Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1370

“How could it be? How could he come
back alive?”

When Patriarch Wang heard the news, he
was shocked.

Huang Xiaoyong hated Samuel so much.
Everyone in Dragon Cloud City knew that h
e was obsessed with Chen Yanran. Since
the news that Chen Yanran was going to
get married spread in Dragon Cloud City,
Huang Xiaoyong had killed many of his
servants. How could he let Samuel go?

“Is the information accurate? Will we get
the wrong person?” Patriarch Wang asked
the servant.

“Patriarch, there’s no mistake. It’s indeed
Samuel,” the servant said.

Patriarch Wang took a deep breath and
said, “What’s going on? Why didn’t
Huang Xiaoyong kill him?”

At the same time, the Xie Family was
facing the same situation.

After hearing the news, Patriarch Xie also
thought that the servants of his family
had mistaken him for someone else.
However, after many rounds of
confirmation, he confirmed that it was

indeed Samuel, which made him confused.

“Patriarch, there is one thing that is very

strange,” the servant said to Patriarch Xie.
“What’s so strange about that? Hurry up
and tell us,” Master Xie said anxiously.

“Huang Xiaoyong went back to the city
alone, but when he went out of the city, he
took more than a dozen experts in the
Second Light Realm with him. Those
people were nowhere to be found,” the
servant said.

“That’s right. Where are those experts in
the Second Light Realm?” Patriarch Xie
asked in confusion.

“Patriarch, could it be… that he has

already been killed by Samuel?” The

servant guessed.

The Master of the Xie Family waved his
hand without hesitation and said, “That’s
impossible. How could such a good-for

nothing kill more than a dozen Two-Light Realm experts?”

“Could it be that leaving the city is just a cover, and Huang Xiaoyong does not intend to deal with Samuel, but let those people do other things?” The servant continued.

In this way, the Xie Family head felt that h e could be trusted, but what could Huang Xiaoyong, a simple-minded guy, do?

“It seems that it is very likely that Huang

Bingtian has some ulterior motives. This puppet has already noticed our dissatisfaction, and may take the lead to deal with us.” After thinking for a while, Patriarch Xie said with a serious face, ” Recently, the guards in the yard have been strengthened, and a fly is not allowed to fly in.”

In the Chens’ manor.

When the latest news reached Chen Yanran’s ears, her beautiful eyes widened. In her opinion, this situation was also very bizarre. As the party involved, she knew better than anyone how much

Huang Xiaoyong wanted to get her.

Samuel was the first to arrive. For Huang Xiaoyong, his hatred was deep. It was such a great opportunity, but he didn’t kill Samuel. It was really puzzling.

“Miss, in addition to Samuel who came back safely, the dozen experts in the Second Light Realm brought by Huang Xiaoyong are all missing, as if they had disappeared from the world,” the maid said to Chen Yanran.

Chen Yanran’s heart suddenly beat faster. In this case, there seemed to be only one incredible explanation, which was Samuel had killed those people.

But was that possible?

“This good-for-nothing really could kill more than a dozen experts in the Second Light Realm?”

Suddenly, Chen Yanran thought of the

strange departure of the expert in the Four -Light Realm. Could it be that Samuel said before was true? He really killed the expert in the Four-Light Realm?

Unknowingly, Chen Yanran’s breathing became rapid. If it was true, it would be a

great treasure for the Chen Family.

But in the absence of any conclusive evidence, Chen Yanran would not believe i t blindly because of her own speculation.

“Miss, Samuel is back.” Another maid rushed into Chen Yanran’s room and said.

Chen Yanran immediately got up and walked out of the door.

Samuel returned to his room. Just as he was about to lie down and rest for a while, Chen Yanran arrived.

This was not surprising to Samuel. He had already guessed what was going on.

“Why are you in such a hurry to find me? I s there anything important?” Samuel asked.

“How did you come back alive?” Chen Yanran asked.

“Chen Yanran, no matter what, I’m still your husband on the surface. Do you really want me to die?” Samuel said with a smile.

“Huang Xiaoyong took more than a dozen

Two-Light Realm masters out of the city. I n this case, how could you survive?” Chen Yanran continued. She was very strong and only wanted the answer she wanted, not Samuel’s question.

“Huang Xiaoyong, the son of the Governor. I haven’t seen him. Does he want to kill me?” Samuel pretended to be confused.

Chen Yanran’s eyes narrowed. Samuel was simply pretending to be stupid. How could he not know that Huang Xiaoyong wanted to kill him? Moreover, the maid had warned him before he left the Chen family’s mansion, but now he pretended t o know nothing. How could Chen Yanran believe it?

“Samuel, don’t treat me as a fool.” Chen Yanran’s face was full of anger, and she was on the verge of erupting.

However, Samuel still looked careless and

said, “You know, if I meet Huang Xiaoyong, I will die. Since I can come back alive, it means that Huang Xiaoyong didn’t make trouble for me at all. Chen Yanran, you are so smart. Can’t you even understand this?”

The two of them went out of the city one
after the other, but Huang Xiaoyong did
not meet Samuel. How could that be

Of course, Chen Yanran was not stupid.
That was why she thought there was
something wrong with this matter.
Something must have happened in this
matter that no one knew about.

“You killed those experts in the Second
Light Realm?” Chen Yanran finally asked
the question that she was most concerned
about. That was the main reason she came
to find Samuel.

If Samuel was that capable, she would
need to make a complete change in her
plan against him.

Although she would not love Samuel, if
the Chen Family could have such a
powerful man, it would be an
unimaginable benefit for Chen Yanran.

Samuel burst into laughter and said, ”
Chen Yanran, if I remember correctly, I a
m just a good-for-nothing in your heart.
Do you think I have killed more than a
dozen Two-Light Realm experts ? If you are willing to think so, I am certainly willing to accept this honor. You can even believe that I have killed a Four-Light Realm expert.”

Chen Yanran gritted her teeth. Samuel’s words were ambiguous and did not count a s an answer to her question.

“Samuel, no matter who you are, I will find out your background sooner or later. “After saying these words, Chen Yanran angrily turned around and left.

Samuel smiled lightly. This woman’s personality was extremely strong. She would definitely do her best to do what she said.

But Samuel was not worried at all. For Xuanyuan World, his history was a blank. No matter what tricks Chen Yanran used, i t was impossible to find out the identity of a person who appeared out of thin air.

“She looks good, but it’s a pity that there’s still a long way to go compared to the gentle Yvonne,” Samuel said to himself with a sigh. He could not help but think of Yvonne and Han Nian.

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