Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1375


Man of Sacrifice!

After hearing the words, Chen Yanran’s
face changed and she said, “What are you
talking about? I don’t understand.”

The corner of Samuel’s mouth curved into

a strange smile, but he said nothing.

Such an expression made Chen Yanran

guiltier, and she had to quickly turn away.

Just now, Samuel’s eyes seemed to have
seen through her. This feeling made Chen
Yanran feel very uneasy. In Chen Yanran’s
view, she should have played with Samuel
in her palm. But now, she felt that Samuel
seemed to have seen through all this, but h
e did not make any resistance.

Why was that?

Did he guess that he would die at the
Beast Hunting Competition?

But since she had guessed it, why didn’t h
e think of a way to escape from this

“Yanran, what’s wrong with you?” Chen.
Tiexin asked when he saw that there was
something wrong with Chen Yanran’s

Chen Yanran shook her head. She was not
sure whether her feeling was correct.
There was an unknown ominous feeling i
n her heart. But how could Samuel, such a
good-for-nothing, make her feel

“It’s nothing, brother. We’d better hurry t
o prepare for the animal hunting event,”
Chen Yanran said.

Chen Tiexin nodded. To him, who was
determined to enter the Royal Court, no
matter if it was looking for masters to be
his master or the Beast Hunting
Competition, he would never let his guard
down. From a certain point of view, Chen
Tiexin was very persistent in his pursuit o
f status.

But on the other hand, Chen Tiexin was
too paranoid, because with his ability, he
was simply a piece of trash in the Royal
Court. However, he did not know his own limits.

City Lord’s Mansion

Huang Houyi was incensed when he saw
that his son had found a painter to copy a
woman’s portrait.

He hoped that Huang Xiaoyong could be

talented, but Huang Xiaoyong put all his

energy into women.

It used to be Chen Yanran, but now she
was a woman in the painting. How could h
e not be angry?

“Huang Xiaoyong, you’re so useless. How
can you be my son? Don’t you have any
other pursuits other than women?”
Huang Houyi said angrily to Huang

Huang Xiaoyong knew that his father
misunderstood him. But regarding this
matter, he didn’t know how to explain it t
o his father. After all, he didn’t dare to
reveal the matter between him and
Samuel. Samuel asked him to keep it a

“Father, you misunderstood. I am not
such a person. I am infatuated with Chen
Yanran. How can I fall in love with other
women?” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Huang Houyi’s face was full of a cold
smile as he said, “Resoluteness to a
woman is of no use. Are you going to
spend all your thoughts on a woman in
this life?”

Furious, Huang Houyi ordered the
portrait artists to hurry up and get the
hell out of the City Lord’s Manor.
Otherwise, none of them would be able to

Under such threats, all the copied painters
threw down their pens one by one. They
did not want to lose their lives because of

However, Huang Xiaoyong became
anxious when he saw this situation. The
woman in the portrait was Samuel’s
younger sister, and he was ordered to find
the woman. If his father drove these
people away, who would come to copy the

“Father, this is a very important thing for
me. Can you leave this matter alone?”
Huang Xiaoyong said anxiously.

Huang Houyi looked at Huang Xiaoyong
with a frosty face. Now was the critical

moment for him to get rid of the puppet body. Not only did Huang Xiaoyong not help, but he also wasted time on such a meaningless thing. How could he allow Huang Xiaoyong to do nothing?

“Huang Xiaoyong, I’m warning you. From now on, if you do such meaningless things in the manor again, I will throw you out of the house,” Huang Houyi said harshly.

Huang Xiaoyong grew even more anxious when he saw Huang Houyi’s non negotiable look. If his father didn’t agree for him to look for the woman in the painting, how would he explain this to Samuel?

“Father, please come with me. I’ll show you something. After reading it, you’ll understand why I did this,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“Don’t try to persuade me. No matter what you say, I won’t accept it.” Huang Houyi said firmly.

Huang Xiaoyong said firmly, “After you see it, you will agree with me to do this. If you don’t believe me, come with me.”

After that, Huang Xiaoyong went to the


He couldn’t reveal Samuel’s identity, but i
f he wanted Huang Houyi to cancel his
control, he could only let Huang Houyi
know of his current strength and the
significance of his actions.

Huang Houyi hadn’t intended to give
Huang Xiaoyong a chance, but he saw
unprecedented confidence on Huang
Xiaoyong’s face, which made him very
curious about what Huang Xiaoyong could
make him change his mind.

Following him to the backyard where
there was no one around, Huang Houyi
said, “What’s there to show off about?
Hurry up and take it out. If you can’t
convince me, then in the future, your
every move in the City Lord’s Manor must
be approved by my permission.”

Huang Xiaoyong took out his broadsword
with great confidence and said, “Father,
it’s not showing off. It’s an absolute shock
for you.”


Huang Houyi smiled disdainfully, but his

smile soon froze.

Huang Xiaoyong’s broadsword was burning with four flames representing the four lamp realms, completely stunning Huang Houyi.

As Huang Xiaoyong’s father, Huang Houyi was well aware of his son’s abilities. He had been stuck in the Two-Light Realm for several years. It was impossible for him to break through unless he was guided by an expert.

But at this moment, Huang Xiaoyong in front of him was already in the Four Light Realm.

To Huang Houyi, this was something that he couldn’t even imagine.

“Four… Four lamps Realm!” Huang Houyi’s eyes were wide open as he said with a slightly dull expression, “How is this possible, how is this possible? How can you be in the Four lamps Realm?”

Huang Xiaoyong had a proud look on his face. Huang Houyi’s reaction was within his expectations. After all, he had broken

through two realms in one night. For

anyone, this was an incredible thing.

“Father, I reached the Four-Light Realm from the Second Light Realm overnight. D o you believe it?” Huang Xiaoyong said with a smile.

Huang Houyi’s throat squirmed a few

times. One night?

If these words were spoken from a bystander’s mouth, then Huang Houyi would only treat it as a joke. This was because, according to common sense, this was simply an impossible matter.

But now, the fact was already in front of him. Huang Xiaoyong was in the Four – lamp Realm, and he couldn’t help but believe it.

Huang Houyi walked over to Huang Xiaoyong excitedly and asked, “How did you do it? How could you rise two levels in a single night? Did you have some fortuitous encounter?”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a n adventure. For me, it’s indeed an adventure,” Huang Xiaoyong said. “What’s going on? Tell me quickly, don’t keep me in suspense.” Huang Houyi was s o agitated that he was about to swear. He couldn’t wait to find out what had happened.

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