Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1366

The maid frowned. With Samuel’s strength, it was indeed impossible for him to kill a Four-Light Realm expert. However, the strange departure of a Four Light Realm expert was really puzzling. What exactly had happened? She could not help but be curious and wanted to find out what was going on.

“Miss, do you need to find out what’s going on?” asked the maid.

“Let’s see if the family is short of money. “Chen Yanran said. The reason why the four-lamp Realm expert was willing to help the two families was because of interests. Therefore, in Chen Yanran’s view, Samuel must have given a high price to make him leave. Money could make the mare go. Although the four lamp Realm expert was powerful, it was reasonable for them to love money.

After the two family heads left the Chens, they did not separate. Instead, they found a quiet place to discuss how to deal with the Chens.

“Patriarch Wang, I didn’t expect that Chen Yanran can find a more powerful person. This variable has broken our overall plan. What should we do next?” asked Patriarch Xie.

Patriarch Wang looked solemn. This change was indeed unexpected. They thought that a master in the four-lamp realm was enough to suppress the Chens, but now even a master in the four-lamp realm was scared away, which showed that one of the five-lamp realm masters o f the Chens was here. The Dragon Cloud City could invite a master in the five-lamp realm, which almost represented the peak of the city’s strength.

“Alas.” Patriarch Wang sighed and said, I really didn’t expect Chen Yanran to have such ability. This woman should not be underestimated.”

The head of the Xie Family nodded in agreement and said, “Indeed, with such a n expert in the Chen Family, it will be very difficult for our two families to deal with this matter. Chen Yanran has hidden it so well.”

“The whole thing needs to be considered it
n a long-term way. We can’t let down our
guard and avoid going for wool and come
home shorn. Let’s go back first and see if
there is a chance to find someone more
powerful,” said Patriarch Wang.

“By the way, and Samuel, shall we find a
way to deal with him first? He didn’t take
us seriously when we were in the lobby,”
said the Master of the Xie Family.

Upon hearing this, Patriarch Wang
snorted and said, “Leave this good-for
nothing to Huang Xiaoyong. Huang
Xiaoyong wants to skin him alive.”

“Then…” Patriarch Xie said in a low voice,
“Do you want to tell Huang Xiaoyong that
there are masters in the Chen family?”

Patriarch Wang laughed darkly and said, ”
Of course not. The Chens are still in
power. We have to take the City Lord’s
position at the same time. If we can let
them fight to the death, it will be better
for us to benefit from it.”

The two cunning foxes looked at each
other and smiled. There was no need to say anything.

City Lord’s Mansion.

There were more cries of pain in the
backyard. In order to vent his anger,
Huang Xiaoyong used the servants of the
mansion as targets. The people who fell to
the ground were all seriously injured, but
Huang Xiaoyong didn’t care.

As the son of the City Lord, Huang
Xiaoyong had been doing whatever he
wanted since he was a child. He did not
need to consider the feelings of others.
Even if he killed someone, his father
would deal with the follow-up and would
not allow Huang Xiaoyong to be

Dragon Cloud City was a city on the
fringes of the Royal Court. With the height
of the heavens and the distance of the
emperor, the higher-ups of the Royal
Court did not know what the Huang
Family had done in Dragon Cloud City.
This caused Huang Mengyong’s father to
dominate a place like a local emperor.

“Young Master, Young Master, the Xie
Family has sent someone to deliver the
news.” A servant carefully walked to
Huang Xiaoyong’s side. Since Chen

Yanran got married, Huang Xiaoyong’s temper had become more and more irritable. Even if he, the trusted subordinate who had been with Huang Xiaoyong for ten years, did not dare to disturb Huang Xiaoyong easily.

“What news?” Huang Xiaoyong’s muscles were like copper buildings, like those strong men in the earth’s gyms. But the difference was that Huang Xiaoyong’s muscles were real, while most of the strong men in the earth’s gyms were eaten with protein powder.

“The Xie Family went to the Chen Family and saw Chen Yanran’s husband,” the servant said.


These words exposed Huang Xiaoyong in a n instant. He kicked the servant away and roared, “Chen Yanran’s husband can only be me. Who is the husband you are talking about?”

The servant covered his lower abdomen. with a painful look, knowing that he had said something wrong. He quickly knelt o n the ground, kept kowtowing, and said, ”

Young master, I was wrong, I was wrong.”

Huang Xiaoyong stepped forward, looked down at the servant coldly, and said, “Go o n.”

The servant trembled with fear and continued, “The Xies said that the man is Samuel. He’s a good-for-nothing. Compared to you, he’s like an ant who met an elephant. With your strength, it’s easy for you to get rid of him.”

“Samuel?” Huang Xiaoyong’s eyes were burning with anger. He had long wanted t o tear this man into pieces, but this man hid in his house and did not dare to show u p now, so Huang Xiaoyong had no chance at all.

He wanted to break into the Chen Family directly, but he was afraid that he would make Chen Yanran unhappy.

Although Huang Xiaoyong was reckless, h e was particularly careful in dealing with Chen Yanran. After all, she was the woman he liked. He did not want to do anything that would make Chen Yanran disgusted.

In Huang Xiaoyong’s heart, he firmly
believed that one day Chen Yanran would
recognize reality and know who her Mr.
Right was. In the entire Dragon Cloud
City, no one could match up to her except
for him.

“Guard the Chens well. Once Samuel
leaves, inform me as soon as possible,”
Huang Xiaoyong said.

“Yes.” The servant covered his lower
abdomen and ran away rolling and

In the Chens’ courtyard…

After Samuel killed a master in the Four
Light Realm, and his body sank to the
bottom of the pond. No one would notice i
t in a short time, because no one would
think that he was qualified to kill a master
in the Four-Light Realm.

At this moment, Samuel was very
confused about one thing.

When he first came to the Forbidden Land
of Tiangi, the space-time tunnel gave him
a feeling that he had something to do with
the Xuanyuan World, and the same

feeling for the second time.

Originally, Samuel thought that after coming to the Xuanyuan World, this feeling of attraction would be even stronger. But now, he could not feel anything. He could not figure out why things he could feel in the forbidden area could not be felt in the Xuanyuan World.

“Is it possible that what I feel is just a space-time tunnel, not the Xuanyuan World?” Samuel said to himself with a frown.

Samuel thought about it for a long time and could not figure out what was going o n. He decided to put this matter to the back of his mind for the time being.

He opened the window and looked out at the Chen family’s courtyard. Xuanyuan World’s environment was absolutely like paradise. It was a place where people could really enjoy life. Every time he saw such a beautiful environment, Samuel couldn’t help wanting to bring Yvonne and Han Nian here to live.

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