Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1346

Samuel and Tian Changsheng played a game of chess, which ended with the defeat of the Tian Changsheng.

After Samuel left the Heavenly family villa, Tian Changsheng called Tian Honghui to his study.

“Dad, is there anything you need me to tell you?” Tian Honghui asked.

Tian Changsheng shook his head and said, “What do you think of what Samuel said before?”

“Didn’t he say that it was just a joke? Saving the world is something only the super heroes in movies can do. This is real life, not a movie,” Tian Honghui said with a smile. Looking at his attitude, it was obvious that he did not take it seriously.

However, for ordinary people, they really could not believe Samuel’s words. The word “save the world” was so important. Who could do such a thing? Besides, it was not a world war. Why did the world need to be saved?

“You think he’s joking, but I feel that he’s just joking to hide the truth.” Tian Changsheng said in a low voice.

Tian Honghui couldn’t help but smile. Samuel’s words were so casual. It was a bit too exaggerated that Tian Changsheng was actually on the line.

Although Tian Honghui knew how much Tian Changsheng valued Samuel, and he also admitted that Samuel was indeed very powerful, was there really a need to go all the way up to this point?

“Dad, don’t think too much. Don’t hurt yourself because of his joke,” Tian Honghui said, trying to persuade him.

Tian Changsheng glanced at the Tian Honghui and could not help but roll his eyes. He said, “I know that you are forced to acknowledge Samuel’s excellence. You have no choice but to believe in reality. However, there is still a barrier between you and him in your heart. What do you think can make Samuel leave Cloud City at this time?”

Tian Honghui did not retort. In his heart, he was indeed somewhat dissatisfied with Samuel. This kind of dissatisfaction came from jealousy. It came from the last struggle deep in his heart. After all, he did not think highly of Samuel in the past, which showed that there was a big problem with his vision.

“Dad, don’t let your imagination run wild. If something really happens, it’ll be found out sooner or later. There’s no use guessing now,” Tian Honghui said.

Tian Changsheng sighed. People’s curiosity was very strong, and he even wanted to investigate this matter. Unfortunately, the power of the Heavenly family was only in Cloud City. It was very difficult for the Heavenly family to investigate what was outside Cloud City.

“If the world is different, I hope I can experience it before I die,” said Tian Changsheng.

After Samuel left the Heavenly family, he was not in a hurry to return to the Hillside Villa. Instead, he wandered around the streets of Cloud City. He did not have any special purpose. He just wanted to see this familiar city.

Elder Yi had already told him about the danger of the second world, and Samuel also knew that this was a dangerous trip. The reason why he insisted on going was that he was carrying the safety of Yvonne and Han Nian, so he had to go.

Samuel felt like he was saying goodbye to Cloud City, a familiar city. If he didn’t have a chance to come back, he could think about it before he died.

Arriving at Manfred’s former store, Samuel unconsciously lit up a cigarette.

Thinking back to the time when he first arrived Sue family, Samuel watched Yvonne’s back every day. During this period of time in Cloud City, he had been scolded by many people. However, Samuel felt that he had lived a very plain and happy life. The view of the outside world on him would not affect his mood of picking up and sending Yvonne off from work.

After the cigarette was finished, Samuel threw away the cigarette butt. Then a familiar voice came from the side, “If you throw a cigarette butt at any time, you will be fined. Everyone will be responsible for taking care of the city’s health.”

Samuel looked at the woman in shock as she approached him. Then, he picked up the cigarette and threw it into the trash can nearby.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t expect me to come back?” Qi Yiyun walked to Samuel again and looked straight into his eyes.

“I really didn’t expect you to come back.” Samuel asked doubtfully. It was something beyond Samuel’s expectation that he could see Qi Yiyun in Cloud City. Moreover, she might have been following him for a long time, but Samuel did not notice this. It seemed that he was too absorbed in the past. If anyone wanted to kill him at this time, Samuel would have no chance to resist at all.

Qi Yiyun did not speak. Instead, she threw herself straight into Samuel’s arms.

“Don’t move. Let me lean on you,” said Qi Yiyun.

Samuel stood there like a wooden stake. The two could almost feel each other’s heartbeat.

Just like that, it took five minutes for Qi Yiyun to let Samuel.

Qi Yiyun, whose eyes were obviously moist, said to Samuel, “In fact, I have already returned to Cloud City. I wanted to see her, but I didn’t know how to face her.”

The “her” Qi Yiyun mentioned was, of course, Yvonne.

She returned to Cloud City probably because Yvonne was ill. After all, Nangong Boling had mobilized all the famous doctors in the world. Qi Yiyun wouldn’t need to investigate to know about such a big scene.

“Why?” Samuel asked, even though he knew the answer.

“I betrayed my best friend and fell in love with her husband. Do you think I can still face her calmly?” Qi Yiyun bit her lip and said.

Samuel had experienced Qi Yiyun’s straightforwardness countless times. Qi Yiyun would never hide her feelings in front of him.

However, Samuel’s rejection was also very straightforward. It was no exception this time around.

“Now that you know you’re in the wrong, you still have a chance to go back,” Samuel said.

Qi Yiyun burst into tears in an instant. She shook her head like a rattle-drum and said, “I don’t want to look back. Why should I look back? I like you. I just can’t control that I like you. How can I look back?”

Samuel took a deep breath and then exhaled heavily. He said, “Don’t you think that your best friend’s feelings are not important?”

“It’s important.” Qi Yiyun said without hesitation. In her heart, love between Samuel and Yvonne was equally important. However, these two feelings could not coexist, which was the most painful thing for her.

This time, when she returned to Cloud City, Qi Yiyun had been entangled for a long time. Originally, she had planned to give up and was going back to the U.S., but at this time, she heard Samuel had returned to Cloud City, so she did not leave directly.

For Qi Yiyun, which kind of feeling was more important? She had already made up her mind. It was a pity that she had made the choice, but she could not get any feedback from Samuel.

“I’ve told you countless times that it’s impossible between you and me.” Samuel could not remember how many times he had said that.

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