Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1327


Four domains.

Since the commotion in the Devil King’s Cave, everyone had come to the conclusion that Samuel was dead. Although it was a pity, the dead were of no value to many people. As such, the discussion gradually died down.

However, Elder Yi had always been brooding over this matter, because he had pinned too much hope on Samuel. Now, Elder Yi was unwilling to see such a consequence, which was even more unacceptable to him.

Originally, Elder Yi still held hope, but as time passed slowly, after a few days passed, he was completely desperate, because he was very clear that no one could survive in Devil King’s Cave who was busy fighting against those creatures.

The only hope left became despair, and for a while, Elder Yi began to feel confused.

He had planned to leave the four gates to SamuelSamuel after Samuel was promoted to Heaven-level. He wanted to go to the second world to have a look, but now no one in the four gates could take over the task. Since the plan failed, Elder Yi did not know what he should do.

“Elder Yi, you haven’t eaten or drunk these days. How can you go on like this? People can’t come back to life if they die. You can’t be so decadent all the time,” the assistant said to Elder Yi. He knew that it was hard to accept the death ofSamuel. But things were settled. Even if he couldn’t accept it, he had to face reality.

“Where’s Lin Tong?” asked Elder Yi.

“He should have gone to the Yellow Level. Since He Xiaoxiao was demoted to the Yellow level, he often went to find He Xiaoxiao,” the assistant said.

Elder Yi sighed. He never thought about handing over the four gates to Lin Tong. The reputation of this God’s favored son was completely praised by the people in the Tianqi Realm. How could a person who didn’t even dare to take part in Devil King’s Cave test be worthy of the title of God’s favored son?

Moreover, Lin Tong now had a desire to betray the four gates, and it was even more impossible for Elder Yi to do so.

However, he was facing another dilemma. Because of the turmoil in the Second World, he had no choice but to go to the Second World and take a look. He had to know what kind of place the Second World was. Only in this way would he be able to figure out a way to deal with the Second World.

“Lin Tong betrayed four gates, and there was no one in the four gates that could be used. Who do you think I can hand over my position as the head of the sect to?” Elder Yi asked his assistant.

“Elder Yi, I don’t think anyone is suitable except for you,” the assistant said without hesitation. This was a very realistic question. Among the four families, who had a better reputation than Elder Yi? Besides, even if he didn’t pay attention to his reputation, no one was suitable for him at the moment in terms of strength.

It had to be said that Samuel was indeed the best choice. He broke all the records of Tianqi and promoted to the Earth level as fast as he could, which completely crushed Lin Tong. Perhaps no one would be able to do that in the future. Unfortunately, he was unlucky and fell into Devil King’s Cave.

“Should we just wait and see? With the power of Tianqi, if the second world attacks again, we can’t resist at all. I have to go to the second world.” Elder Yi said, gritting his teeth.

The assistant sighed in his heart. The Tianqi Realm indeed had no way to compete with the Second World, which was obviously a problem. But he also did not think that Elder Yi’s method could really solve this crisis. After all, in the history of the Tianqi Realm, there were many people who had gone deep into the Second World. They had no return, so they must have died in the Second World. Among these people, there were many people whose skills were not lower than Elder Yi’s.

“Elder Yi, no matter what comes up, it has its own fate. You don’t have to be persistent,” the assistant said.

“But I don’t want to see Tianqi destroyed in my hands.” Elder Yi suddenly clenched his fists, his face full of unwillingness.

The assistant sighed. No one wanted to see this end, but there was nothing they could do. Tianqi was no longer the previous one, and no one could make Tianqi stronger in such a short time.

In the end, it was Samuel’s bad luck. If he hadn’t died in Devil King’s Cave, perhaps the current situation wouldn’t have happened to Tianqi.

Yellow-level domain.

Ever since He Xiaoxiao was exiled here, Lin Tong had become a regular Yellow-level guest. Although his admiration for He Xiaoxiao was hidden very deeply, in recent days, it had gradually been exposed.

He Xiaoxiao could also feel this, but in her eyes, Lin Tong, the God’s favored one, was still nothing. Even if she was now only a yellow-level member of the lowest level, she was still the daughter of He Qingfeng, and the pride in her heart had never been reduced.

“Lin Tong, I know what you’re thinking. Although I’ve been demoted to the Yellow level, I’m still the daughter of the Lord of the Three Halls. You’d better put away your evil intentions,” He Xiaoxiao said to Lin Tong disdainfully.

“Do you think you can still go back?” Lin Tong asked lightly.

“Humph.” He Xiaoxiao snorted and said, “My father just wanted to scare me. He wants to teach me a lesson. Before long, he will pick me up in person.”

Lin Tong shook his head helplessly. He Xiaoxiao’s self-righteousness was really ridiculous. Now the whole Tianqi was focusing on this matter. He Xiaoxiao’s mistakes were definitely not something that could be taken lightly by her to stay at the Yellow level for a few days.

Tianqi was a place where strength was respected. Anyone who wanted to promote to his/her own status had to show his/her matching strength.

Even the Master could not violate the rule of Tianqi.

The reason why He Xiaoxiao had been able to live in the three halls for so many years was that no one deliberately mentioned this matter. Now, she had been demoted to a yellow-grade. Even He Qingfeng did not dare to take her away easily.

Unless she could prove herself with her strength and win the grading competition, or she would never be able to return to the Three Halls for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, this Young Lady didn’t seem to realize this. She even thought that He Qingfeng only punished her and came to pick her up in person.

“He Xiaoxiao, I’m the only one who can help you return to the Three Halls,” Lin Tong said.

“Tsk.” He Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Tong scornfully, her eyes full of mockery. She said, “Lin Tong, who do you think you are? And why do I need you to take me back? Father will come to pick me up.”

“He Xiaoxiao, even your father dares not to disobey the Tianqi rule. Let’s make a bet. He Qingfeng will never let you go back to the Three Halls unless you win the grading contest,” Lin Tong said.

“Bullsh*t, how could father treat me like this?” He Xiaoxiao cursed. If she really wanted to return to the Three Halls with her strength, it was something that He Xiaoxiao would never be able to do in her lifetime.

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