Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1373

Huang Xiaoyong was stunned for a
moment, and then he laughed and said,
Master, are you kidding? How can a
cultivator not have a Natal Item?”

“It’s impossible?” Samuel asked
doubtfully. He did not have any Natal Item
in the first place. Although he was not a
native of the Xuanyuan World, his
cultivation condition might be different
from theirs.

“Master.” Huang Xiaoyong’s breathing
suddenly became rapid and he said, ”
Doesn’t, don’t you have a Natal Item? I
have heard that once you reach the
Ultimate Master Realm, you no longer
need Natal Items.”

Huang Xiaoyong’s eyes became more and
more frightened. If his master really
didn’t have a Natal Item, had he reached
the realm of the Master of the Ultimate

This was the ultimate realm. In the entire
world of Xuanyuan, there were only three
Superb Masters.

For Huang Xiaoyong, he had once fortunately met a master of Seven -lamp Realm, who was already a top master. He didn’t expect that he would be able to see the top master in this life!

Samuel did not know what realm he was i n because he did not have a Natal Item to show it. However, a top-tier master like him should not be able to reach his current strength.

“Can you find a powerful painter if you do me a favor?” Samuel stopped talking about the realm. But in Huang Xiaoyong’s heart, he had already regarded Samuel as a super master.

“Yes.” Huang Xiaoyong answered without thinking. No matter what Samuel asked for, he would help him satisfy it, because the person standing in front of him was a top master. As a top master’s disciple, how could he be stumped by such a small thing?

“Okay, I’ll bring him here tomorrow and bring him with me some writing brushes and ink,” Samuel said.

“Yes,” Huang Xiaoyong replied.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. Remember; don’t let anyone know about our meeting.” Samuel reminded.

Huang Xiaoyong nodded repeatedly. Even i f it was his father, he would never reveal a word of it.

Huang Xiaoying knew that his achievements would be determined by Samuel. Samuel was the most important factor in what level he could reach. Hence, he would definitely not do anything that would make Samuel unhappy.

Looking at Samuel’s back, Huang Xiaoyong said to himself excitedly, “I didn’t expect that I would have such an honor in my life. I can become the disciple of the top master. Father, you want me to be the City Lord. Now, the City Lord is just a nobody to me. If I follow my master, one day, I will step into the Royal Court!”

In the Chen family’s mansion, Chen
Tiexin, who had tested Samuel, found
Chen Yanran and explained the situation o
f his sudden attack, Chen Tiexin’s attitude
was very obvious. He thought Samuel was
a good-for-nothing. It was not what Chen
Yanran had guessed.

How could a person, who was seriously
injured by him with one punch, kill more
than a dozen Two-Light Realm experts
and a Four-Light Realm expert?

Chen Yanran frowned slightly after
hearing the words. Although she also felt
that the possibility was very low, she
couldn’t make any explanation for the
inexplicable disappearance of these
strong people.

“Since Samuel doesn’t have this ability,
how did those people disappear without a
trace?” Chen Yanran asked doubtfully.

Chen Tiexin did not like to use his brain to
guess these meaningless things. He said,
Sister, there is no need to hurt your brain
with these things. Maybe he is just lucky,”

Chen Yanran would not think so simply.

Even if Samuel was lucky she should be

able to make some sense about this matter. But now, there were no other factors. It was just good luck for Samuel. How could it be a reflection of this?

“Brother, the animal-hunting event will begin soon. Do you want to participate?” Chen Yanran asked.

“Of course, I came back in advance to the Beast Hunting Competition. If I can become a Beast Trainer, I’ll be outstanding,” Chen Tiexin said.

Chen Yanran nodded. A Beast Trainer was a very precious talent for the Royal Court. Chen Tiexin could not take the strong as his teacher, which was another shortcut t o enter the Royal Court.

“I want Samuel to join us,” said Chen Yanran.

“You still think he is hiding his strength?

“Chen Tiexin couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Of course, he knew why Chen Yanran did this, but in his opinion, it was not necessary at all. Samuel’s strength was already in front of him. Why should he do that?

“In addition to testing him, I actually
have another purpose, which is to let him
die,” Chen Yanran said.

Chen Tiexin thought for a moment and
suddenly understood. He said with a
smile, “Sister, you don’t have to go
through so much trouble. My brother can
kill him now.”

Chen Yanran shook her head and said,
Brother, I know you are powerful. It’s
easy to kill him. However, I am more
qualified to guard him for three years if he
died in the Beast Hunting Meeting.”

“Okay, as long as you’re happy, you can d
o whatever you want. But this piece of
trash, don’t let him mess around in the
yard in the future. I don’t want to see him,
“Chen Tiexin said.

Chen Yanran nodded. She was also like
this. If a good-for-nothing swayed in
front of her, it would also affect her mood.

The next day, Samuel and Huang
Xiaoyong met in the same place. An old
man was with them.

“Master, this is the best painter in Dragon

Cloud City. If you have any requests, feel free to ask him,” Huang Xiaoyong said to Samuel.

The old man lowered his head and did not look Samuel from beginning to end. Although he was a little surprised at the fact that Huang Xiaoyong called him master, he hid it well.

The old man was very smart. If he wanted to survive, he must not meddle in other people’s business.

Samuel nodded and said to the old man,’ Master, I want you to draw a picture for m e. I’ll describe her appearance to you. Will i t work if you write a picture for me?”

“As long as ‘your narration is accurate, I definitely won’t disappoint Little Mister.” The elder said.

The next step was Samuel and the old man’s cooperation.

After having been in contact with Jiang Yingying for such a long time, her appearance had been engraved in Samuel’s mind, so his narrative almost captured every key point.

The old man’s brush technique was quite sophisticated. It took him less than an hour to finish a finished portrait, and the similarity had reached more than 90%, which made Samuel very satisfied.

After he stopped writing, the old man asked Samuel, “Sir, may I know if my work satisfies you?”

Samuel held the portrait. Although it was not as complete as the one in the photo, it was not easy to draw it like this. He said, I’m satisfied. I’m very satisfied. I didn’t expect you to be so good at painting.”

The old man smiled faintly and said, “It’s good that you are satisfied. It seems that my life is still alive.”

Huang Xiaoyong glanced at Samuel. If he wanted to keep their relationship a secret, it would be best if he could kill this old man. However, Samuel shook his head.

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