Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1368

At the moment he left the Chens’
compound, Samuel noticed that at least a
dozen people were following him. It
seemed that Huang Xiaoyong really hated
him and wasted so many people on him.

However, thinking of Huang Xiaoyong’s
identity, as the son of the Governor, it was
not a big deal for him to mobilize a dozen

Samuel purposely wandered around the
streets. Other than secretly following him,
those people did not dare to stop them in
person. It seemed that they were a little
afraid of the people and did not dare to act
too arrogantly.

After noticing this, Samuel walked toward
the city gate on purpose.

“Young master, that good-for-nothing
actually walked toward the city gate. It
seems that he is going out of the city.”
The servants immediately informed
Huang Xiaoyong of this news.

Huang Xiaoyong was stunned for a
moment and said in confusion, “This guy i
s going out of the city. Doesn’t he know

that I’m going to deal with him?”

“Young Master, maybe he is stupid. He doesn’t look like a smart person.” The servant said.

Huang Xiaoyong smiled coldly and said, 11 This gives me a chance. In this case, he can’t come back alive. Let’s go. I want to see what kind of person this good-for nothing is. Chen Yanran is willing to marry him.”

“Is Samuel stupid?”

Of course not. Ordinary people could not compare with him in scheming. The reason why he did this was that he deliberately gave Huang Xiaoyong a chance. In Samuel’s opinion, this trouble could not be eliminated for no reason, so the only way to solve it was to face it.

Moreover, Samuel had his own plan. Since Huang Xiaoyong was the son of the City Lord, if he could use him as a pawn, then i In the future, Samuel would be the leader o f Dragon Cloud City. Moreover, with Huang Xiaoyong’s secret help, it would be easier for him to find Jiang Yingying.

Of course, the premise was that Jiang Yingying must be in Dragon Cloud City

Every time he thought of this problem, Samuel would be worried. It was okay for a man to be in a coma for such a long time, but Jiang Yingying was a girl. Once she was taken home by some evil-minded people, the consequences would be very serious.

After walking out of the city, Samuel deliberately left the channel and headed for the wilderness. There was no human habitation here, so Huang Xiaoyong could show up without fear.

But after nearly half an hour, Huang Xiaoyong did not show up. Samuel had lost his patience. He simply stopped and said loudly, “I have given you a chance. Why don’t you show up? What are you waiting for?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people hiding in the dark appeared. Huang Xiaoyong stood in the front of the crowd. Judging from his figure, he was almost the same as Qi Hu. His figure alone could scare a lot of people.

“Are you Samuel?” Huang Xiaoyong

“Why ask when you already know the
answer?” Samuel said in a faint voice.

Huang Xiaoyong snorted coldly and said, ”
You’re quite arrogant. Do you know what
kind of situation you’re in now?”

“Of course I know. I’ve already
surrounded you,” Samuel said with a


This sentence shocked Huang Xiaoyong
and he quickly looked around.

No wonder this guy would go out of the
city and deliberately go to such a remote
place. It turned out that he had already
prepared for it.

“Don’t get me wrong. What I mean is that
I’m the only one who has surrounded you.
I don’t have any other helpers.” Samuel
looked at Huang Xiaoyong’s nervous look
and couldn’t help but want to laugh. Why
did the son of the City Lord look like an

Huang Xiaoyong was stunned for a
moment and then laughed out loud.

“You’ve surrounded us alone. Samuel, are
you a fool?” Huang Xiaoyong said with a

“What, do you think it’s not enough?”
Samuel asked.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.” Huang Xiaoyong burst
out laughing, and even his subordinates
couldn’t help laughing.

In their eyes, Samuel’s words were really
stupid. How could he have surrounded
more than ten people alone? Wasn’t it a

“It’s so funny. It’s so funny. Samuel, I
didn’t expect you to be so stupid,” Huang
Xiaoyong said.

Samuel shrugged his shoulders and said
carelessly, “Huang Xiaoyong, Chen
Yanran and I are just husband and wife in
name and even the whole thing is
inexplicable to me. We shouldn’t be

“I know. Chen Yanran just treated you as a

shield. How could she let you touch her?

But even so, you have to die. I want to let Chen Yanran know that only I, Huang Xiaoyong, have the right to marry her,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“It seems that there is no room for discussion on this matter?” Samuel asked.

“You must die,” Huang Mengyong said, gnashing his teeth.

Samuel sighed. It seemed that it was impossible to use other methods to deal with this matter. In this case, he could only let Huang Xiaoyong see how he surrounded the dozen people alone.

“When you regret it later, remember to say it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t even have the chance to speak,” Samuel said.

“Haha, you’re really good at joking. My men are all experts in the Second Light Realm, You’d better think about how to die.” Huang Xiaoyong waved his hand, and his men approached Samuel.

The Second Light Realm could also be called an expert?

Their strength was at most at the Xuan Level. Samuel looked down on them; they were not qualified to be in Samuel’s eyes.

“Let me show you what’s called a master. “The corner of Samuel’s mouth was slightly raised. Before those people could get close, he took the initiative to attack.

In Huang Xiaoyong’s view, it was hard for trash like Samuel to escape. In the entire Dragon Cloud City, only the City Lord’s Mansion could have so many Two-lamp Realm experts. And the current Governor was also qualified to have a falling out with the three families for this reason. He was not controlled by them and could get rid of his puppet body.

In Xuanyuan World, strength determined one’s position, but positions couldn’t be the same as strength. Therefore, even the high-level officials of the Royal Court had to be in awe of real masters, such as Tianqi . This was a place where strength was respected.

Samuel was surrounded by more than ten people. Every time he attacked, an opponent would be shot out. The so

alled Two Light aynort was in Samuelle

hands, and he could make the opponent lose his fighting capacity in one move.

Seeing his men falling one by one, Huang Xiaoyong widened his eyes and his chin almost fell to the ground.

“Young master, this… this guy is so strong that he is not at a disadvantage in the face of the siege of more than a dozen Two Light Realm experts!” The servant said to Huang Xiaoyong with a look of surprise.

Huang Xiaoyong couldn’t say a word. The reason why he dared to be so arrogant was because of the experts in the Second Light Realm around him. But now, in front of Samuel, these experts were like paper, and they couldn’t show any combat capability at all.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?” Huang Mengyong couldn’t believe it, but the truth was revealed in front of him.

Soon, everyone fell to the ground, witnessing Samuel’s attempt to lay siege to them. “Do you regret it?”

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