Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1349

The others all smiled and looked at Samuel silently. Now that Yvonne was all right, their dangling hearts were finally at ease. As for what the couple was going to do next, it was none of their business.

“I have to go to sleep. I’m getting old. I can’t stay up late.” Han Tianyang was the first to return to his room.

Yan Jun also said, “Rest early, I’m going to sleep too.”

Following that, Gina, Godfrey, He Ting, Jiang Yingying, and her daughter also went back to their respective rooms.

Only Yvonne and Samuel were left in the living room.

Without the presence of outsiders, Yvonne’s shyness was gradually suppressed.

“Are we really going to the hotel?” Yvonne lowered her head and asked Samuel.

“Of course, it is not very convenient to have so many people in the clan.” Samuel smiled as he replied.

Yvonne didn’t agree, but he didn’t refuse either. Obviously, he was going to follow Samuel’s arrangement.

The two of them left the villa district of Cloudridge that very night. Manfred’s efficiency in handling matters was also very high. In less than half an hour, he cleared out the best hotel in Cloud City.

After hearing the news, Nangong Boling couldn’t calm down for a long time. He had contacted those famous doctors in private, and they couldn’t do anything about Yvonne’s condition. After Samuel had come back, Yvonne had recovered, which meant that it was very likely that Samuel had brought some magic medicine back from Tianqi.

Nangong Boling had always wanted to go to Tianqi, but the reason why he wanted to go he never told Samuel was that he was not sure whether what he thought was true or not.

Nangong Boling had great power and the heart of Emperor Qin Shihuang. The reason why he had been so eager to go to Tianqi for so many years was that he knew some secrets of it. He even thought that there might be some secret prescriptions of immortality in this mysterious place. He was afraid of death, so he was willing to do everything to find this possibility.

Yvonne’s condition had taken a turn for the better, giving Nangong Boling a glimpse of hope.

Nangong Boling, who had not fallen asleep for a long time, began to plot his own way to Tianqi era. Of course, he knew very well that Samuel could not be threatened by anyone. He could not use the power of the secular world to threaten him. Otherwise, it would cause unexpected serious consequences.

Moreover, Samuel had promised him that as long as he was qualified, he would take him to the Tianqi Realm. Now, what Nangong Boling needed to do was to find a way to talk about this topic.

The next day, Yvonne’s good news spread all over Cloud City. After all, she had already shown up outside the villa area of Cloudridge. All kinds of rumors naturally had been broken out.

When the doctors heard the news, they gathered at the gate of the villa area on Cloudridge as soon as possible. Not only did they want to get a certificate, but they also wanted to know how Yvonne got better.

For a time, the eyes of all the famous doctors were focused on Samuel. They even regarded him as a miracle-working doctor.

Early in the morning, Manfred had already called Samuel.

Samuel and his wife hugged each other and enjoyed their peaceful time. However, they were interrupted by the phone. It could be imagined how bad Samuel’s mood was.

“Manfred, are you being so unappreciative right now? Are you calling me now?” Samuel said coldly.

Manfred naturally knew that it was not the right time. However, he had to inform Samuel to prevent him from going back to the Hillside Villa without any preparation.

“Samuel. Those famous doctors are all stuck at the entrance to the villa area. Be careful when you go back; don’t be discovered by these people.” Manfred said.

Samuel frowned and asked in confusion, “What are they doing?”

“The good news of Yvonne has spread throughout Cloud City. Those guys are now treating you as a godly doctor. They probably want to know how you managed to cure Yvonne,” Manfred explained.

Samuel could not help but laugh.

“A miracle-working doctor?”

He was nothing. If Fu Yao had not given him the Pearl to cure Yvonne, he would not have been able to do anything about it.

“Get Nangong Boling to come out and chase these guys away. I don’t want to deal with them,” Samuel said.

“Okay, I’ll inform Nangong Boling right now.”

After hanging up the phone, Yvonne rested her head on Samuel’s arm and said, “Now you are a miracle doctor. You are getting more and more powerful.”

“Honey, it’s not good for you to tease me. I’m energetic now, and I’m not easy to deal with,” Samuel said with a threatening face.

Yvonne’s face changed, and she quickly said, “I was wrong. Could you please let me go?”

“By the way, do you feel uncomfortable or strange?” Samuel knew that Yvonne had been tortured for a long time, so he naturally wouldn’t push it. What he was more concerned about now was whether Yvonne would have side effects because of the condensed bead.

“No, what’s wrong? Does the magic medicine have any side effects?” Yvonne asked.

“I’m just asking. Since it’s a magic medicine, how could it have side effects?” Samuel pretended to be indifferent. Although there was no special situation for the time being, he believed that in the future, Yvonne would definitely have some changes because of the condensed pearls. After all, the condensed pearls were left by Fu Yao.

His skull was also jelly-like to Jiang Yingying. How could condensing pearls only cure Yvonne?

“When are you leaving?” Yvonne suddenly asked. Although she didn’t want to face this matter, she knew very well that Samuel came back this time because she was ill, and he wouldn’t stay forever.

“Just two days. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon after I’m done with my work,” Samuel said.

Departure was a common thing for Yvonne. Since Samuel’s identity was exposed, he could not stay in Cloud City for a long time. Yvonne also understood what Samuel had to do. After all, in the complicated human world, things could not be done as he wished.

“Nian’er and I will wait for you. You must take care of yourself,” Yvonne said.

At the gate of the villa area on Cloudridge.

When Nangong Boling appeared, he made those doctors leave without hesitation.

However, none of these world-famous doctors intended to leave. For them, it was a miracle that Yvonne’s condition could be relieved. They all wanted to know how Samuel had done it.

“Master Nangong, please let us see the miracle-working doctor. We promise that after meeting him, we will leave Cloud City as soon as possible.”

“This is a medical miracle. If he is willing to share his treatment plan with others, it will benefit many people.”

“This will be the biggest breakthrough in medical history. Let’s wait a little longer.”

Nangong Boling looked disdainfully at the group of people in front of him. The treatment plan they wanted was just for their own interests. It was bullshit to benefit many people.

“I’ll give you ten minutes. If anyone stays here, his family will die,” Nangong Boling said with a tough attitude.

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