Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1305

Everyone was extremely anxious. Another large group of doctors returned to the original road and returned to the villa on the Hillside. They conducted an all-round examination on Yvonne’s body, but they still found nothing. A large group of doctors shook their heads helplessly, and there was nothing they could do about it.

The furious Han Tianyang chased everyone out of the villa. No matter what kind of famous doctors or how high their status in Cloud City was, no one dared to raise their heads and rebuke Han Tianyang. They could only lower their heads and accept it.

At the same time, Nangong Boling also began to urge the world’s famous doctors to rush to Cloud City as soon as possible. Anyone who dared to put on airs was stabbed in the neck. It could be said Yvonne’s sudden change affected the medical community of the whole world. Nangong Boling no longer concealed the power of the Nangong family. He was tough and whoever disobeyed orders from the Nangong family, his only fate was death!

Samuel, who was in Devil King’s Cave, didn’t know about it, but he also encountered a strange phenomenon. The little snake seemed to be glued to him. No matter where he went, the little white snake would follow him. What was even stranger was that in the extremely dangerous Devil King’s Cave, as long as the gorilla appeared, no creatures would appear. Could it be that all the masters who died in Devil King’s Cave were caused by the gorilla?

“Brother Samuel, why is it so strange? Why didn’t we encounter anything? But along the way, there are still bones. Why did they die?” Jiang Yingying asked in confusion.

Samuel shook his head. He was also thinking about this question. But until now, he had not thought about it at all.

Since they were here, it meant that they must have encountered some kind of crisis. But they were getting closer and closer to Fang Zhan’s so-called exit, but the danger was getting farther and farther away from them.

“I also feel a little strange. Don’t tell me there’s only a gorilla inside? But why did it run away?” Samuel asked doubtfully.

At this time, the little white snake suddenly blocked in front of Samuel. It seemed to understand Samuel’s words, showing its presence in front of Samuel.

Samuel kicked him away and said disdainfully, “It’s already a miracle that a little thing like you didn’t die. What are you showing off in front of me?”

The little white snake hung on the wall, and there was an unspeakable sense of grievance in its eyes.

Samuel didn’t take a second look at it. He said to Jiang Yingying, “Anyway, as long as we can get out of here, it’s a good thing. As for the reason why they died here, it has nothing to do with us.”

Jiang Yingying nodded. Although she was used to the stench in Devil King’s Cave, she still hoped to leave as soon as possible. She said, “Brother Samuel, let’s go quickly.”

They sped up, but before long there was movement. The sound of rocks colliding was heard. It was obvious that this was the third creature Samuel and Jiang Yingying met in the Devil King’s Cave.

“Brother Samuel, it seems that we think too much. It’s not easy to leave.” Jiang Yingying said with a serious face.

Samuel had expected this, and he didn’t think that he was so lucky to leave Devil King’s Cave so easily.

“It’s time to broaden our horizons. Step back first.” Samuel said to Jiang Yingying.

After a while, a giant lizard with wings crawled up to them and spat out its scarlet tongue to display its strength. It emitted a strong stench all over its body, as if it had seen delicious food. The saliva in its mouth spilled all over the ground.

“It seems that we have been treated as food,” Samuel said to Jiang Yingying.

Jiang Yingying also saw its desire, and in the face of such a terrible creature, Jiang Yingying did not even have the slightest thought of resisting.

“Brother Samuel, what should we do?” asked Jiang Yingying.

“What should we do?”

It was Samuel’s question. He finally understood why Fang Zhan said that no matter what he encountered, he didn’t need to face it head-on. He just wanted to run away.

This kind of thing could not be defeated by human power.

But the giant lizard was blocking their way, so where could they run to?

“To be able to leave Devil King’s Cave alive doesn’t depend on strength, but on luck.” Samuel said. Although he had advanced to the Tianqi Earth Level as fast as he could, so what? In front of opponents of a completely different level, he had no other choice but to wait for death.

“Can we turn back?” Jiang Yingying asked.

“We don’t know what we’ll encounter if we go back. Besides, there’s nothing here to eat and drink. If we continue to use up our stamina, we’ll only end up dead.” Samuel knew that there was no turning back. The only choice he had was to face the giant lizard head-on. If he was lucky, he might still have a chance to survive.

Now his hope could only be pinned on the power in his body. If he could exert greater power, he might be able to escape death.

At this time, Samuel thought of Yvonne and Han Nian. He couldn’t die. He couldn’t die in Devil King’s Cave anyway.

“Brother Samuel, your… your head.” At this time, Jiang Yingying looked at Samuel in horror, and his head emitted a faint light.

At this time, no one noticed that the Little White Snake was excited, and its red eyes were jumping with unconceivable excitement.

“Step back.” Samuel said to Jiang Yingying in a deep voice.

Jiang Yingying subconsciously took a few steps back. At this moment, she felt Samuel suddenly became strange, which made her a little scared.

The little white snake also retreated a little, but the surface of the snake’s body was covered with a thin layer of scales, as if it had mutated.

After Samuel entered the Devil King’s cave, everyone’s attention was focused on the Devil King’s cave. In addition to curiosity about whether or not Samuel could come out of the Devil King’s cave alive, there was also He Xiaoxiao, who cursed Samuel to death all the time.

She hoped Samuel would die in Devil King’s Cave. Only in this way could she regain her dignity as a princess.

At this time, the Devil King’s Cave suddenly shook. It was not an earthquake, but it was caused by the movement in the Devil King’s Cave.

The faces of Elder Yi in the four gates changed dramatically, and he rushed to the Devil King’s Cave quickly.

He Qingfeng, who was studying the booklet brought out from the stone house by Samuel from the three halls, felt the movement in Devil King’s Cave and quickly put away the booklet.

The two of them met at the entrance of the Devil King’s Cave, and their expressions were solemn.

“Why is there such a big movement?” He Qingfeng asked Elder Yi in a deep voice.

Elder Yi gritted his teeth. What he feared most seemed to have happened.

The so-called test in the Devil King’s Cave was not something that could be passed by strength alone. Once it had a direct conflict with the creatures inside, it would definitely lead to death.

And the movement just now was obviously caused by the conflict.

“It seems that Samuel is already dead inside.” He Xiaoxiao appeared with a cold face and a happy smile on her face.

He was finally dead. She no longer had to worry about seeing Samuel recalling how she had been humiliated.

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