Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1357

After listening to Samuel’s words, lang
Yingying’s eyes flashed with cold light
For her, anyone who wanted to hurt

Yvonne and Han Nian was an enemy
Since He Xiaoxiao might do this, it was
best to kill her in her opinion.

“Brother Samuel, why didn’t you just kill
her?” Jiang Yingying said coldly.

Samuel smiled helplessly. That was He
Xiaoxiao, the daughter of the Master of
the Three Halls. How could he kill her so

If things were that easy to handle, Samuel
would not ask Zhuang Tang and Gong
Tian to go to Cloud City.

Although He Qingfeng had demoted He
Xiaoxiao to a yellow level now, it did not
mean that He Qingfeng did not value He
Xiaoxiao. The reason why he did this was t
o show it to others. After all, He
Xiaoxiao’s words in the Devil King’s Cave

had already aroused public anger. Even if h

e was willing to cover it up, he had to

think about the impact of the situation.

“If it weren’t for my influence, He
Qingfeng wouldn’t have demoted He
Xiaoxiao to a yellow level. After all, she is
He Qingfeng’s daughter and the person
that He Qingfeng values the most. How
can I kill her so easily?” Samuel said.

“But I don’t feel at ease leaving her alive,”

Jiang Yingying said.

Samuel was also worried because he could
tell that He Xiaoxiao was a very vengeful
and vicious woman. However, Samuel had
no other choice. He could not ignore He
Qingfeng. If he really killed He Xiaoxiao,
the interior of the Tianqi Realm would fall
apart. No matter who it was, it would not b
e a good ending.

“Don’t worry. Other than Zhuang Tang
and Gong Tian, there’s still Fang Zhan..
There shouldn’t be any other problems,”
Samuel said.

Jiang Yingying was still worried. After all,
they were leaving. This was not a journey
from one city to another. If something
bad happened, they could go back. This
was going to the second world. If
something really happened here, they

wouldn’t even have a chance to know.

“Brother Samuel, I’ll warn her.” After that, Jiang Yingying was ready to go to He Xiaoxiao.

Samuel grabbed Jiang Yingying’s shoulder and said, “If you go to find her, you will only make her angrier. You don’t have to d o this.”

Jiang Yingying’s face was full of entanglement. She knew that there was a hidden danger, but she could not solve it. She could not rest assured.

“Go back and have a rest. It’s time to set off tomorrow,” Samuel continued.

“Okay.” Jiang Yingying nodded helplessly.

Samuel was afraid that Jiang Yingying would just say yes on the surface. She would also secretly go to find He Xiaoxiao behind his back. He reminded her, “Don’t go to her secretly, or her hatred will be stronger. Maybe she won’t go to Cloud City, and she will make trouble for Yvonne and Han Nian because of your actions.”

“I see. Brother Samuel, I won’t go,” Jiang Yingying said.

The two of them went back to their respective rooms to rest. Samuel’s heart was as heavy as water. After all, he had to face an unknown world tomorrow. It was impossible for him not to worry. But no matter what, he had to make this trip.

“What kind of place is the second world exactly?” Samuel, who tossed and turned i na sleepless state, suddenly asked the little white snake wrapped around his arm.

The little white snake had a lazy, god-like expression on its face. It turned its head away, disinclined to pay any attention to Samuel.

Samuel was used to the little white snake’s human behavior. It knew what you meant, but could not speak. It could not communicate.

The next morning, Samuel, who had not slept for a whole night, was still in high spirits. On the contrary, Jiang Yingying looked a little haggard.

“You didn’t sleep?” Samuel asked Jiang Yingying.

Jiang Yingying nodded. She did not close
her eyes all night. Her mind was full of
things about the Second World. She had
made a lot of guesses and illusions, so she
could not calm down to sleep.

“Brother Samuel, you didn’t fall asleep
either, did you?” Jiang Yingying asked in

Samuel nodded and was about to speak
when He Qingfeng walked toward them.

“Hallmaster He, can’t you fall asleep so
early?” Samuel asked He Qingfeng with a

He Qingfeng’s face darkened, and he
asked Samuel seriously, “Have you really
thought it through? Maybe it’s a better
choice to stay.”

“Don’t bother, Master He. I’ve made up m
y mind. I won’t change it again,” Samuel

He Qingfeng sighed. He had also stayed up
all night, because a top talent like Samuel
was rare to see in a hundred years. Even if
he didn’t belong to the three halls, he
didn’t want such a talent to die in the

second world. In He Qingfeng’s view, the most important role he played in Tianqi was to stay there.

“Young man, if you act so impulsively, you won’t even have the chance to regret i t in the future,” He Qingfeng said.

“Hallmaster He, let’s make a bet. What do you say?” Samuel said with a smile.

“Bet? What do you bet on?” He Qingfeng asked in confusion.

“I bet I’ll be able to return. If I return alive, there will no longer be a division of four sects and three halls in Tianqi. What d o you think?” Samuel said.

In the Tianqi era, the reason why there were four sects and three halls was because the predecessors thought about balancing power, and they didn’t want to b e alone. Although the balancing effect had been achieved, the two branches couldn’t unite together for all people, which led to many conflicts inside the Tianqi era. This was also the reason why there hadn’t been more powerhouses in the Tianqi era.

With the division of resources and the four gates and three halls, they had put more effort into the internal strife. Naturally, they had exhausted the strength of Tianqi.

“Do you know why the founder of Tianqi divided the people into four sects and three halls?” He Qingfeng asked Samuel.

“Of course I know. He doesn’t want someone with too much power to bring Tianqi down the wrong path,” Samuel said.

He Qingfeng nodded and said, “Since you know, then you should also understand that this is impossible.”

“Hallmaster He, have you ever thought about why the overall strength of the Tianqi Realm has regressed after so many years? Although many masters died in the battle a hundred years ago, the Tianqi Realm still remained the same after a century of recuperation. There is still a need for such a Tiangi Realm to exist. If it i s not broken and rebuilt, the existence of the Tianqi Realm will only be a drop in the bucket,” Samuel said.

He Qingfeng took a deep breath. As the master of the Three Halls, he naturally knew the reason. However, merging with the four sects and three halls required a ruler with absolute influence and needed t o convince the public.

“Samuel, you’re so ambitious that you want to control the entire Tianqi era by yourself,” He Qingfeng said.

“Hallmaster He, it’s almost time. I have to go to the forbidden area. If you have nothing to do, you can go with me to have a look.” Samuel did not answer He Qingfeng’s question directly. After that, h e took Jiang Yingying to the forbidden area.

He Qingfeng stood still for a long time before he caught up with Samuel.

However, at this moment, He Qingfeng’s opinion of Samuel changed again. This guy was not only powerful, but also had a strong mind. If he handed the Tianqi over to him, perhaps there would be a great change.

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