Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1348

When they returned to the villa, everyone was there, and their faces were extremely nervous.

Before Samuel left, he had ordered that no one was allowed to disturb Yvonne, which made them feel extremely nervous. Moreover, there had been no movement in the room, so they were more worried.

Godfrey was the first to stand up. He walked up to Samuel and asked, “Samuel, how’s the situation in Yvonne? Can you go in and take a look?”

“Dad, don’t worry. I can assure you that nothing will happen,” Samuel said.

Even though Samuel said so, Godfrey was still worried, because Yvonne was his only daughter and the biggest concern of his life. He didn’t want any accident to happen to Yvonne.

Of course, Godfrey also understood how Samuel valued Yvonne, so since he had said so, he could only wait quietly and didn’t ask any more questions.

“Why don’t you go in and take a look?” Gina asked Samuel tentatively. Although she was Samuel’s mother, she did not dare to order him to do anything because she knew very well that she did not have the qualifications to do so.

“Let’s wait a little longer.” Samuel said. As for what he was waiting for, he himself did not know. Perhaps it was because of fear in his heart that Samuel did not dare to easily face Yvonne’s situation.

When night fell and the sky was filled with stars, He Ting had already cooked a table full of dishes. But when everyone gathered at the table, no one had the appetite to raise their bowls or chopsticks.

He Ting really wanted to persuade them to eat, but even she herself had no appetite. Although she and Yvonne were not related by blood, in He Ting’s heart, Yvonne’s status was no different from her own daughter’s.

He Ting had already regarded the Hillside Villa as her own home. Everyone in the Hillside Villa was her closest person. Anyone who had an accident would suffer in her heart.

“Brother Samuel, let’s eat first,” Jiang Yingying said to Samuel.

“You guys hurry up and eat. I’m not hungry yet,” Samuel said.

No one picked up the bowl and chopsticks. Everyone’s mind was still entangled in Yvonne’s room.

Another period of silence passed, and before they knew it was ten o’clock in the evening.

He Ting coaxed Han Nian to sleep. The little girl was quiet and obedient, as if she had felt the atmosphere at home.

Samuel suddenly stood up at 11 p.m. and walked toward his room.

He was afraid to face it, but he knew that there was no other choice but to face it. There was no point in wasting time like this.

He gently pushed open the door. He turned off the light in the room, but there was a soft white glow that made Samuel’s heart tremble.

This type of white radiance was emitted from Yvonne’s body. When Samuel walked over to the side of the bed, he discovered that the sleeping Yvonne was already no longer white hair. In addition, her aged face had also returned to her original state. This made Samuel both happy and worried.

He was happy that Yvonne had finally returned to normal, but he was worried about the condensed pearl Fu Yao had left behind. Would it have other side effects on Yvonne?

Squatting on the edge of the bed, Samuel did not dare to disturb Yvonne, so he just looked at her quietly.

Yvonne was not the prettiest. Compared to Qi Yiyun, who was a peerless beauty, she was inferior. However, in Samuel’s heart, her position could not be replaced.

At this time, Yvonne suddenly opened her eyes. The white light in her eyes flashed away, and then the white light in her body quickly faded away.

“What’s wrong?” Yvonne didn’t understand what had happened. Shee looked at Samuel in confusion and asked.

“With such a beautiful wife, I must have done a lot of good things in my last life,” Samuel said with a smile.

Yvonne was delighted for a moment, and then her face darkened. In the past, she might have received such an evaluation, but now, she was no longer qualified.

“I’m old enough. I can’t get close to the word ‘beautiful’,” Yvonne said.

Samuel reached out his hand and touched Yvonne’s face. He said with a smile, “Your skin is almost as tender as Nian’er’s. It’s so tender.”

Yvonne was stunned for a moment and then touched her face, her eyes filled with horror.

“I, I’m fine now?” Yvonne asked in disbelief.

“Look at your hair,” Samuel said.

Yvonne sat up and lifted her hair in front of her, only to find that her white hair had returned to its original bright black color.

Samuel breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know if the condensed bead would bring side effects on Yvonne, but at least for the moment, the effect was very good. Yvonne’s aging had at least returned to normal.

“Mirror, where is the mirror?” Yvonne asked excitedly.

“It has already been smashed by you.” Samuel helplessly said.

Yvonne ran out of the room in a hurry. Regardless of the incredulous eyes of others, he ran straight to the bathroom in the living room.

When she saw her own reflection in the mirror, Yvonne reached out her hand in disbelief and caressed her own face.

All right!

It was really cured.

It stumped the aging disease of famous doctors all over the world, but it actually recovered in one day.

This was something Yvonne did not dare to imagine.

When Samuel fed the condensed bead, Yvonne just wanted to give it a try. She had never expected it to be effective.

But now, reality told her that everything was trustworthy. Samuel had never let her down.

After the shock, everyone in the living room became excited.

“Alright,Yvonne gets better.”

“I didn’t expect her to get better in just one day.”

“Those quacks bragged about themselves as well as the world’s famous doctors. They’re not as good as Samuel.”

Not long after, Yvonne, who had accepted the reality, came out of the bathroom. Her cheeks were red, and it was obvious that she had pinched herself, trying to see if she was dreaming.

When Yvonne saw Samuel, she threw herself into his arms.

“Honey, I’m fine. Thank you,” Yvonne said excitedly.

Samuel smiled at Manfred and said, “Please help me book the best hotel. We won’t be staying at home tonight so as to not cause too much of a ruckus.”

Everyone was stunned by Samuel’s words. No one had expected Samuel to express his intentions so openly.

Manfred smiled sheepishly and said, “Okay, I’ll go prepare right away.”

When Yvonne understood what Samuel meant, she was so ashamed that her face turned red. She pinched Samuel’s waist hard.

Although Samuel was in great pain, the smile on his face did not fade. He whispered in Yvonne’s ear, “Honey, this is a good opportunity for us to be gentle. Are you going to refuse me?”

Yvonne lowered her head. It was normal for them to be husband and wife. How could she refuse Samuel? But she still couldn’t accept it when being mentioned in front of so many people.

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