with wings?

“Where did you go? Why did you disappear?” Samuel frowned and murmured to himself. He had tried his best to think of a reasonable explanation for this question, but he could not think of a reasonable explanation.

Even if someone really broke into his room before Jiang Yingying, Jiang Yingying took off her clothes. When he was unconscious, he was still lying on the ground. Even if someone came, it would be impossible to find the existence of the skull.

Samuel clearly remembered that the headache that night was the most intense one among all the outbreaks. It was as if something had forced itself into his brain.

Samuel suddenly raised his head!

Forced it into his brain!

Could it be…?

Samuel jumped up from the bed with a shocked look on his face. He walked to the mirror and looked at his head, which did not seem to be any different.

Could it be that the cause of the skull’s disappearance was not because it had been taken away, but because it had been absorbed into his mind?

Samuel felt a chill in his heart. Although this explanation seemed ridiculous, it was not impossible. After that night, his strength had obviously increased by several levels, and his physical strength had greatly changed. This was definitely not a random change. There must be a reason.

And the reason was probably because of the merging of the skulls.

“What the hell are you? Why are you in my body?” Samuel greeted his teeth. Although he had become stronger now, he could not predict what kind of sequela the skull would bring, so he had to worry about it.

Samuel tossed and turned throughout the night and could not fall asleep. It was not until the next morning when Jiang Yingying knocked on the door that Samuel was surprised to find that he had not slept all night. However, he was still in good spirits and did not look tired at all.

“Brother Samuel, today is the second round of the grading game. We have to arrive at the scene early,” Jiang Yingying said to him after Samuel opened the door.

“Let’s go. It is time to leave this place.” Samuel said.

At the stage of the grading, almost everyone at the Xuan Level had arrived. The participants were warming up, while those who did not were watching the fun.

When Samuel and Jiang Yingying appeared, everyone on the scene, without exception, turned to look at them.

The name, Samuel, had long been known by everyone in the Tianqi Realm. However, many had never seen Samuel’s true face. Many could not help but sigh when they saw how young he was.

Although many people had considered Samuel’s participation in the qualifying match as a joke, Samuel’s strength had become well-known after the Yellow-level qualification match. Therefore, many people had changed their attitude toward Samuel. Some of them even looked forward to his performance in the Xuan-level Ranking Event.

“So this is Samuel. He’s so young. I didn’t expect him to be at the Xuan Level when he first arrived at the Tianqi Realm.”

“It’s more than him. Even the maid who followed him has also been promoted to the Xuan level very easily. It seems that the rumor that Elder has taken the money so he accepted them as apprentices was nonsense.”

“If he doesn’t have a bit of strength, how can he be qualified to be disciple just by money? Can such words be trusted?”

“I wonder what kind of performance he will perform today. Let’s wait and see. If he can still advance to the next level, it will be amazing.”

Although there was a lot of noise at the scene, it was still acceptable. But at this moment, the site suddenly became irritable and very chaotic. Everyone seemed to be crazy.

“He Xiaoxiao is here!”

“He Xiaoxiao is here to watch the match!”

“Really? Where? Where? Is He Xiaoxiao really here?”

The simple words caused a commotion among hundreds of people, and everyone stood on their tiptoes, looking for their target.

Samuel had a puzzled look on his face. Who was He Xiaoxiao? She could attract so much attention. It seemed that everyone here knew her.

“He Xiaoxiao is my goddess. After seeing her last time, I have been thinking about her day and night. I didn’t expect to see her today.”

“Goddess, Goddess, I love you.”

The current situation was like a meet up between idols. Almost everyone showed an expression of infatuation, which made Samuel more curious about who this He Xiaoxiao was.

“Fang Zhan, who is He Xiaoxiao?” Samuel said.

Fang Zhan shook his head helplessly. The current Tianqi was really occupied by a group of trash. She was just a woman, but she could actually arouse such enthusiasm. The purpose of their coming here was not to pick up girls, but to enhance their strength.

“If I remember correctly, she should be the daughter of He Qingfeng, the lord of the three halls,” Fang Zhan said.

The daughter of the Three Hall Master!

“No wonder she has such a great influence. She turns out to be a hotshot in the Tianqi Realm. Even though she looks like a pig, I’m afraid that she will be admired by others. After all, after they became He Qingfeng’s son-in-law, their status in the Tianqi Realm soared.”

At this moment, He Xiaoxiao finally walked out of the crowd. Samuel’s jaw almost dropped to the ground when he saw her.

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