Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1285

Just when everyone thought Samuel was dead, the man’s fist hit Samuel’s chest. With the fatal force of this punch, even a real master wouldn’t dare to take it head-on.

“This guy really didn’t dodge. In my opinion, he didn’t have time to react at all.” Seeing this scene, He Xiaoxiao sneered with contempt. With such strength, he still wanted to upgrade to Heaven-level. It was really ridiculous.

Lin Tong frowned. Based on his understanding of Samuel’s strength, it should be easy for him to dodge the punch. His opponent was very powerful, but his speed was not so fast that Samuel could not avoid it. How could this happen?

“What the hell is this guy doing?” Lin Tong said in confusion.

“What else can he do? This punch is enough to kill him. Alas, it’s boring. I thought he could bring me some surprises. I didn’t expect him to be such a good-for-nothing.” He Xiaoxiao shook her head in disappointment and continued, “It seems that the people you have prepared are unnecessary. Samuel can’t reach that stage.”

Everyone’s thoughts were the same as He Xiaoxiao’s. In their view, Samuel was doomed. If his heart was hit by such a force, even if he did not die immediately, he would have internal bleeding. There was little hope of saving him from this kind of injury.

“How could such a person dare to compare with Lin Tong? Alas, it’s disappointing.”

“Now he’s a real joke.”

“It’s really…”

Just as the crowd was discussing, the opponent suddenly let out a painful scream, and there was even a hint of despair in his ferocious expression.

When his fist landed on Samuel’s body, it was as if he had hit an iron wall. His five fingers were shattered. At this moment, he realized that with Samuel’s strong resistance, he was no match for him at all.

“Are you tickling me?” Samuel asked.

The man’s face changed. He had attacked with all his strength, but Samuel’s words made him extremely angry. However, his fist gradually lost consciousness. He was clearer than the bystanders about the gap between their strength. Even if he had ten more chances, he could not beat Samuel.

“What… what’s going on?”

“Samuel was hit by a punch. It seems that he’s all right.”

“How is this possible? Has his ability to withstand attacks reached such a terrifying level?”

At this time, everyone finally realized what had happened.

Samuel did not dodge the attack, not because he was too slow, but because he did not take such an attack seriously at all. He could resist it with his physical body alone!

“Fu*k, is his body made of iron? How could he be so strong?”

“He doesn’t even need to fight back to win. This guy is so fierce.”

“It seems that his strength has far surpassed the Xuan Level. I’m afraid… I’m afraid he has the strength of the Earth or Heaven Level!”

The crowd exclaimed again and again.

He Xiaoxiao, who wore a scornful expression, also understood what had happened, which made her look dignified.

Even a Heaven-level expert next to her could not help but sigh. “With such a terrible physical quality, I’m afraid that no one under Heaven-level can match him.”

He Xiaoxiao was very unhappy to hear this. She turned to look at the Heaven-level expert and said, “You think too highly of him. He hasn’t won yet.”

The Heaven-level master smiled and said, “Although this game is not over yet, his opponent has no chance to make a move. Even Samuel gives him another chance; he does not dare to make a move, because the punch he just made is completely useless.”

He Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth. She wanted to see Samuel fall in the ring, or even die in it, rather than see Samuel’s high-spirited and vigorous side.

Anyone who dared to ignore her would have to bear serious consequences. He Xiaoxiao would not allow him to continue living in Tianqi era.

“Lin Tong, I hope you won’t let me down,” He Xiaoxiao said to Lin Tong.

Lin Tong sighed helplessly. He did not want Samuel to be in the limelight either, but this was Samuel’s strength. No one could stop him openly. Even in the promotion test, Lin Tong was not sure if the person he arranged could stop Samuel.

That was because the Heaven Level expert had already said that no one below the Heaven Level was a match for Samuel. This was definitely not just for show.

“I’ll make him do his best,” Lin Tong said.

At this moment, Samuel said to his opponent in the ring, “Do you want to do it again? I can give you another chance.”

The man broke out in a cold sweat. “Again?”

So what if he did it 10 more times?

This punch alone had already destroyed one of his hands. If he tried it again, it would only destroy the other hand.

Moreover, this was the situation where Samuel did not fight back. Once he made a move, he would not be able to imagine what would happen to him.

After hesitating for a moment, the man lowered his head and said to Samuel, “I admit defeat.”

Samuel smiled and stepped down from the ring. The grading competition was over in a way no one had expected.

“He won without even making a move. Who else can be his opponent?”

“This guy is really too strong. It seems that the name of God’s favored son of Lin Tong will soon be lost.”

“Is he going to make a record and become the first person to reach Heaven-level in such a short period of time since Tianqi era?”

The wind blew like the grass on a wall and instantly fell on Samuel. Those who had looked down upon him before had changed their views on him. This was Tianqi. This was a place where one could prove themselves with one’s strength. As long as one possessed great strength, one would be recognized by others.

Strength was the most important thing.

After the first grading competition, the news was quickly heard by and Elder Yi. He was not surprised by the result at all, because he had high expectations for Samuel. If he could not even deal with such a small trouble, Samuel would disappoint him.

However, this process still surprised him a lot.

Samuel had not even made a move, but his opponent had already surrendered and admitted defeat.

“Elder Yi, I heard Samuel was hit by a punch and his opponent’s hand was damaged. Is his physical quality so horrible?” the assistant asked Elder Yi with doubts. He thought that the message might change in the process, so the message might not be accurate. However, after another inquiry, the answer was still the same, which shocked him.

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