Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1352

It was close to nine o’clock when Samuel and Yvonne returned to the Hillside Villa.. Han Nian was still in the state of eating and sleeping. Most of the time of the day was in the sleep phase.

Samuel and his wife took Han Nian back t o their room. When they saw the little girl fall asleep, a smile appeared on their faces.

It seemed to be the happiest thing in the world for the family of three to stay together in silence.

Samuel held Han Nian for the whole night and was reluctant to let her go. However, h e was awake all night. The next day, he was still in high spirits.

Early in the morning, Samuel was called t o the backyard by Han Tianyang. Yvonne’s condition had been restored, and the matter in Cloud City had come to a n end, so Han Tianyang wanted to ask when Samuel would leave.

“Today.” Faced with Han Tianyang’s question, Samuel quickly gave an answer. I n actual fact, he did not wish to leave so quickly. However, Elder Yi had said that

the fluctuations in the second world were becoming more and more intense. Time did not wait. Samuel did not dare to delay any longer.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Han Tianyang frowned and asked.

“There is still something else I need to deal with. There is no time to waste.” Samuel said..

“Dangerous?” Han Tianyang asked.


“May lose your life?”


Han Tianyang sighed. He did not try to persuade Samuel. He understood Samuel’s character. If he had made up his mind a long time ago, Samuel would not have changed his mind.

“Be careful . No matter what danger you encounter, you must remember that Yvonne and Han Nian are waiting for you i n Cloud City,” Han Tianyang said.

“Grandpa, I will come back alive,” Samuel said firmly

Han Tianying patted Samuel on the shoulder and said, “Grandpa believes in you. We’ll all wait for you in Cloud City.”

After Samuel and Yvonne said goodbye, they did not stay too long. Originally, he planned to let Jiang Yingying stay, but Jiang Yingying insisted on staying with him. There was no room for discussion.. Samuel had no choice but to take Jiang Yingying with him again.


Four gates.

During this period of time, Elder Yi had been ill at ease. His plan had been disrupted by Samuel. Moreover, he had to go to the second world, which made it even more difficult for him to feel at ease. Although he knew that it was a better choice for Samuel to go there, in Elder Yi’s opinion, Samuel had shown such a powerful strength at such a young age. His upper limit was not limited to this. If h e had a few more years, he would definitely become stronger. In the future, he would probably become the pillar of the entire Tianqi era.

Once Samuel went to the Second World, it was very likely that Tianqi would lose this talent. This was something that Elder Yi did not want to see.

“Elder Yi, in my opinion, according to Samuel’s character, you can’t change his decision anyway. Why are you so worried? “The assistant said to Elder Yi. Although h e had not been in contact with Samuel for a long time, Samuel’s strength in some aspects was unquestionable. Since Samuel was determined to go to the second world, it was useless for Elder Yi to be entangled with this matter.

“Yes, but how can I not worry?” Elder Yi sighed. He knew what the assistant said, but it didn’t mean that he could accept it.

“Actually, I really admire Samuel. Any descendant of the Tianqi era doesn’t even dare to go to the Devil King’s Cave, but Samuel dared to go to the Second World. Even I don’t have the courage to do so,” the assistant said with a sigh.

“Courage is not invincible. It’s useless to just be brave,” Elder Yi said.

The assistant smiled faintly and said,

Elder Yi, what you said is wrong, Samuel does not only have courage. Who else would dare to question his strength ? In less than a month, he has completed the promotion and become a Heaven – realm expert. This is unprecedented. Can you guarantee that there will be a second person who can achieve this?”

These words left Elder Yi speechless. The miracle created by Samuel was indeed something that no one could compare with. It was likely that no one could replicate the glory of Samuel.

But it was because of his excellence that Elder Yi did not want him to die in the second world.

“Tell me, how do you think he dodged the attack of the Devil King’s Cave’s monster? Is it really as simple as he said?” Elder Yi asked. He had thought deeply about this matter many times. After all, Samuel’s words were too perfunctory and full of loopholes. People had to suspect what had happened in the Devil King’s Cave.

“If he doesn’t want to say it, let him do it. There’s no need to go too far,” the assistant said. Samuel hiding something was inevitable, but since he wanted to hide it, there was no need for the assistant to get to the bottom of it.

“When did you become his man? Why are you speaking up for him all the time?” Elder Yi said while staring at his assistant.

The assistant smiled awkwardly and said, “Elder Yi, he is so powerful. Of course, I have to speak for him. Shouldn’t an excellent young man like him be treated i na special way? Look at He Qingfeng. This old man used to compete with the four gates. Now he doesn’t dare to say anything of Samuel, doesn’t he?”

Elder Yi laughed. Since Samuel came out o f the Devil King’s Cave, all the people in the three palaces had become much better -behaved. They dared not to make trouble with the four sects for no reason. As the master of the three palaces, He Qingfeng had praised Samuel several times, which was impossible in the past.

“That’s true. Samuel has made the entire Tianqi Realm much more harmonious,” Elder Yi said.

“Lin Tong is now suffering a setback. I don’t know when he will be able to cheer u p,” the assistant sighed. In the past, Lin Tong was known as God’s favored son. But now, everyone talked about Samuel, and almost forgot Lin Tong. This was a very serious blow for Lin Tong, and it was very likely that he would be depressed because of it.

“He has been tortured by the name God’s favored son for many years. It’s time for him to recognize reality. For him, it’s not a bad thing. Only if he understands reality, can he make a breakthrough. Besides, we don’t need to care about him now. In my opinion, he will soon become

He Qingfeng’s disciple,” said Elder Yi.

The assistant smiled. In the past, he was very angry with Lin Tong’s behavior.

After all, Lin Tong’s growth was closely related to the four sects. His betrayal was a disgrace to the four sects. But now, the assistant would not think so. He even had no waves in his heart. Because Samuel

had completely replaced Lin Tong. It was not important for Lin Tong to stay in the four sects or join the three halls.

“That’s right. It doesn’t matter where he i s. The focus of the entire Tianqi era is Samuel. Who would care where he goes?”

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