Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1312

Four gates.

After the loud noise from the Devil King’s Cave, almost everyone believed Samuel was dead.

Elder Yi was in a low mood and had not left the four gates since that day.

This was a huge blow to Elder Yi. He had high hopes for Samuel and even placed the hope of the whole Tianqi era on Samuel. He hoped that Samuel could arouse others’ confidence in this matter after passing the test of the Devil King’s Cave.

He hoped Samuel had the identity of Heaven-level master, he could lead the four sects, and then he could remove the baggage to find out what was going on in the second world.

However, with the death of Samuel, Elder Yi’s plan became bubbles. Not only did it make those Earth-level people more afraid of the Devil King’s Cave, but it also became an extravagant hope for the four sects to cultivate a new Sect Master.

“Mentally, you don’t have to worry too much about this matter. Maybe it’s destined that Samuel will not be able to take this important task,” the assistant said to Elder Yi.

Elder Yi was in low spirits. Because of Samuel’s death, not only him, but also Tianqi would be decadent. Even he could not complete the challenge of Devil King’s Cave. Would anyone else dare to try?

“Do you know what a blow Samuel’s death is to Tianqi?” Elder Yi said with a sigh.

The assistant naturally understood the logic behind it, but things were already set in stone and no one could change it. If they continued to be conflicted, it would only make things even more difficult for them to let go.

“Perhaps, you can put your hope on Lin Tong. After all, he is God’s favored one. If he can pass the test in the Devil King’s Cave, he can change other people’s views on the Devil King’s Cave,” the assistant said tentatively.

Let Lin Tong give it a try?

A scornful smile appeared on the corner of Elder Yi’s mouth. Lin Tong had been qualified to do this for a long time, but he did not mention it for a long time, which showed that Lin Tong was a very cowardly and timid person. It was nonsense for him to put his hopes on him.

“Do you think Lin Tong dares to do that? And if he continues to die in Devil King’s Cave, can you predict what Tianqi will become?” Elder Yi shook his head and said.

The assistant sighed. Not to mention whether Lin Tong dared to do that or not, if he really died, the Tianqi era would be completely over. If two masters died one after another, the psychological shadow on other people’s minds would be even stronger.

“Elder Yi, don’t think too much. The ship will go straight to the end of the bridge. I believe there will be a change in Tianqi,” the assistant said.

“The second world is ready to move. There is not much time left for the Tianqi era. As the leader of the four sects, I can’t do anything about it.” Elder Yi wore a self-deprecating smile and continued, “Am I, the leader of the four sects, a good-for-nothing?”

The assistant was taken aback.

How could the leaders of the four sects be good-for-nothing?

Elder Yi had come up with such an idea, which showed that his mood was extremely negative now.

“Elder Yi, you can’t think like that. The four gates still need your leadership,” the assistant hurriedly said.

At this time, Fang Zhan came to the two and said to Elder Yi with a bad look, “Elder Yi, I heard that Cloud City is looking for Samuel. There must be something wrong.”

“Go to Cloud City and tell them the news about Samuel’s death,” Elder Yi said. He knew that he had to inform Cloud City about this sooner or later, so there was no need to hide it.

Fang Zhan’s face changed. If he sent the news back, wouldn’t those people be desperate?

And now he had to rely on the Nangong family to find his daughter. If Nangong Boling found out Samuel was dead, he would definitely stop investigating this matter.

“Elder Yi, don’t you want to wait?” Fang Zhan asked.

“Don’t tell me you still expect to see Samuel’s body? How could someone who died in the Devil King’s Cave have a body?” Elder Yi said.

As a person who passed the test of the Devil King’s Cave, Fang Zhan naturally knew that there were white bones all over the ground in the Devil King’s Cave, and the creatures inside ate human flesh. If Samuel died, he would definitely become the food for those creatures. How could he see the corpses?

“Go ahead. There is no need to hide this matter. Let them know as soon as possible, so that they can make plans as soon as possible.” Elder Yi paused and continued, “If they need help, you should try your best to help.”

“Yes.” Elder Yi had already spoken to this point, so Fang Zhan could only obey the order.

Cloud City.

The famous doctors from all over the world had arrived one after another. The faces of all the countries gathered in front of the gate of the villa area on Cloudridge and waited for their orders.

In the villa on the Hillside, Gina looked at Yvonne, who had a head full of white hair and appeared to be very old. Her heart ached for her.

Since her hair had turned white overnight, even her symptoms soon appeared. Almost every day, she was aging at a speed visible to the naked eye. Yvonne, who was in her 20s, was now like a middle-aged woman in her 40s, and this situation was still going on.

“Yvonne, the doctors are all here. Let them take a look at you,” Gina said to Yvonne.

Yvonne didn’t dare to face this matter. Now she didn’t even dare to look at herself in the mirror. The reason why she refused to see the doctor was that she was afraid that these famous doctors would also be at a loss, and she was afraid to hear any desperate news.

“Mom, I’m fine. I’m really fine.” Yvonne lowered her head and looked at Han Nian in her arms. She was very scared now. She was afraid that she would not be able to wait for Samuel to come back, or for Han Nian to grow up.

Yvonne was not afraid of death, but she was afraid that no one could take good care of Han Nian after she died.

“I know you will be fine, but since these doctors are here, let them have a look. They are all world-famous doctors invited by Nangong Boling. I believe they will have a way,” Gina said with a distressed face.

Yvonne shook her head. In fact, she had secretly checked on the Internet. This disease of hers should be aging. At present, there was no way to suppress this disease. With the aging of her body, her life would slowly be lost. This was something that no one could change.

“Mom, let them go. I don’t want to see anyone now. Don’t force me,” Yvonne said.

Gina looked at the others anxiously. Han Tianyang, as well as Godfrey, shook their heads helplessly. It was useless for them to force Yvonne to do anything she was unwilling to do.

Standing up, Gina walked to the outside of the villa.

Manfred and Nangong Boling were both waiting in the outer court.

Seeing Gina, Manfred quickly walked in front of Gina and asked, “How is it? Is Yvonne going to see a doctor?”

Gina shook her head and said, “She is very resistant to this. I have tried my best to persuade her, but she still doesn’t want to see it.”

“What should we do? If she doesn’t see the doctor, can we just drag things on like this?” Manfred said with an anxious expression.

“I don’t know either. Her aging is getting faster and faster. If we don’t find a way to control it, I’m afraid…”

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