Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1317

The girl at the front desk, who had been scared by Manfred’s punch, was filled with confidence when she saw the manager running over. She said to Manfred, “Didn’t you say you want to see our manager? He’s here, but I advise you to be polite. Our manager isn’t someone to be trifled with.”

Manfred’s face was cold as he turned around to look at the middle aged man who was running towards him.

“Not a man to be trifled with?”

“I just like to provoke these kinds of people who aren’t easy to deal with.” Manfred coldly said.

“I’m kind to advise you, but since you don’t want to listen, you can’t blame me.” The girl at the front desk rolled her eyes and said.

“Boss… Boss Manfred, what wind actually blew you here?” After the manager ran in front of Manfred, he hurriedly asked respectfully.

Even the owner of this hotel had to be respectful to the number one figure in the gray zone of Cloud City. As a mere manager, he didn’t dare to put on airs in front of Manfred.

The girl at the front desk, who had been waiting to watch the show, was suddenly stunned.

She knew her manager’s temper. Because the boss behind the scenes was a big shot in Cloud City, the manager of the hotel also relied on the boss’s influence in Cloud City. He did not care about the general guests at all.

If anyone dared to make trouble in the hotel, the usual way of dealing with it would be to find someone to beat the shit out directly. There would be no mercy at all.

In the eyes of the girl at the front desk, if this uncle dared to make trouble in the hotel, he would definitely come to a bad end. However, what was unexpected was that the manager was so respectful to him!

“Your hotel really has quite a few rules. They don’t even care about me.” Manfred said.

The manager’s fat on his face trembled. From these words, he knew that the receptionist must have said something that she shouldn’t to Manfred. Damn it, she even dared to offend Manfred.

“Are you blind? You don’t even know Boss Manfred. Hurry up and apologize to Boss Manfred.” The manager shouted at the girl at the front desk.

When the girl at the front desk, who was already confused, heard this, she suddenly panicked and said, “Manager, it’s not my fault. He wants to see the guest’s registration record. How can I give it to him casually? This is the rule of the hotel.”

“What rule? In front of Boss Manfred, there are no rules in the hotel. You are fucking trying to kill me.” The manager said angrily.

After scolding her, the manager quickly turned to him and asked, “Boss Manfred, what do you want to know? I’ll transfer the materials to you right away.”

Manfred was not here to show off his identity. His main purpose was to find out which room Fang Zhan was staying in. Since he was already aware of this matter, there was no need for him to continue worrying about what had just happened.

“Fang Zhan, which room is he staying in?” Manfred asked.

The manager glanced at the girl at the front desk. “This silly woman still doesn’t know what to do. She’s really going to blow me up.”

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and investigate for Boss Manfred.” The manager roared.

“Yes, I, I’ll check right away.” The girl at the front desk said in a panic.

It didn’t take a minute for Fang Zhan’s room number to be identified.

After getting the room number, Manfred didn’t pursue the attitude the younger sister at the front desk held towards him just now. Instead, he directly walked towards the elevator.

Cold sweat broke out on the manager’s forehead. Manfred’s passing just like that had caused fear to well up in his heart. If he were to get even with him in the future, he wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for this matter.

“What’s going on? Are you fucking blind? Don’t you know Manfred?” The manager gnashed his teeth and asked the girl at the front desk.


The girl at the front desk was stunned. As a citizen of Cloud City, how could she not know what kind of person Manfred was?

However, she didn’t expect that this seemingly ordinary uncle would actually be the Manfred of Cloud City!

Just now, she had even threatened Manfred. She was just courting death!

“I, I don’t know. I didn’t know that he was Manfred.” The girl at the front desk trembled from fear. It was too late for regrets by this time.

The manager’s breath trembled because if she offended such a big shot, not to mention him, even the boss behind the scenes would be implicated.

“What did he say just now?” The manager asked.

The girl at the front desk was so scared that her heart was trembling, and her face was as pale as paper. She said, “What did he say? I don’t know what he said.”

“F*ck, think about every word he said, or I’ll make you suffer,” the manager gnashed his teeth and said.

The girl at the front desk could only try her best to recall every single word Manfred had said before sending the message to the manager.

When the manager heard Manfred was looking for the boss to have a heart-to-heart talk, his heart completely collapsed. His legs turned to jelly as he sat down on the ground.

To have a heart-to-heart talk with the boss?

This sentence directly made the manager desperate.

He took out the phone shakily and dialed the boss’s number. “Boss, something big has happened. Come to the hotel quickly!”

Outside Fang Zhan’s room, Manfred had already pressed the doorbell.

Fang Zhan wasn’t surprised by Manfred’s sudden appearance. After all, he was well aware of Manfred’s status in Cloud City. It wasn’t a strange thing for him to know that he had arrived in Cloud City with his own strength.

“I didn’t expect you to come so quickly,” Fang Zhan said to Manfred with a smile. Since he had already decided to keep the news of Samuel’s death a secret, he naturally wouldn’t reveal any flaws.

“Why did you suddenly come to Cloud City?” Manfred asked.

“Nangong Boling is helping me inquire about my daughter. I’ll come back and see if there’s any latest news,” Fang Zhan said naturally.

“What about Samuel? Why didn’t he return with you?” Manfred continued to ask.

Fang Zhan remained calm and said, “He has something very important to deal with, so he won’t be able to leave for the time being. He won’t come back in a short time.”

“Do you have a way to contact him now?”

“Even I don’t know where he is. If you want to contact him, you have to wait until he finishes the task,” Fang Zhan said.

Manfred gritted his teeth. He had thought that Fang Zhan would be able to let Samuel know Yvonne’s situation, but now it seemed like it wouldn’t work.

“Why are you in such a hurry to find him?” Fang Zhan asked doubtfully. Not only him, but all the Hannigan family and Yvonne should also know that there was something very important about Samuel’s departure. What’s more, Yvonne knew about the existence of Tianqi. Therefore, it was impossible for them to disturb Samuel at this time.

“Something happened to Yvonne,” Manfred said in a low voice.

Fang Zhan frowned.

“How could something have happened to Yvonne?”

“They’re in Cloud City. Is there anyone who can hurt her?”

“What’s going on?” Fang Zhan asked.

“It takes a whole night to grow old at a rate visible to the naked eye. Nangong Boling has invited famous doctors from all over the world and he has temporarily confirmed that it’s an aging disease,” Manfred explained.

“An aging disease?” Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, “I’ve heard of this disease. At present, there is no way to cure it. Even if we inform Samuel, he has no way to save Yvonne.”

“Can’t we let him know? If anything happens to Yvonne, how can I explain it to him? Can you help me and find a way to let him know?” Manfred’s tone was pleading.

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