Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1286

Even a Heaven-level expert couldn’t have such a strong physical quality, so the assistant couldn’t believe it, because in his opinion, it was beyond the endurance range of a mortal body.

Elder Yi was also confused. He could not explain this kind of physical strength, and it was not within his scope of understanding. But this made him more convinced that only Samuel could solve the crisis.

Perhaps only Samuel would be able to bear the title of savior”.

“As I said before, he is the savior, and his physical quality is strong. This will allow him to have a better advantage when dealing with the creatures of the Second World. This is a good thing for Tianqi, and even for the whole world.” Elder Yi said.

The assistant nodded. According to the Tianqi Secret Tome, the creatures of the second world were very strong in the aspect of physique. This was also the reason why so many Heaven Level experts had fallen back then. If the Heaven Level experts at that time could have such a powerful physique like Samuel, the situation would not have been so tragic.

“Elder Yi, I believe your words more and more,” the assistant said.

At the same time, news reached the three halls.

After hearing the news, He Qingfeng felt it was ridiculous. It was not credible at all. But when his spies confirmed the authenticity of the news, He Qingfeng’s expression became serious.

“Are you sure that his body’s strength can really shatter the other party’s hands?” He Qingfeng asked.

The spy nodded and said, “I’ve confirmed it several times. It’s true. If you still don’t believe me, I can ask someone to send him to you.”

“Let him come immediately. I want to see what’s going on.” Seeing was believing. If He Qingfeng hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t be willing to believe it, or he wouldn’t dare to believe it.

Soon after the spy left, they showed up at three halls with Samuel’s opponent.

As a person at the Xuan Level, he had never been in contact with the three halls, nor had he seen the master of the three halls, He Qingfeng, in such close proximity. Therefore, the man felt uneasy and didn’t even have the courage to look up when standing in front of He Qingfeng.

“Lift up your hand,” He Qingfeng said to the man.

“Temple Master, my hand is completely disabled. I can’t feel anything now,” the man said.

He Qingfen frowned, stepped forward, grabbed the man’s hand, and frowned even more.

His hand was not only disabled, but his finger bones were also broken. There was even a sign of bones cracking on his wrist.

“Is this really caused by your punch on Samuel?” He Qingfeng took a deep breath. Such a powerful counterforce was generated from the human body. He couldn’t believe it.

“Master, it’s true. If you want to know the details, I can tell you how I felt at that time,” the man said.

He Qingfeng shook his head and said, “No, thanks. You can go now.”

The result had already shown up in front of He Qingfeng, which was enough to prove Samuel’s power. The detailed process was meaningless to He Qingfeng, and he didn’t need to know.

This was because once such an expert appeared in the four sects; the position of the three palaces would be precarious. Even if Elder Yi would really go to the second world, he would not be able to suppress such a powerful Samuel.

“Where on earth did this old thing find such a monster?” He Qingfeng gritted his teeth and said.

The grading game continued. Samuel and Jiang Yingying passed all the way without any resistance and successfully entered the next round of the grading game, which was a test for the Earth-level masters.

He Xiaoxiao returned to the area of the three halls with strong dissatisfaction. Samuel was in the limelight, which made her grind her teeth in hatred. Now, rumor had it that Samuel was very powerful in the entire Tianqi era. It was even possible that it was the record of the fastest promotion to Heaven level. She could not accept that someone who had ignored her had such achievements. Now there was only one thought left in her mind. Stop Samuel and let everyone know that Samuel was actually a waste.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you watch the grading competition? Who provoked you?” He Qingfeng saw He Xiaoxiao’s unhappy face and asked.

“Dad, help me find a way. I have to stop Samuel.” He Xiaoxiao had been hiding this matter from He Qingfeng, but now she had to tell him because she was worried that she couldn’t stop Samuel because of Lin Tong’s incompetence.

Judging from her tone, there was obviously a conflict between the two, which puzzled He Qingfeng. Samuel came to Tianqi only a short time ago. How could there be a conflict between him and He Xiaoxiao?

“What’s going on? How did he provoke my daughter?” He Qingfeng asked.

“Don’t worry about it. You just need to think of a way for me. I can’t let him show off,” He Xiaoxiao said.

He Qingfeng walked to the side and said with a comforting look, “My daughter, you should know the rules of Tianqi. Even as the master of the three halls, I can’t break them.”

“Are you waiting for him to upgrade to Heaven-level and then come back to humiliate your daughter?” He Xiaoxiao said with tears in her eyes.

As a daughter servant, He Qingfeng’s heart ached when he saw this scene. He said angrily, “My dear daughter, tell me how he provoked you first. If he was really at fault first, I will avenge you.”

He Xiaoxiao told He Qingfeng about the contradiction between her and Samuel. He Qingfeng looked helpless. Even if he wanted to pick a bone in an egg, it seemed that he couldn’t find fault with Samuel.

“Daughter, don’t you know Samuel already has a wife and a child? It’s understandable that he’s indifferent to you,” He Qingfeng said.

“Understandable?” He Xiaoxiao glared at him. She was admired by all the Tianqi people, but Samuel did not take her seriously. How could a person who was used to being praised in the palm of his hand understand this?

“Dad, do you want me to understand him?” He Xiaoxiao said coldly.

He Qingfeng sighed in his heart. He was the one who doted on He Xiaoxiao. He should be responsible for her current character. However, He Qingfeng only had one daughter, so he could not be strict with He Xiaoxiao.

“My good daughter, let’s just forget about this matter. I’m afraid that the Tianqi era will be in big trouble recently. Samuel can help,” said He Qingfeng. Elder Yi had only told him that Samuel was the only one who could save the Tianqi era. Although He Qingfeng did not believe what he said, with the strength that Samuel had shown now, he could indeed make some contributions to the Tianqi era.

If he killed such a master because of He Xiaoxiao’s willfulness, it would be very unfortunate for Tianqi.

In the face of trivial matters, He Qingfeng would take the initiative to take into account the interests of the three halls. But in the face of such a big event as the second world, He Qingfeng did not dare to do so.

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