Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1362

Samuel had a bitter look on his face. Before he went out, he had never thought about it, because he had never been short o f money on earth. He had never taken it seriously. He had never expected such an embarrassing thing to happen.

“Boss, let me explain. It’s not that I don’t have money, it’s just that I didn’t bring it, “Samuel said.

The middle-aged man had encountered all kinds of excuses. He did not believe Samuel’s words at all. He immediately ordered his subordinates to beat him up.

Although Samuel was not afraid of these people in front of him, once there was a big movement, it would be difficult for him to keep a low profile in the future.

“I’m from the Chen Family. Boss, if you don’t believe me, you can come home with me. I promise to give you money and double it,” Samuel said.

“Someone from the Chen Family?” The boss looked at Samuel up and down. The material of this guy’s clothes was really

not like that of a poor man. The high quality silk fabric was not something that ordinary families could afford.

“What’s the relationship between you and the Chens?” the boss asked.

Samuel was stumped. If he was Chen Yanran’s husband, these people would not believe it. After all, it was said that he was a fool who had broken his arms and legs.

“I’m a relative of the Chens. You’ll understand if you come with me,” Samuel said.

“Go and send a message to the Chens. Tell them that the Chens didn’t pay for drinking tea at my Tail Beast House. Tell them to hurry up and pay.” The boss ordered his men.

Samuel breathed a sigh of relief. As long a s the Chens sent someone here, this matter could be solved.

“Boss, the name of your teahouse is quite interesting. How could it be called the Tail Beast House?” Samuel began to chat with the boss.

Speaking of this, the boss showed a proud

expression and said: “Boy, I am afraid of scaring you. The reason why my teahouse i s called the Tail Beast House is that I once killed a Tail Beast with my bare hands. This matter is well known in Dragon Cloud City.”

Next, the boss talked about the scene when he fought with Tail Beast. He seemed to have told this story many times, with fluent words and smooth stories.

The Tail Beast that he was talking about should be one of the strange beasts in this world. From his words, Samuel could sense that the strange beast was conquered in this world. Moreover, many people were proud of conquering the strange beasts.

“It’s a pity that the beast was unwilling to tame me, so I could only kill it myself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be the owner of the teahouse now,” the owner said regretfully. In fact, he had just luckily picked up a beast in the past and composed a thrilling story, thus making u p the name of the place.

“What will happen if you tame the Tail Beast?” Samuel asked.

The boss looked at Samuel with strange eyes. What would happen if he managed t o tame the Tail Beast? Everyone in Xuanyuan World knew about this. How could he ask such a stupid question?

“Kid, are you trying to make me happy on purpose?” The boss looked at Samuel angrily.

Samuel knew that he had asked too much. This was probably something everyone should know, but he showed ignorance, which made the boss have such an illusion.

Just as Samuel was thinking of a choice of words to explain, someone walked into the teahouse, stunning Samuel.

In Samuel’s view, the Chen Family should have sent a servant to help him solve this problem, but he had never expected that Chen Yanran would show up in person!

“Miss, Miss Chen!” The boss was also shocked when he saw Chen Yanran.

“Are you the boss here?” Chen Yanran
asked the boss.

The boss nodded repetitively. When he
saw Chen Yanran, he was obviously very

“This is my husband. He forgot to bring
money with him when he went out today.
I’m really sorry.” Chen Yanran nodded
slightly. Obviously, she was apologizing.

As soon as she said that, all the people in
the teahouse looked at Samuel in

Now the whole Dragon Cloud City was
discussing who Chen Yanran’s husband
was. It was unexpected that he would
appear in such a way.

He was not the legendary cripple, nor was
he a fool!

Samuel himself was also confused. He did
not expect that Chen Yanran would reveal
his identity in public.

Didn’t she tell him not to leave so easily
yesterday? How could a woman’s mind.
change so fast?

“Miss Chen, it turns out that he is your
husband. If I had known this would
happen, I would not have asked him for
this little amount of tea.” The boss
secretly wiped his cold sweat. The Chen
family’s influence in Dragon Cloud City
was by no means something that a small
teahouse owner like him could afford to

“In that case, thank you, boss.” Chen
Yanran glanced at Samuel.

Samuel walked to Chen Yanran’s side
consciously and the two left the teahouse

“I didn’t expect that this is Chen Yanran’s
husband. It seems that he is not as bad as
the rumors say.”

“When they stand together, they really
look like a perfect match. I have to say,
there is indeed a lot of difference between
Huang Xiaoyong and him.”

“What’s the use of being more beautiful
than Huang Xiaoyong? Men need to be
capable. A gigolo like him is not enough
for Huang Xiaoyong to hit him with one
hand. Let’s wait and see. If Huang

Xiaoyong knows about this, he will have a hard time.”

In less than half a day, the news of Chen Yanran’s husband’s appearance had spread throughout the entire Dragon Cloud City.

On the way back to the Chens’ mansion, Samuel asked Chen Yanran confusedly, Why did you do that?”

“You are my husband, and that’s a fact. I’m just informing everyone. Why do I need a reason to do that?” Chen Yanran said lightly.

“The Chens and the City Lord’s Mansion oppose each other. Huang Xiaoyong must hate me to the core. Do you want Huang Xiaoyong to kill me by doing this?” Samuel guessed.

“He doesn’t dare to do that. Otherwise, the wedding won’t go smoothly,” said Chen Yanran.

Samuel frowned. If Huang Xiaoyong really had the courage to kill him, he would have come to kidnap the bride long ago. Thinking of this, it made sense.

But Samuel was sure that Chen Yanran
must have some hidden secrets.

“Although Huang Xiaoyong doesn’t dare t
o kill me, you really want me to die, don’t
you?” Samuel said.

“We’re married. It’s a fact that we can’t g
o back on our word. How can I want you to
die?” said Chen Yanran.

This woman gave Samuel the feeling that
she was a scheming scorpion. Her body
seemed to be covered with a layer of fog,
making it impossible for others to see her

“What is the purpose of the Beast Hunting
Competition?” Samuel asked unwillingly.
Chen Yanran must have some ulterior
motives for this matter. Otherwise, he
would not be involved.

“By taming the beasts, you can get the
attention of the Royal Court. This is a
fortuitous encounter everyone hopes to
have. Dragon Cloud City is just a small
town in Xuanyuan World. A person with
ambition won’t stay in such a small place
forever.” Chen Yanran was generous, and

she answered whatever Samuel asked.

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