Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1345

Seeing Tian Ling’er walking toward him, Tian Changsheng was quite good at assessing the situation. He quickly shouted to Samuel, “Master, I’m so old. Can you bear to see me being tortured?”

Samuel smiled faintly. This old naughty child was still the same as before. He was the head of the Heavenly Family. He did not have the dignity of an elder, nor did he have the courage of the leader of the A-list family.

“That’s right. When you see your master, how can you not call?” Samuel said with a smile.

Tian Honghui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although this kind of scene seemed like a farce, others would still think that Samuel didn’t respect people when they saw it. However, this kind of treatment was not something that an ordinary person could enjoy.

Tian Honghui once looked down on Samuel. He didn’t even think that Samuel would have much of a development in Cloud City. But now, even he was glad that he had such a relationship with Samuel.

The relationship between master and disciple, as well as brother and sister, was the only way to ensure the status of the Heavenly family in Cloud City.

“Master, I heard that you went far away this time. Why did you come back so soon?” Tian Changsheng asked Samuel. He only knew that Samuel had left Cloud City. People like Tian Changsheng did not know that Samuel had gone to Tianqi City, let alone what kind of place it was.

“We haven’t seen each other for a while. Your brain is getting duller and duller. What else can I come back for besides Yvonne?” Samuel said.

Tian Changsheng nodded repeatedly and asked, “How’s your wife doing?”

Speaking of Yvonne’s situation, Samuel’s expression became a little serious, because he was not sure what Yvonne would become.

Originally, he should have stayed with Yvonne, but he was afraid that he would be too worried and affect the development of the situation, so he left the Hillside Villa.

“I believe she will get better,” Samuel said.

Seeing the change in Samuel’s expression, Tian Ling’er also said, “Grandpa, your question is really nonsense. Of course, my sister will get better.”

Tian Changsheng knew that he had made a mistake, so he changed the topic and asked, “Will you still leave after coming back this time?”

“Yes.” Samuel said without thinking, “When Yvonne gets better, I will leave immediately.”

The Second World had become a big problem for Samuel. If this problem could not be solved as soon as possible, Yvonne and Han Nian would not be safe. So he hoped to go to the Second World more than anyone else. Even if the Second World gave people a feeling of being in hell, Samuel was not afraid at all.

When faced with something that he could not choose, it was the best choice to face it calmly. This was because hesitation could not change the outcome.

“I don’t know if I should say it or not,” said Tian Changsheng.

“Go ahead. Don’t put on an act,” Samuel said.

“I always feel that you…” Tian Changsheng’s expression slowly became serious and he continued to say, “You have a great responsibility. For you, this matter may even affect the safety of Yvonne and Nian’er.”

Samuel’s eyes narrowed. This old fox was indeed smart. He did not know that there was a Tianqi and there was no basis for him to figure out this idea, but he could guess this. This was definitely not something that an ordinary person could do.

Samuel was very curious. How did he guess that?

“What about your foundation?” Samuel asked curiously.

Tian Changsheng smiled faintly and said, “Nian’er is still young. The speed of growth every day is the time when she needs her father to accompany her. And you’d rather give up this companionship. Isn’t it serious enough?”

Samuel had a lot of feelings. Tian Changsheng knew very well that he had married into the Sue family for three years, he had endured humiliation and been scolded for what he had done. Why did he do that? Wasn’t it for Yvonne?

This kind of relationship was beyond the scope of what the Tian Changsheng could understand. After all, he was the Young Master of the Hannigan family in Swallow City. With this kind of identity, why did he need to be humiliated by the Sue family?

But now, Samuel’s identity was exposed and he was the most powerful person in Cloud City. Logically speaking, he should be with Yvonne and Han Nian at this time, but he still chose to leave. If it weren’t for the safety of Yvonne and Han Nian, Tian Changsheng couldn’t think of any reason.

“You old fox, you are really powerful.” Samuel sighed. These clues were not any clues at all, but Tian Changsheng could still figure out these things. He was not simple at all.

Tian Changsheng shook his head and said, “It’s not that I’m powerful, but that I know how much you value Yvonne and Han Nian. Maybe you don’t even realize it yourself. In other people’s eyes, there are only two people in your world. There’s no other possibility for you to leave during this period of time except for concerning them.”

“Really?” Samuel touched his nose. He didn’t notice it himself. He didn’t expect that Tian Changsheng could see through it so thoroughly.

In fact, not only the Tian Changsheng, but people like Manfred also had the same idea. In the game, Samuel might not be able to clearly perceive how much importance he attached to Yvonne and Han Nian, but others could see it clearly.

In his world, there were only two people. This sentence might be exaggerated, but it was absolutely reasonable.

“Do you believe me if I say I want to save the world?” Samuel said with a smile.

Tian Changsheng frowned. The words “save the world” were too heavy, but it didn’t sound like a joke when it came out of Samuel’s mouth.

“I believe you,” Tian Ling’er answered without even thinking about it. To her, the person in this world who was trustworthy and did not need the least bit of doubt was Samuel. Therefore, no matter what Samuel said, she would believe him without any doubt.

“So it should be very dangerous for you?” Tian Changsheng asked.

“It’s a close shave,” Samuel said faintly.

Tian Ling’er suddenly became nervous. She walked to Samuel, grabbed his arm and asked, “Brother, what are you going to do? Why are you in such danger? Can you not go?”

Samuel patted Tian Ling’er’s shoulder and said, “I’m just kidding. You’re too serious. With my current status, is there anyone who can threaten me?”

Tian Ling’er was simple-minded, and on account of her trust in Samuel, she soon felt relieved. She directly gave Samuel a punch and said, “Brother, don’t scare me anymore. I’m timid. If I have a heart attack, you won’t have such a good sister as me.”

Tian Ling’er treated Samuel’s words as a joke. However, the sudden change in Samuel ‘s attitude caused Tian Changsheng’s heart to become anxious. This was because in his opinion, Samuel’s words were very clear. It was definitely not a joke.

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