Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1361

The next day, as soon Samuel opened his
eyes, he felt a chill on his arm. When he
opened his eyes, the little white snake had
already returned to his arm.

The day before, Samuel had searched
everywhere for it after he had woken up,
but it was nowhere to be found. He had
thought that it had already arrived the
world it belonged to. He did not expect
that it had not left yet. It must have been
afraid of being discovered, which was why
it had been hiding for now.

“Little thing, I didn’t expect you to be so
loyal. You didn’t leave,” Samuel said with
a smile.

The little white snake stuck out a red
tongue to Samuel. No one knew whether it
was to show its loyalty or to threaten
Samuel on purpose.

Samuel got up in his clothes, pushed the
door open, and walked out.

He took a deep breath and couldn’t help
saying, “The air here is really good. If
there is a chance in the future, it will be a
good choice to bring Yvonne and Nian’er
here for retirement.”

After saying this, Samuel could not help but think of the words Yvonne had said. ” Find a country with multiple wives. This i s probably what this world is like.”

The courtyard of the Chen Family was very large, and its total area was several times larger than that of the Hannigan Family’s courtyard in Swallow City. However, this was not a rare thing. After all, it was one of the three big families in Dragon Cloud City. For the Chen Family, it was just a small expense. Moreover, the land value of the world could not be compared with that of the earth.

If it weren’t for the servant’s guidance, Samuel would have lost his way in the yard. It took him a while to finally reach the street.

The streets were like Samuel had imagined. They were filled with the aura o f the ancient. There was not a hint of the modern vibe in the people’s clothing either. It was as if they were in an ancient movie.

“If I can drive a Ferrari on this street, I wonder what kind of scene it will be.”

Thinking of this, Samuel could not help laughing.

The best place to get to know Dragon Cloud City and the Chens was the teahouse, so Samuel quickly determined his destination.

There was a teahouse called the Tail Beast

House, which had the most people.

However, the name of this teahouse was s o strange that Samuel did not understand.

After entering the teahouse, a waiter asked Samuel to sit down. The nearby teaers were all whispering about Chen Yanran’s marriage, which had recently been in an uproar.

“I don’t know who the Chen Family’s eldest daughter married, but I’ve never seen him in the Dragon Cloud City. I heard that he’s a fool.”

“What fool? I heard that he was a cripple.”

“Your news doesn’t work at all. I heard from the servants of the Chen family that the man was disabled with no hands.”

Samuel rubbed his head when he heard

these words. After which, he looked at his

legs. He did not know where these rumors came from. They had already turned him into a completely useless person.

Samuel approached the group of people who were discussing and said, “I heard that the man had been in a coma for a long time and had not woken up. I don’t know why Miss Chen would marry such a man.”

The few of them glanced at Samuel. They

did not reject this new newcomer, who was a stranger to them. Very quickly, they started to chat with each other.

“I heard from a rumor that Chen Yanran

did this to break up with the City Lord.”

“It is well known in Dragon Cloud City that Huang Xiaoyong has been in love with Chen Yanran for many years. Last night, more than a dozen bodies were pulled out of the City Lord’s Manor. I heard that they were caused by Huang Xiaoyong’s anger. Those servants are really pitiful.”

After listening to these words, Samuel

couldn’t help frowning. The City Lord should be the highest-ranking person in

Dragon Cloud City. How could Chen

Yanran break up with the City Lord?

“Chen Yanran did this. Isn’t she afraid that the Chen Family will be implicated by the City Master’s anger?” Samuel asked doubtfully.

“Little brother, you’ve just arrived at Dragon Cloud City, right?” A certain someone looked at Samuel with a face full of smiles. It was as if his words were very strange.

“That’s right; I have just arrived at Dragon Cloud City. Big Brother, please clear my doubts. This little bit of money, I will pay for it,” Samuel said.

When they heard Samuel wanted to pay for the tea money, they were all happy. They didn’t hide it and explained it to Samuel clearly.

From what they said, Samuel knew that the Governor of the Dragon Cloud City was not a supreme existence. Even though he was the Governor, he was still restricted by the three families. This was because the three families were

responsible for the maintenance of the

Dragon Cloud City. Back then, the City Governor was supported by the three families. In other words, the Governor was just a puppet.

Now, this puppet was probably no longer willing to accept the orders of the three major families, so the Chen Family stood out and had a falling out with the city governor. Moreover, they heard that the Chen Family intended to take the position of the city governor. It was no wonder that Chen Yanran was so unscrupulous to oppose the city governor.

However, so far, among the three families, only the Chen family had completely shown their attitude. The other two families had not shown any performance, which made Samuel a little confused.

Since the three families jointly urged the City Lord to take the throne, it should be the three families who turned hostile this time. Why did the Chens do it alone?

There must be some reasons that these teaers didn’t know. It was even possible that Chen Yanran had been framed by the

other two families. It was not impossible

for them to take this opportunity to get

rid of the Chen Family.

“Little brother, we’ve almost finished talking about the things you want to know. The tea money…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the tea,” Samuel

said with a smile.

“In that case, thank you for your hospitality. We’ll take our leave first.”

They cupped their fists and left one by one. Samuel was sorting out the information he had just received.

According to the current situation of the Chens, one possibility was that the other two families had set a trap for the Chens and wanted to join hands with the City Lord to get rid of the Chens.

There was another possibility. If the

Chens wanted to surpass Dragon Cloud City alone, so they didn’t care about the attitudes of the other two families at all.

However, the latter was less likely to happen. After all, the three families were

strong enough. The Chen family’s ability

was not enough to deal with these three


“Collect the money.” Samuel had come out for a long time by now. So he planned t o go back first. He would go to the animal hunting gathering early tomorrow morning.

However, when the waiter walked up to Samuel, he could not even take out a single coin.

It wasn’t just that he didn’t have money. Samuel didn’t even know what money was in this world.

“Boss, someone wants to drink Overlord

Tea.” The waiter looked at Samuel warily

and shouted loudly.

It was estimated that the shop owner often met people like Samuel, so he was well prepared. In a short while, a few strong men with sticks in their hands. surrounded Samuel.

“How dare you come to my Tail Beast Residence to drink Overlord Tea? Kid, you don’t know how to write ‘death’.” The boss was a middle-aged man and threatened Samuel in a cold voice.

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