Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1300

Samuel went straight to the two and asked Elder Yi directly, “When can we start?”

Elder Yi knew Samuel certainly could not wait, but it was still unexpected for him to come to him early in the morning. After all, he had been to the stone house, and there must be more books in the stone house than that. According to Elder Yi’s view, he should be looking for an opportunity to go to the stone house.

“When do you need it?” Elder Yi asked rhetorically.

“Today.” Samuel said with certainty.

“Is there nothing in the stone house that is worthy of your time?” Elder Yi said with a frown. He and He Qingfeng both guessed that there was something in the stone house that could change the Tianqi. It could even make the whole stone house stronger. If Samuel could enter the stone house, it might help him become stronger.

Devil King’s Cave was a place where one could lose his life if he was not careful. So in Elder Yi’s opinion, Samuel should go to Devil King’s Cave after becoming stronger. That was a better choice.

In the stone house, Samuel saw Fu Yao, who was the same as Yvonne. In the face of this matter, nothing else could arouse his interest. What he wanted to do was to find a chance to figure out the relationship between the two as soon as possible. Therefore, the real secret of Tianqi was what he needed to do now.

Since he wanted to know about Tianqi, he had to pass the test of the Devil King’s Cave. What Samuel wanted to do was naturally to go to the Devil King’s Cave.

“Let me tell you frankly, what exactly is inside the stone house, I haven’t looked at it carefully. Perhaps if there is a chance in the future, I will go again,” Samuel said.

Elder Yi smiled helplessly. He had long been aware of Samuel’s uniqueness. However, the fact that this fellow was able to stand out to such an extent still caused one to be unable to refrain from being surprised. He did not even pay close attention to the number of things in the stone house. If it was anyone else, who would have been able to do it?

“Okay, do as you say. Today, I will inform the three halls that you can enter the Devil King’s Cave in the afternoon,” Elder Yi said.

“Alright, I will wait for your news.” After saying this, Samuel turned around and left.

Fang Zhan was very curious about the stone house they talked about, but he didn’t ask much. If it was not a big deal, Elder Yi would naturally tell him. Since Elder Yi didn’t take the initiative to mention it, it meant that even if he asked, it would be useless.

“Elder Yi, I’m leaving, too,” Fang Zhan said to Elder Yi.

“Go ahead. I’m also going to arrange this,” said Elder Yi.

Fang Zhan quickly caught up with Samuel. He was still a little worried about Samuel’s going to the Devil King Cave. After all, he was an experienced person and knew how dangerous the Devil King Cave was. If it weren’t for the few people who went with him, Fang Zhan wouldn’t have had a chance to leave the Devil King Cave alive.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Devil King’s Cave is not as simple as you think it is.” Fang Zhan asked Samuel in confusion.

“There is a question in my heart that I need to solve as quickly as possible. And the premise of solving this question is to know what the mystery of Tianqi is,” Samuel said frankly.

Fang Zhan had not been in contact with Samuel for a long time, but he was very familiar with Samuel’s character. Once he had made up his mind, he would not change it. He insisted on going to the Devil King’s Cave, which was something no one could stop.

“I can’t tell you what happened in the Devil King’s Cave, but I can remind you that no matter what you encounter, you can only choose to escape and go to the place where there is light. That is your only way out,” Fang Zhan said.

“Don’t worry. Even if I die in the Devil King Cave, the Nangong family will not stop searching for your daughter,” Samuel said indifferently.

Fang Zhan smiled helplessly. He had followed Samuel back to the Tianqi Realm because of Samuel’s promise to help him find his daughter. But during this period of time, Fang Zhan’s feelings for Samuel were not only related to benefits, but he also wanted to see Samuel live a good life, which could bring a stronger power to the Tianqi Realm. He also wanted to see how great a miracle the young man in front of him could create.

“Samuel, let me remind you, it’s not just because of my daughter, but also because you might be able to save the world,” Fang Zhan said.

“Save the world?” Samuel smiled disdainfully and said, “I’m not a superhero. How can I save the world? All I have to do in my life is to protect my wife and children.”

“The prerequisite of protecting your wife and children is to keep the world stable. When you come back from the Devil King Cave, you will understand what I said,” Fang Zhan said.

Samuel returned to his residence and told Jiang Yingying that he was going to the Devil King Cave today. At the same time, he was thinking about Fang Zhan’s kind reminder.

Running away was a very quintessential word. Fang Zhan must have said that because it was very dangerous in the devil king’s cave.

But this kind of danger, according to Samuel’s previous speculation, should be a kind of test of material resources, such as mechanisms and so on. However, Fang Zhan suggested that he should run, which obviously was not a trap.

Only when facing a powerful opponent that he could not defeat could he use the word run away.

Could it be that the Devil King’s Cave was made up of a Heaven Level expert?

But wasn’t Tianqi forbidden to kill each other? How could there be human life danger?

“Brother Samuel, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing the serious silence on Samuel’s face, Jiang Yingying couldn’t help asking.

“I was thinking about what kind of place this devil king cave is.” Samuel said.

“We’ll know later. Let’s guess what the meaning of this is,” Jiang Yingying said.

Samuel nodded in agreement and said, “That’s true. You don’t have to bother yourself.”

When news came from the four gates that Samuel was about to enter the Devil King’s Cave today, the news spread throughout the Tianqi era and shocked countless people.

No one had expected Samuel to choose to challenge the Devil King’s cave so quickly. It was less than a month since he had arrived at the Tianqi Realm. If he could really complete it, it would become a miracle that no one in the Tianqi Realm could complete. It would be unprecedented.

“How did Samuel choose to challenge the Devil King Cave so quickly?”

“He is now an Earth-level master, and his achievements have far surpassed that of Lin Tong. How could he be so reckless?”

“Reckless? In my opinion, he is very confident in his own strength. No one has ever been able to defeat an Earth-level Master in the qualifying match. In my opinion, his strength is likely to reach the Heaven-level early.”

“To him, the challenge from the Demon King’s cave is just a path of promotion. Perhaps he doesn’t attach any importance to it at all.”

“Lin Tong is now completely a joke. Known as God’s favored son, he has turned a blind eye to the challenge of the Devil King’s Cave for so many years. Compared with Samuel, he is not only weak, but also loses some of his courage.”

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