Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1363

Chen Yanran’s words exposed her
ambition very directly. From her tone,
Samuel felt a sense of unwillingness. It
seemed that if she stayed in a small place
like Dragon Cloud City, she would not be

This also meant that Chen Yanran might
really want to take over the position of the
city lord, and this was only her first step.

In this regard, compared with Yvonne, the
two of them were completely extreme
existences. Yvonne’s character was
unchallenged, and she had never cared
about status and power in the Sue family. I
f she had not been forced into a corner,
Yvonne would never have turned against
the Sue family.

Back home, Chen Yanran handed Samuel
a book with the words “mountains and
rivers” printed on the cover.

“What’s this?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“Since you don’t remember anything, this
book will help you understand the
Xuanyuan World better.” After leaving the
book, Chen Yanran left. Facing Samuel,
her husband, she had no feelings for him.

Samuel went back to his room and began t
o read a book. What he needed most right
now was to understand the Xuanyuan
World. The opportunity was right in front

of him. Naturally, he would not miss it.

“Miss, why did you do this to him?” The
maid asked Chen Yanran. Since Chen
Yanran wanted to kill Samuel, he would
die sooner or later. Why should he go to
understand the Xuanyuan World?

“Just take it as the last mercy for him,”
Chen Yanran said lightly.

The maid grew up with Chen Yanran. She
knew very well that everything the Miss
did was arranged in advance. It was
impossible for her to let him know the
Xuanyuan World only because she pitied

But since Chen Yanran did not want to say
it, the maid did not dare to ask. After all,
they were master and servant. She was
not qualified to intervene in what Chen
Yanran was going to do.

In his room, Samuel was completely
immersed in the book of mountains and

rivers. It was like a very magical fairy tale,

which recorded all kinds of magic in the Xuanyuan World.

There was a certain cultivation system in the Xuanyuan World, and there was no detailed explanation in the mountains and rivers. Probably the author did not know the mystery of it, but it was very shallow t o write about the realm from one to nine lamps, and nine lamps were the most powerful. As for the meaning of the lamp, i t was not mentioned in the book. Above the nine lamps, there was another top master, who was called the Master of the Ultimate. There were no more than ten Master of the entire Xuanyuan World, and the book described that the Master of the Ultimate had the terrifying power of a thousand soldiers.

In addition, there was another supreme status in Xuanyuan World. It was a talent that every country fought for. It was the Tamer, the ability to tame animals that

Chen Yanran had mentioned before. Those who had this ability usually had extraordinary status, and even had the same status as the Aji jellyfishes.

Once a new tamer showed up, every country would definitely take out a huge amount of resources to fight for it.

Seeing this, Samuel couldn’t help glancing at the little white snake on his arm. He didn’t know if he was a tamer or not, and whether he was worth competing for.

As time went on, the situation of the three countries of the Xuanyuan World was still recorded in the mountains and rivers. The Dragon Cloud City where Samuel was located belonged to the Royal Court. In addition to the Royal Court, there was Xia State and Chongye.

As for Xia State’s description, the book only mentioned the word “magic”. As for how magical it was, it had not been written yet, which aroused Samuel’s great curiosity.

The situation of being in the Chongye could be seen from the words. It was recorded in the books that the barbarians were rampant, eating flesh and drinking blood.

Samuel did not spend too much time looking at the entire mountain and river, but he had a deep understanding of Xuanyuan World.

At this time, the maid pushed the door open and came in with an emotionless face. She said to Samuel, “You’d better not go out these days.”

“Why?” Samuel asked in confusion. Chen Yanran had just said that he could go out for a walk if he had nothing to do. How could she put him under house arrest in just one day?

“This is for your own good. Huang Xiaoyong has sent many people nearby. Once you leave the Chens’ mansion, he will never let you go,” the maid explained.

Samuel was suddenly enlightened and said, “Just in time. I have nothing to do these days. I’ll just stay at home.”

There was a hint of contempt in the maidservant’s eyes. She somewhat looked down on Samuel’s lack of masculine behavior.

Samuel could feel the contempt of the maid, but it did not matter to him. After all, the other party was the son of the City Lord. There was no need to argue with him at this time. Samuel had to keep a low profile in the case where he had no background.

“With your behavior, you might as well be unconscious forever.” Leaving this sentence behind, the servant girl turned around and left the room.

Samuel stood up, stretched himself, and said to himself, “I’m afraid that I’ll beat Huang Xiaoyong to death if I go out. You’re just a maid. What do you know?”

Although Samuel didn’t know his realm, there shouldn’t be too many masters in such a small city. He might be able to crush everyone in Dragon Cloud City with his current strength. It was just that he didn’t need to be too high profile in his current situation.

Even if he did not go out, Samuel would not feel bored, because the Chens’ mansion was too big and there were enough places for him to entertain himself.

There were countless Koi fish in a pond in
the backyard. Samuel hooked them with
his fishing rod to kill time.

Those servants didn’t understand what
Samuel was doing at first, but when they
saw him, they couldn’t help but crane
their necks to have a look, as if they had
never seen him fishing.

After losing interest in fishing, Samuel
played a new game. In this way, a week
passed quickly, and the Dragon Cloud
City’s Dragon Beast Hunting Contest was
drawing near.

That day, as soon as Samuel got up and
was about to go to the pond in the
backyard to have fun, Chen Yanran’s
personal maid ran to Samuel in a panic.

“Did the sky fall?” Samuel joked.

The maidservant’s face was pale. She
asked Samuel, “You’re Miss’ husband.
Miss is in trouble, you have to save her.”

Samuel said without thinking, “She and I
are just husband and wife in name. We
have nothing to do with each other. She
probably doesn’t want me to intervene in
her business.”

“Are you a man or not? Miss is in big trouble now. Do you want to stand by and do nothing?” the maid said eagerly.

Samuel’s expression was still indifferent. He would not treat Chen Yanran as his wife, so if Chen Yanran had any trouble, it would not be something he should care about.

“You probably haven’t experienced whether I am a man or not, but you don’t need to experience it. If there is nothing else, you can help your miss to think of other ways. Don’t stop me from fishing,” Samuel said and was about to leave.

The maid stepped aside and stood in front Samuel. “You have to go,” she said.

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