Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1291

Lin Tong exposed his and He Xiaoxiao’s plans unconsciously. At this time, when he came to his senses, he could not help but tremble.

If He Qingfeng knew about it, the consequences would be very serious. Moreover, he betrayed He Xiaoxiao by doing so. If he offended this vicious woman, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But it was impossible to take back what had been said.

Lin Tong did not dare to look up when he saw that He Xiaoxiao was staring at him with a murderous gaze.

He Qingfeng grabbed hold of Lin Tong’s collar and lifted him into the air. He knew very well how willful his daughter was. If she really did something that went against the Tianqi rule, even as the leader of the Three Halls, he would not be able to protect He Xiaoxiao’s safety. Hence, he could only stop her before the incident happened.

“Lin Tong, I want you to tell me what’s going on and what your plan is,” He Qingfeng gnashed his teeth and said.

Lin Tong’s breathing was trembling, and He Qingfeng’s powerful aura made it hard for him to breathe.

“Hall Master, the plan, the plan, the plan, is to kill Samuel,” Lin Tong said.

Kill Samuel!

He Qingfeng got rid of Lin Tong. The biggest taboo of Tianqi was to kill each other. In He Qingfeng’s opinion, although He Xiaoxiao was willful, she would not do such a stupid thing. After all, it was a matter of life and death. As a girl, she would never have such vicious thoughts.

But at this moment, he knew that he was wrong. He Xiaoxiao was far more self-willed than he thought. She could do anything for her satisfaction.

“He Xiaoxiao, I order you to stop this plan immediately.” He Qingfeng angrily rebuked her.

He Xiaoxiao did not look regretful at all, but even angry at He Qingfeng. She did not understand why He Qingfeng was so angry. She just wanted to kill a good-for-nothing who had just joined the Tianqi Realm. Why did he have to make such a fuss?

Since Samuel had provoked her, shouldn’t he be deserving of death?

Moreover, he was the leader of the Three Halls. How could he not handle such a trivial matter?

“Dad, you are the superior leader of the three halls. It’s just a piece of cake for you. You don’t need to be so nervous. At most, you will fall out with the four gates. Are the four gates more powerful than the three halls now?” He Xiaoxiao said stubbornly.

He Qingfeng was so angry that he laughed. He never thought that He Xiaoxiao would say such a thing. Although there had been many conflicts between the four gates and three halls, they belonged to the same sect. Who dared to easily break the relationship between the two?

It was impossible for them to do so, even if they had self- glucose.

And now, the entrance of the second world of the forbidden area had changed, and the disaster of a hundred years ago was likely to come again. The four gates and three halls must work together to have a chance to deal with this trouble. If they chose to choose civil strife at this time, not only the Tianqi, but the whole earth would be in chaos. At that time, who could survive the invasion of the second world?

“A piece of cake?” He Qingfeng looked at He Xiaoxiao with a frosty face and said, “To you, killing people now is just a small matter?”

“Yeah, is it a big deal to kill a good-for-nothing?” He Xiaoxiao held her head high. She did not know what was wrong with herself and even felt that it was a matter of course.

It was not until this moment that He Qingfeng really understood what kind of person He Xiaoxiao had become because of his love for her. She was supercilious, arrogant, and capricious. She was no longer the little princess from that year.

He had to find a way to let her recognize her mistakes.


He Qingfeng waved his hand and slapped He Xiaoxiao in the face.

The air seemed to freeze in an instant.

He Xiaoxiao covered her face and looked at He Qingfeng in disbelief.

Since she was a child, she had never been beaten. He Qingfeng tried his best to love her and never let her suffer any grievance. But now, He Qingfeng gave her a heavy slap in the face.

When He Qingfeng slapped her in the face, the first reaction in his heart was regret, very regret, and heartache. How could his daughter, whom he had loved for decades, be hit so hard?

“Hit me?” He Xiaoxiao’s eyes gradually became gloomy, and she said to He Qingfeng.

“Daughter, I…” He Qingfeng looked at He Xiaoxiao with a little panic.

“Since young, you have never beaten me. But now, you hit me because of an outsider.” He Xiaoxiao felt the burning pain on her face, and her eyes became more and more emotionless.

“I want you to know the serious consequences of breaking the rules in Tianqi era. Hitting you is just to wake you up. When you really make a big mistake, the consequences are more than being beaten.” He Qingfeng knew that he could not be soft-hearted. Otherwise, this slap would be in vain. He must let He Xiaoxiao know her mistakes.

But did He Xiaoxiao know how to do that?

Obviously, she would not do that. Because of this slap, she not only hated Samuel, but also hated He Qingfeng.

“I’m very, very clear-headed, and you can’t stop it now,” He Xiaoxiao said, gritting her teeth.

He Qingfeng suddenly turned his head and looked at the ring. At this time, Samuel and the test officer had already stood on the ring. Obviously, He Xiaoxiao’s plan was to kill Samuel with the test officer.

“The plan would fail.” At this time, Lin Tong, who was on the side, said in a daze. After seeing Jiang Yingying’s strength, he knew that the person he had found was definitely no match for Samuel. Even Jiang Yingying had almost reached the Heaven Level. How could Samuel be weaker than her?

And the person he was looking for was just an Earth-level expert.

Now Lin Tong had completely understood how he looked down on Samuel. It was not about time, but how long it would take for Tianqi to know Samuel’s real strength. All of this would only change because of his thought.

God’s favored one.

What a ridiculous four words.

He was nothing in front of Samuel.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Believe it or not, I’ll kill you.” For He Xiaoxiao, who was eager to see Samuel die, Lin Tong’s words were undoubtedly unacceptable to her.

Lin Tong smiled with relief and said, “In fact, we all know how powerful Samuel is, but we just don’t want to admit it in our hearts. He Xiaoxiao, haven’t you realized the reality? Both you and I are not as excellent as Samuel. What you have is just the status of the daughter of the master of the three halls. And I am just the nominal title of God’s favored son. In front of strength, we are nothing.”

These words were a blow to He Xiaoxiao’s heart. Strength. It was about the strength again. Was strength really more important than status? She was the daughter of the master of the three halls. Even if a Heaven-level expert met her, he had to respectfully address her as First Miss. How could someone like Samuel compare to her!

“Bullshit. What right does a piece of trash like him have to be compared to me?” He Xiaoxiao chided Lin Tong angrily.

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