Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1333

He Xiaoxiao was so angry that her face turned livid. When she met Samuel for the first time, he was just a lowly yellow-level master. But now, he had become a Heaven-level master. With such an exaggerated status gap, he had only made a counterattack in less than a month.

It could be said that the current Samuel was already the idol of the entire Tianqi era. Compared to what happened in Lin Tong back then, Samuel had far surpassed him by more than ten streets.

She looked once more at herself, the once exalted daughter of master of Three Halls. But now, she had been exiled to a Yellow-level domain.

Although the daughter’s identity remained the same, her actual status was vastly different from Samuel’s.

Knowing that she could not defeat Samuel, He Xiaoxiao did not continue to humiliate herself. Instead, she stood in the same place and stared at Samuel with hatred and coldness.

“Samuel, don’t be too proud of yourself. One day, I’ll crush you under my feet,” He Xiaoxiao said coldly.

Samuel had an indifferent expression on his face as he said, “He Xiaoxiao, forget about your identity as the daughter of the master of the three halls, you are nothing in Tianqi. I know that you are not convinced of me, but you should know that the gap between our strength is not something that can be made up with one mouth.”

“From today onwards, I will use all my energy to train. I don’t believe that my talent can’t compare to trash like you,” He Xiaoxiao said.


Samuel smiled.

Speaking of talent in front of him, even if it was Lin Tong, it meant nothing.

What he possessed was more than just his talent. With the addition of his skull and the red fruit, Samuel had become incomparable. Even fighting with He Qingfeng and Elder Yi, Samuel had the power to fight. As for how far he could fight, Samuel himself did not know. After all, he did not know what his limits were, nor did he know how strong He Qingfeng and Elder Yi were.

“He Xiaoxiao, give up, or you’ll suffer a crushing defeat,” Samuel said, shaking his head.

At this moment, He Xiaoxiao suddenly strengthened her idea. She must use her strength to shut Samuel. She wanted to make herself stronger. Only in this way could she have a chance to trample on Samuel.

At this moment, the assistant ran all the way to Samuel’s side.

He went to Samuel’s room but failed to find the man, which made the assistant anxious. Fortunately, Samuel was a celebrity in the Tianqi now. He would know where Samuel was if he asked around.

“Samuel, why have you come to such a place?” The assistant asked Samuel.

Of course, Samuel would not tell the outsiders about his plan. Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian, the two pawns, were the guarantee that Samuel left in this world. Even if he really could not return from the second world, Yvonne and her daughter would be protected as much as possible.

“What’s the matter?” Samuel asked.

The assistant glanced at He Xiaoxiao. This woman showed that she wanted to kill Samuel in public, so she was demoted to Huang level by He Qingfeng. She deserved it.

Moreover, the assistant had always been dissatisfied with He Xiaoxiao. This woman was unruly and unreasonable. If she were not He Qingting’s daughter, she would not even have been qualified to join the Tianqi Realm.

“Come with me. Let’s talk on the way,” said the assistant.

Samuel nodded. Before he left, he glanced at He Xiaoxiao and could not help smiling.

This was not mockery, but he felt that He Xiaoxiao was very funny. Samuel felt a sense of familiarity from her. He had felt this sense of familiarity from a woman named Mi Fei’er.

She and Mi Fei’er seemed to belong to the same kind of woman, but she was even worse. It seemed that as long as a man saw her and did not have a good impression of her, it was a mistake.

“Samuel, wait for me. One day, you will kneel in front of me.” He Xiaoxiao shouted at Samuel’s back.

Hearing this, the assistant could not help laughing. With He Xiaoxiao’s strength, it was wishful thinking for her to ask Samuel to kneel down.

“This woman is very rude. She exposed her intention to kill you in front of everyone. That’s why she was demoted to a yellow-grade by He Qingfeng. I didn’t expect that even so, she still didn’t recognize her mistake,” the assistant said helplessly.

“There is a very extreme kind of person in the world. They will think that the whole earth should revolve around themselves. He Xiaoxiao is such a person,” Samuel said lightly.

“It took you less than a month to reach the Heaven-grade. She doesn’t think about whether she has the ability or not. In my opinion, no one can surpass your brilliant achievements in the future,” the assistant said with a smile.

“Did you come to me just to suck up to me?” Samuel said.

The assistant was stunned, and then he came to his senses and hurriedly said, “You should hurry back to Cloud City.”

“What’s wrong?” Samuel’s expression changed. The assistant looked anxious, as if something had happened in Cloud City.

Cloud City had Samuel’s most important concern. He would never want anything to happen to Cloud City.

However, before they left, Samuel had already made the necessary arrangements. With Manfred present in Cloud City, there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Furthermore, even if there was something Manfred couldn’t solve, wouldn’t there still be Nangong Boling?

“After the big noise in the Devil King’s Cave, we all thought you were dead, so Fang Zhan went to Cloud City to inform your family about it,” the assistant explained.

“Fu*k!” Samuel couldn’t help but curse loudly. If Yvonne knew about this, how desperate she would be!

“How long has Fang Zhan been there?” Samuel said.

“It’s been a few days. He might have arrived in Cloud City a long time ago,” said the assistant.

Samuel took a deep breath. Fang Zhan had arrived in Cloud City a long time ago. Could it be that the Hillside Villa had already set up a mourning hall?

“What about the fuck? If you don’t see the body, how can you think I’m dead?” Samuel said helplessly.

“How can the corpses of those that entered the Demon King’s cave be seen?” The assistant said.

Samuel thought of the bones all over the ground in the Devil King’s Cave. It made sense. If he died in the Devil King’s Cave, there would be no dead body left. It had become the food of those strange beasts.

“Help me tell Elder Yi that I’m leaving soon,” Samuel said.

“Don’t worry. It’s Elder Yi who told me to inform you to go back quickly,” said the assistant.

Samuel ran all the way back to his residence. Although he was very anxious to return to Cloud City, he could not leave Jiang Yingying alone in the Tianqi City. After all, He Ting was also in Cloud City. Since he wanted to go back, he naturally had to give them a chance to meet.

“Yingying, come with me to Cloud City.” Samuel pushed Jiang Yingying’s room open without hesitation.

The air froze in an instant. Jiang Yingying, who was standing in front of the bed, was about to change her clothes when Samuel broke in.

They looked into each other’s eyes, and both of them were stunned. Samuel’s eyesight even changed unconsciously!

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