Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1354

Samuel and Jiang Yingying came to the entrance of the Devil King’s Cave. The others did not understand why Samuel would return to the Devil King’s Cave, but Jiang Yingying knew very well in her heart.

When they were in Devil King’s Cave, the little white snake insisted on leaving with Samuel. But Samuel was afraid that it would bring danger to Tianqi after leaving Devil King’s Cave, so he delayed the little white snake.

Now, Samuel was going to the second world. Obviously, he planned to take the little white snake with him.

“Brother Samuel, are you really going to bring it with you? After all, it’s a cold blooded creature. What if it regains its freedom and turns against you?” Jiang Yingying asked Samuel.

This was not something that Samuel had never thought of. However, he had a feeling that the little white snake would not harm him. Moreover, even if the little white snake betrayed him, it would only b

a threat to the second world

“There are too many dangers to be faced i n the Second World,” Samuel said. “If it’s willing to help me, it might be able to reduce the danger we face in the Second World. It’s worth a try.”

Although Jiang Yingying was worried, she would never interfere or stop Samuel’s decision, because she had 100% trust in Samuel.

Without much hesitation, the two of them walked straight into the entrance of the Devil King’s Cave.

Not long after Samuel and Jiang Yingying went in, Lin Tong stood in their position just now, and the expression on his face was very ferocious.

As the former God’s favored son, Lin

Tong looked down on the entire Tianqi young generation. However, ever since Samuel’s arrival, his name had never been mentioned again. Everyone had only remembered Samuel’s name and forgotten him, the former God’s favored son.

Although Lin Tong was unwilling to accept this, he could only swallow his anger. After all, Samuel’s achievements were not what he could achieve. Countless geniuses died in the Devil King’s Cave. Although Lin Tong wanted to prove himself, he was afraid of becoming a ghost of the Devil King’s Cave. This fear of death made him have no courage to face the challenge of the Devil King’s Cave.

“Lin Tong, you are God’s favored one. You are really crushed by him. He has entered the Devil King’s Cave for the second time, but you can only look at him at the door. He Xiaoxiao’s voice came from behind. 11

Lin Tong turned his head with a cold face and said, “He Xiaoxiao, if I remember correctly, you have been demoted to the yellow-grade. You are not qualified to come here.”

After all, He Xiaoxiao was He Qingfeng’s daughter. On the surface, she was indeed not qualified to come to the Devil King’s Cave, but since she insisted on coming, who was willing to stop her? If he offended He Qingfeng accidentally, he would be sad in Tianqi era in the future.

The reason why He Xiaoxiao came here was to see if Samuel really wanted to go to the Devil King’s Cave.

She had thought Samuel was just trying to make a name for himself in this way. It might even be a plot by the four sects in order to improve the influence of the four sects in the Tianqi era. She had not expected that she was really watching Samuel enter the Devil King’s Cave again.

“Lin Tong, I don’t have the right, and you don’t have the courage. We belong to the same kind, why do you have to show off in front of me? If you really have the ability, you can compete with Samuel,” He Xiaoxiao said disdainfully.

“He Xiaoxiao, I didn’t expect that you would change your attitude toward Samuel. When can you change your attitude toward the person you hate, Miss He?” Lin Tong sneered.

“Bullshit.” He Xiaoxiao snorted and said, “I haven’t changed my mind about him. H e is still a good-for-nothing in my eyes.”

Lin Tong laughed to the sky.


What a good-for-nothing!

Within a month, he had advanced from the Yellow Level to the Heaven Level. Now, he entered the scary Devil King’s Cave for the second time. It was ridiculous that He Xiaoxiao still regarded Samuel as a piece of trash.

“He Xiaoxiao, you call him trash again and again. Have you ever thought about yourself?” Lin Tong said.

He Xiaoxiao’s face was livid, and then she said to Lin Tong sarcastically, “I didn’t expect that you would still speak for him after the limelight was stolen. It seems that you, the God’s favored one, have been suppressed by him to the point of losing your temper.”

“Your strength is inferior to others, so you should recognize reality.” Lin Tong was not convinced, but the strength shown by Samuel was irrefutable to him. H. e knew very well that flattery was just the work of incompetent people. If he wanted t o get back the title of God’s favored son, h e must prove himself with strength.

Unfortunately, this was not what he could do now.

He Xiaoxiao was slightly surprised. She had never thought that Lin Tong would say something like that. She had planned t o team up with Lin Tong to find a way to deal with Samuel, but now it seemed that Lin Tong would not do that.

“Are you sure you’re willing to accept this?” He Xiaoxiao asked probingly.

“He Xiaoxiao, I advise you to be honest. In the face of absolute power, conspiracies and tricks are useless. Your thoughts are useless to Samuel. Unless you can surpass him in strength, now not only Elder Yi value him, but also your father,” Lin Tong said.

He Xiaoxiao took a deep breath. There had always been discord between the four sects and three halls, but now even He Qingfeng valued Samuel!

“Lin Tong, I won’t give up like a good-for -nothing like you. Sooner or later, I’ll find a way to kill Samuel,” He Xiaoxiao said, gnashing her teeth.

Lin Tong smiled indifferently. Hearing this sentence now really made him feel ridiculous from the bottom of his heart.

Kill Samuel.


Did he have to rely on He Xiaoxiao’s skills that were not even Yellow-level?

It was ridiculous.

“I’m going back to do closed-door training. Good luck.” After saying this, Lin Tong turned around and left.

He Xiaoxiao clenched her fists and looked ferocious. If it weren’t for Samuel, she wouldn’t have been demoted to the Yellow Level. She wouldn’t have been insulted if i thadn’t been for Samuel.

For the princess of the three halls, the more excellent Samuel was, the angrier she would be. But no matter how excellent Samuel was, she would always think that she had a chance to kill him.

After all, she was the daughter of the three hall chiefs. Her status was definitely not something Samuel could compare


“Samuel, my men are almost in Cloud City. If you want them to live, you have to kneel down in front of me and beg for forgiveness.”

In the Devil King’s Cave.

Samuel and Jiang Yingying were no longer nervous and afraid this time. After all, with the accompany of the little white snake, other strange beasts did not even have the courage to show up.

However, the way Samuel looked at the little white snake was very strange. According to Fang Zhan, the red-eyed jade python was the most terrifying beast i n the Devil King’s Cave. But Samuel couldn’t tell what was so special about it when he looked at it. It couldn’t be regarded as a full meal even if he scraped its skin. How could it be called python? Was the information of Tianqi wrong?

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