Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1331

The reason Samuel insisted on going to the second world was that he wanted to protect Yvonne and Han Nian better. The other reason was that he wanted to figure out what was going on in his heart. What was calling him in the second world?

“Let’s discuss this matter again. Leave this place first,” Elder Yi said to Samuel. He knew what kind of person Samuel was. Once he had made up his mind, it would be difficult for him to change his mind. Elder Yi, however, felt that it was a better choice for him to stay in the Tianqi and become the leader of the four sects.

“There’s no need. I’ve already decided,” Samuel said.

Elder Yi sighed with a bitter smile and said, “It’s a close shave here. Why do you take risks? I’m an old man who will die sooner or later. It’s more suitable for me to go there than you.”

“I will say the same sentence. I do not believe you.” Samuel faintly replied.

If someone else said these words to Elder Yi, it would be a complete joke.

But the meaning of what came out of Samuel’s mouth was completely different, because he did have such ability.

He completed the promotion of Heaven Level in such a short period of time, and even Elder Yi could not figure out where his limit was.

Elder Yi even suspected that if he gave Samuel more time, perhaps even he himself would not be a match for him.

This suspicion was Elder Yi’s one-sided opinion. In reality, even if it was the current Samuel, Elder Yi would not be a match for it. It was just that Elder Yi could not imagine such a terrifying point.

After fusing with the skull, he ate the red fruit in the devil king’s cave. He didn’t even know how terrifying the strength of the current Samuel was.

However, one thing was certain: the energy in his body had completely changed his physique.

Samuel was no longer a mortal!

After leaving the forbidden area, the three of them returned to the four doors. Samuel and Jiang Yingying returned to their rooms to rest.

Elder Yi was in a daze in the four gates. The change of the plan was too sudden. Originally, he should have gone to the Second World. But now, Samuel was fighting for it. Perhaps, this was a turning point. Perhaps, Samuel could resolve the crisis of the Second World as the savior.

But all of that was just a guess.

“Elder Yi, what’s wrong with you? It’s a good thing that Samuel came back alive. Why are you so stunned?” The assistant asked Elder Yi in confusion.

was After Samuel was mistaken for having died in the Devil King’s Cave, Elder Yi had always had this kind of dull expression on his face. But now that Samuel was back safe and sound, he should be happy.

“He is going to the second world,” said Elder Yi.

The assistant raised his eyebrows and said, ” Elder Yi, what trick did you do to make Samuel agree to go to the second world?”

“Bullsh*t tricks. Do you think I’ll set him up? This is what he put forward,” Elder Yi said.

Put forward the idea!

The assistant’s throat squirmed and he swallowed hard.

No one who had gone to the Second World had been able to come back alive. In the assistant’s opinion, it was a road to death. However, Samuel took the initiative to go to the Second World. How could it be possible? Wasn’t he afraid of death?

“Elder Yi, he doesn’t know about the stakes of the second world, does he?” The assistant asked.

“He knows everything, and I’ve made it clear to him.” Elder Yi said.

“That’s not right. Is he really not afraid of death?” The assistant was confused. From his own standpoint, he was absolutely unwilling to do this. Even if the second world really attacked the earth again in the future, even if he would die, it would be better to die on the earth. After all, there were too many terrible unknowns to face in the second world. Facing these things was not something he could do with courage.

“There are people in this world who are indifferent to fame and wealth, but there is definitely no one who is indifferent to life and death. They say that they are not afraid of death, but when death really comes, how many people are not afraid of it? It is not that he is not afraid of death, but just wants to use his own life to protect his wife and daughter.” Elder Yi sighed. On this point, he very much admired Samuel, because none of the people he knew could do this.

After hearing Elder Yi’s words, the assistant understood everything and said, “If I can become a woman in the next life, it will be great if I can meet a husband like Samuel.”

Elder Yi glanced at his assistant with disdain and said, “With your appearance, who would want you if you became a woman?”

The assistant was so speechless that he couldn’t speak. In terms of appearance, it really was a bit awkward. If he really became a woman, then he would still be a dinosaur-like woman. It was likely that not many men would be interested in her.

“Elder Yi, are you going to let him go?” The assistant asked curiously.

“It’s not that I plan to do it, it’s that I can’t stop him at all. This guy is stubborn, and I can’t change his decision. Besides, I’ve thought about it. Maybe it’s better for him to go than me. It may be a bit exaggerated that I regard him as the savior, but he has brought me too many surprises. There may be a surprise waiting for me on this matter,” Elder Yi said.

The assistant suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said to Elder Yi, “Elder Yi, Fang Zhan has returned to Cloud City. Has he told his wife and daughter about Samuel’s death?”

Elder Yi had completely forgotten about this matter. He was immersed in the joy of Samuel’s coming back from the Devil King’s Cave alive. After being reminded by his assistant, his face changed greatly.

“Quick, go inform Samuel. Tell him to hurry back to Cloud City,” Elder Yi said in horror.

Samuel rested in the room for a while, and then went to the Yellow-level Field Domain.

In Tianqi, only Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian were familiar with Samuel, who were worthy of Samuel’s trust. Once he went to the second world, the future was unpredictable, so he needed to have more protection around Yvonne and Han Nian.

These two people were Samuel’s choices.

Everywhere Samuel went, people would crazily worship him. No matter who saw him, they would greet him with respect because he had completed the miracles of the Tianqi history. His strength was worthy of admiration by everyone.

“Samuel has already become a Heaven rank expert at such a young age. In the future, he will strengthen the position of the master of the four gates. Elder Yi will definitely hand it over to Samuel. He is really accomplished at such a young age.”

“His success is impossible to replicate by anyone. Even the God’s favored son, Lin Tong, is not worth mentioning in front of him.”

“Samuel is likely to become the strongest in the Tianqi realm. It’s really enviable.”

The praises for Samuel from the major domains were endless. This was a stark contrast to how Samuel had been laughed at when he first arrived at the Tianqi Realm. This was what a true powerhouse deserved.

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