Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1364

Samuel’s face turned cold instantly.

The maid was simply being unreasonable.
She knew Chen Yanran’s relationship
with him better than anyone else, but at
this time, she had to come forward and
solve the problem for Chen Yanran.

“I don’t think your miss knows that
you’re looking for me,” Samuel said

The maidservant’s face changed. Chen
Yanran really didn’t know about it, and
she made the decision on her own.

Seeing the look on the maid’s face,
Samuel knew that he had guessed right, s
o he continued, “Let me guess again. Chen
Yanran’s trouble must come from the
other two families, right?”

“How do you know?” The maid was
shocked. She did not tell Samuel what had
happened. How could Samuel know?

Samuel smiled and thought, “How do I
know? It’s not difficult for me to figure it
out even without thinking.”

Chen Yanran was extremely ambitious. At
this time, she was likely to fall into the
trap of the other two families.

After all, the City Lord was just a puppet.
Even if this puppet was a little disobedient
now, , it was not a big threat. However, the
Chens were a real opponent. It was not
difficult for the two families to take this
opportunity to eliminate the Chens.

It could even be said that when the whole
thing began, the goal of the other two
families was not to take the City Lord’s
position, but to overthrow the power of
the Chens.

“I’m extremely smart. Of course I know
that. But I believe that your young lady
will definitely have a way to deal with it.
Why would she need my help?” Samuel

The maid shook her head and said, “It’s
different this time. They brought four
lamp masters. The Chen family doesn’t
have such masters. I’m worried that they
will hurt Miss.”

“Four-lamp expert?”

Although Samuel did not know how
powerful the four-lamp master was, this
was just the medium and lower phase of
his strength. The Chen family was so big
that there was not even one four -lamp

In fact, this situation was not difficult to
understand. After all, Dragon Cloud City
was a small place. How could a truly
powerful expert be willing to stay here?
Thus, four lamps was already an
extremely rare expert for Dragon Cloud

“Look at me,” Samuel said.

The maid did not understand what he
meant, but she looked him up and down,
and then said, “So what?”

Samuel couldn’t help rolling his eyes and
said, “Can I beat a four-lamp expert with
my thin arms and legs? It’s no use looking
for me.”

The maid’s face turned ashy. The good-for
-nothing in front of her was indeed no
match for a master with four lamps. It
might be useless to look for him, but the
elders of the Chen Family were not in

Dragon Cloud City now. Chen Yanran was the only one who could handle it, so she was still worried.

“Even if you die, you have to protect Miss,

” the maid said.

Samuel sneered. How could his life be so worthless in the eyes of a maid?

“My life is much more important than hers. I don’t want to die. You’d better leave quickly,” Samuel said.

“If anything happens to Miss, you will die. The Chens will not let you go, and Huang Xiaoyong will not let you go either. “In a hurry, the maid tried her best to threaten Samuel.

This sentence made Samuel stop. Come to think of it, it made sense. He could stay in the Chen Family now because he was Chen Yanran’s husband. If something happened to Chen Yanran, he would be driven out of the Chen Family, and Huang Xiaoyong had probably been waiting for him for a long time.

For Samuel’s current situation, this was extremely unfavorable. He wanted to use

the Chen family as a cover to get a deeper understanding of the Xuanyuan World, and this place could avoid a lot of disputes.

“Look at you; can’t you say what you want to say? Why do you have to threaten me? Hurry up and lead the way,” Samuel said.

“You…” The maidservant was so angry that she could not speak. She had never seen such a shameless person in her life. ” Didn’t she talk to Samuel politely when she first came here?”

In the front hall of the Chen Family, Chen Yanran was sitting on the main seat. Facing the other two family heads, although on the surface she was as powerful as two old foxes, but because there were four lamp masters behind them, she was not confident enough.

This was something that Chen Yanran did not expect. They could actually find a master with four lamps!

Samuel’s sudden intrusion broke the solemn atmosphere of the front hall.

Samuel grinned cheekily and said, “It’s so lively. What are you doing?”

Chen Yanran frowned slightly. “Why is
Samuel here?”

Chen Yanran took a look at the maid, only
to see her lowering her head with a guilty
conscience, and then she understood.

“Who are you?” One of the clan heads
sternly asked Samuel.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is
Samuel, and I am Chen Yanran’s husband,
“Samuel said with a smile.

The person almost laughed out loud. The
matter of Samuel not being able to pay for
the tea money a short while ago had
spread throughout the entire Dragon
Cloud City, causing a countless number of
people to laugh at him. It was unexpected
that he was indeed a useless person after
seeing it today.

“Chen Yanran, you have a good taste.
After finding such a good-for-nothing, he
can’t touch you, but he can fob everyone
off so that Huang Xiaoyong won’t have
any chance. You are indeed the eldest
daughter of the Chen Family,” the man
said with a mocking smile.

Chen Yanran looked embarrassed. Although she also agreed in her heart that Samuel was a good-for-nothing, when such words came out of an outsider’s mouth, the taste was completely different, and she would also lose face.

“Samuel, what are you doing here? It’s none of your business here. You’d better leave now.” Chen Yanran said to Samuel i n a commanding tone.

Samuel thought to himself, “I didn’t want to come here. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m afraid that you’ll die and I don’t have the Chen family’s protective umbrella, I wouldn’t meddle in your business.”

“Wife, your business is my business. How can you say it has nothing to do with me? I can’t watch you being bullied. Besides, I heard that there is a four lamp master here today. I also want to see it,” Samuel said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged man standing behind the two family leaders shattered the wooden table beside him with one palm. The visual effect was extremely shocking, and

Chen Yanran’s face changed dramatically.

“Now you have seen it. If you know what’s good for you, get out of here.” The middle-aged man said to Samuel.

Samuel looked shocked, but in his heart, h e was very disdainful. This little trick was easy for him to do.

“Awesome! The four-lamp expert is really powerful.” Samuel clapped his hands and said.

Seeing Samuel was acting as if he had never seen the world, the two family leaders laughed even more unscrupulously.

“Chen Yanran, I have to admire your insight.”

“Miss Chen’s move is really unwise. Although such a good-for-nothing will make you not be harassed by Huang Xiaoyong, he will make you a joke.”

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