Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1376

“Father, don’t be excited. I will tell you.
Actually, the reason why I broke through
the realm in such a short period of time is
because of my master.” When he talked
about Samuel, Huang Xiaoyong felt a
sense of pride from the bottom of his
heart. It could be seen that he was proud
because of this. Moreover, his loyalty to
Samuel could not be described by words.

“Master?” Huang Houyi looked at Huang
Xiaoyong in confusion. He had never
heard of this before. Furthermore, as the
master of a city, he was well aware of
what kind of people there were in Dragon
Cloud City. There was simply no such level
of experts.

To be able to make Huang Xiaoyong break
through two realms in a row and reach
the Four-Light Realm, in Huang Houyi’s
view, this was something that could only b
e accomplished by an expert above the Six
-Light Realm. However, how could there b
e such an expert in a small place like
Dragon Cloud City?

“Who is your master? Is he in Dragon
Cloud City?” Huang Houyi asked.

This topic was enough for Huang
Xiaoyong to stop. He could tell Huang
Houyi that he had a master and that his
realm was also related to his master.
However, he must not reveal his master’s
identity. This was a warning from Samuel.
Even if Huang Xiaoyong had a hundred
times the courage, he would not dare to
reveal his master’s identity.

“Father, don’t ask about his identity.
Master ordered me not to mention him to
anyone. He is a very low-key person,”
Huang Xiaoyong said.


For an expert above the Six-Light Realm,
did he need to keep a low profile?

Huang Houyi really wanted to find a flaw i
n Huang Xiaoyong’s words, but he had
already displayed his Four-Light Realm
cultivation, so Huang Xiaoyong had
nothing to say at all.

“Father no longer matters once you have
Master, is that right?” Huang Houyi said disdainfully.

“Of course not. But since he doesn’t want t o expose his identity, how dare I talk nonsense? If he is unhappy, he can kill all the people in the Mansion of the City Governor in an instant,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“I’m, after all, the master of a city. How dare he kill me at will?” Huang Houyi was not confident enough when he said these words, because he guessed that Samuel’s strength was at least at the Six-Light Realm. Even so, it was very easy for Six – Light Realm experts to kill a small city lord. Moreover, the Royal Court would not pay attention to such a trivial matter.

Compared to a Six lamps Realm expert and a small City Lord, the former was clearly more worthy of the royal family’s attention.

“Father, it’s not that I look down on your position. The status of the City Lord is not worth mentioning to him. Even if the high -level officials of the Royal Court see him, I’m afraid they have to be respectful,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“Braggart.” Huang Houyi flicked a
disdainful glance.

“Father, what position does the superb
master hold in the Royal Court?” Huang
Xiaoyong asked with a smile.

“Naturally, it’s supreme. Even the
supreme emperor has to meet him
personally.” Huang Houyi said without
even thinking. An extreme master was so
noble that even the supreme emperor
wouldn’t dare to underestimate him.

After saying these words, Huang Houyi
was instantly stunned. He looked at
Huang Xiaoyong’s proud smile.

A bolt of lightning suddenly exploded in
Huang Houyi’s mind.

A superb master!

“Could it be that Huang Xiaoyong’s
master turned out to be a superb master?
How could it be possible?”

How could such a supreme figure appear i
n the small Dragon Cloud City?

Huang Houyi’s legs turned to jelly as he
collapsed to the ground.

As the governor of a city, he acted like a softie at this moment.

“You, you mean, your master is… a superb master!” Huang Houyi widened his eyes and looked at Huang Xiaoyong in disbelief.

Huang Xiaoyong did not know about Samuel’s true cultivation state. However, after Samuel asked him about his questions, he guessed that Samuel was at the Ultimate Master Realm. If not, why would he ask about his lack of a Natal Item?

It should be noted that only the Superb Master didn’t need Natal Item in this world.

“If there is a cultivator with no Natal Item, what do you think he is, father?” Huang Xiaoyong asked with a smile.


Huang Houyi’s mind once again sank into a state of shock.

He knew what it meant if there was no Natal Item, so he couldn’t help but be frightened.

Although Huang Houyi was a city lord, he had never truly come into contact with any great character in his life. It was even more impossible for him to even think about existences as lofty as a Superb Master.

But now, Huang Xiaoyong had become a Superb Master’s disciple, which was a great blessing for the Huang Family.

“Son, you must make good use of this opportunity. You must serve a great figure like the Superb Master well. This is your chance to enter the Royal Court!” Huang Houyi reminded him.

Huang Xiaoyong smiled faintly and said, Father, I am already a Superb Master’s disciple. Is it still important whether I can enter the Royal Court or not?” 11

Huang Houyi shuddered and nodded his head repeatedly.

The Superb Master would not be affiliated with the Royal Court, but the Royal Court would be respectful to the Superb Master. For Huang Xiaoyong, it was no longer important whether he could enter the Royal Court or not.

“Didn’t you just say that I was addicted to women? In fact, the woman in the painting is my master’s sister. I copied the portrait because my master wanted m e to help him find his sister,” Huang Xiaoyong explained.

“The woman in the painting looks like she’s in her prime. She’s young, but isn’t your master old?” In the history of Xuanyuan World, every one of the Superb Masters stepped into the old ages to achieve such an achievement. Therefore, Huang Houyi had a well-deserved impression that Huang Xiaoyong’s master should be an old man.

“But he has such a young sister, which means that he is not as old as I think?”

“Father, don’t beat around the bush. I won’t tell you about this. If Master is unhappy, my promising future will be ruined by you,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Huang Houyi nodded repeatedly.

Although he was extremely curious about this matter, he did not dare to anger a Superb Master because of it.

Even if they offended the Royal Court,
they would be beheaded. And if they
offended the Superb Master, they would
suffer more than death.

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything
more. But can your current realm be
revealed to the outside world?” Huang
Houyi probed. Now that the three great
clans wanted to strip him of his position a
s city lord, if those people were to know
that Huang Xiaoyong now possessed the
strength of four lamp realms, the three
great clans would likely retreat in the face
of difficulties. For Huang Houyi, this was
a simple solution to his problem.

Huang Xiaoyong frowned and thought for
a moment. If he told others about his
realm, many people would be shocked,
but it would not affect Samuel. After all,
except for his father, no one would know
that his promotion was related to others.

Moreover, Huang Xiaoyong knew why his
father did this. As his son, he should help
Huang Houyi relieve his worries.

“Yes, but
can’t mention my Master,”
Huang Xiaoyong said. “Alright, alright, don’t worry. Apart from your realm, I absolutely won’t mention anything else.” Huang Houyi said.

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