Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1290


Her status was low, but her strength was so strong.

When He Xiaoxiao heard this, she subconsciously gritted her teeth. As the daughter of the master of the Three Halls, although she was loved by thousands and thousands of people, in terms of strength, she was not even comparable to the maid of Samuel. This made He Xiaoxiao feel very unfair. In Tianqi, how could there be a woman more outstanding than her?

She now regretted that she had only arranged for people to kill Samuel, but did not target Jiang Yingying.

Samuel couldn’t survive, so did Jiang Yingying.

However, as long as Samuel was dead, it was only a matter of time before she killed Jiang Yingying, so He Xiaoxiao was not in a hurry.

“Dad, if I’m willing to work hard and train, this woman is nothing,” He Xiaoxiao said disdainfully.

He Qingfeng smiled helplessly. There was no “if” in the world. However, it did not matter even if He Xiaoxiao did not train hard. As long as he was there, she had her place. Moreover, he did not want to see He Xiaoxiao suffer.

“That’s for sure,” He Qingfeng said.

At this time, the test on the stage had begun. The two men fought back and forth. In the face of the opponent’s technical attack, Jiang Yingying could only use her body to resist most of the time. Because of her agility, Jiang Yingying’s reaction was far from enough to deal with the opponent’s attack.

This made Jiang Yingying a little angry. After all, her physical strength was not as strong as Samuel’s. Every time she was attacked, she would feel a little angry.

If Samuel hadn’t reminded Jiang Yingying first, she would have been unable to restrain herself and fought back with all her strength.

“I can only take the beating. I thought she was very powerful.” After seeing Jiang Yingying’s performance, He Xiaoxiao sneered.

He Qingfeng, who was standing on the side, frowned. On the surface, Jiang Yingying seemed to be very difficult to deal with, but she was obviously still suppressing her strength, which made him unable to figure out the reason.

“Dad, why don’t you say something? She’s such a good-for-nothing. Why do you still look at her so intently?” Seeing that He Qingfeng did not respond to her, He Xiaoxiao continued to ask.

He Qingfeng knew that it was He Xiaoxiao who was not convinced in her heart, so she maliciously declared Jiang Yingying’s strength. However, Jiang Yingying’s strength was not something that could be discredited by a few words of He Xiaoxiao.

“Daughter, this woman is restraining her temper. That’s why she’s accused of being beaten,” He Qingfen said.

Hearing this, He Xiaoxiao was even more dissatisfied. She said, “Dad, she’s obviously being beaten. Why are you still speaking up for her? Do you have anything to do with this woman?”

In the face of He Xiaoxiao’s unreasonable behavior, He Qingfeng had a wry smile on his face.

At this time, Jiang Yingying, who was on the ring, was already tired of it. She glanced at Samuel.

Samuel knew that Jiang Yingying had been passively beaten and had lost her patience, so he nodded.

Jiang Yingying received Samuel’s order and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly.

In the distance, He Qingfeng narrowed his eyes and said, “Next, it’s her performance of real strength.”

Jiang Yingying suddenly ignored the opponent’s attack. Since she was defeated by the opponent in skill and speed, she could only expose her weakness and seek a fatal blow.

“The test is over.” Seeing that Jiang Yingying seemed to have given up resisting, the Earth-level examiner said with a smile.


With a loud bang, the examiner was thrown out of the ring. All this happened in the blink of an eye. Even those who were watching the battle didn’t come to their senses, let alone himself.

Jiang Yingying clapped her hands and said with a smile, “It’s finally over. You’ve hit me for so long. It’s about time.”

After that, Jiang Yingying walked out of the ring, and it was only then that the others came to their senses from the shock.

“Is… is this the end?”

“She, she even beat an Earth-level expert!”

“How could it be? She’s so strong that even the Earth level is no match for her!”

Shouts of surprise came from all over the place. Everyone’s faces were full of disbelief, as if they had seen an illusion, as if they were dreaming.

Earth-level experts were a very high threshold for the Xuan-level experts. Even if the Xuan-level experts successfully upgraded to the Earth-level experts, it would take a long time to train to reach the strength of the real Earth-level experts. However, Jiang Yingying defeated an Earth-level expert in the test. What a show of strength she showed!

Jiang Yingying returned to Samuel’s side. Listening to the exclamations around, she unconsciously stuck out her tongue and said, “Brother Samuel, don’t you think I am going too far?”

“How can you go too far? That fellow has hit you more than ten times.” Samuel smiled and said.

Hearing Samuel’s words, Jiang Yingying was relieved.

In the distance, He Qingfeng took a deep breath. It had been many years since he had seen such a powerful newcomer in Tianqi City. Even Lin Tong, who was known as God’s favored son in the past, had not shown such powerful strength.

And she was just a maid of Samuel. This made He Qingfeng even more eager to see Samuel’s real strength.

“Am I right? If this woman hadn’t restrained herself, her examiner would have been defeated,” He Qingfeng said to He Xiaoxiao.

He Xiaoxiao was still in a state of confusion. She was proud of her identity as the daughter of the master of the three halls, which was above anyone else. But what was the use of being in a higher position? Her strength was even worse than Jiang Yingying’s. What qualifications did she have to be superior to Samuel?

At this moment, He Xiaoxiao finally realized how painful it was to be without strength. Perhaps, if she was given another chance, she would spend more time on training. But even so, it did not help. Because at the level of strength, no matter how noble her birth was, no matter how many masters she had, she would never be able to compare with Samuel.

So did Lin Tong.

At this moment, the words “God’s favored son” were extremely ridiculous for Lin Tong. He was proud of it, but he did not expect that his achievements would be so vulnerable in front of Jiang Yingying.

He had made a record that he had held on to 25 moves in the face of the assessment of the Earth category, which was the limit of the current Tianqi grading game. However, Jiang Yingying was able to directly defeat the assessment officer of the Earth category, so the strength gap between them could be imagined.

What made him even more desperate was that this was just Jiang Yingying’s performance, and Samuel’s strength was even higher than Jiang Yingying’s!

“It seems that our plan is going to fail,” Lin Tong blurted out unconsciously. He didn’t care that He Qingfeng was still in the room.

“What plan?” He Qingfeng asked.

He Xiaoxiao’s heart tightened and she quickly said, “Dad, it’s nothing.”

He Qingfeng looked at He Xiaoxiao’s flustered eyes. Based on his understanding of He Xiaoxiao, how could he believe He Xiaoxiao’s words?

“Lin Tong, tell me now, before making a big mistake, we can still make up for it.” He Qingfeng asked Lin Tong with a cold face.

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