Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1377


A furious roar of the Wang family broke

out in the courtyard of the Wang family..

Patriarch Wang’s face was full of disbelief.

Huang Xiaoyong had reached the Four
Light Realm, which was a fatal blow for
Patriarch Wang.

It was the crucial time to overthrow

Huang Houyi’s position as the lord of the

City. This news was almost desperate.

“Have you figured it out? How could
Huang Xiaoyong reach the Four-Light

At the same time, the same went for the
Xie Family Manor.

House Master Xie was breathing rapidly. H
e didn’t want to believe this sudden news,
but it couldn’t be a joke when Huang
Houyi released such a message.

“How could this be? Huang Xiaoyong is
only in the Second Light Realm. How
could he reach the Four-Light Realm so
quickly?” Patriarch Xie asked the servant.

“Master, I heard from the sources of the
City Lord’s Manor that Huang Xiaoyong’s
broadsword, is indeed showing his realm o
f the Four-Lights Realm. This is
absolutely true. As for why he can reach
the Four-Lights Realm, it is unknown.”

The servant replied.

Master Xie took a deep breath. If Huang
Xiaoyong really had this kind of strength, i
t would be an extravagant hope to
overthrow Huang Houyi.

Not to mention whether the joint efforts o
f the three families could pose a threat to
Huang Houyi, Huang Xiaoyong’s strength
in the Four-lamp Realm had become a
concern that could not be ignored for
them. Once Huang Xiaoyong took action,
who could stop him?

The Xie Family Head gritted his teeth and
said, “Could it be that the long-term
arrangement can only be turned into
bubbles after all?”

After saying this, the Xie Family Head
collapsed on the couch.

In the Chens’ manor.

Shop Vauran walked in such a hurry that

she could almost feel the wind under her feet.

She quickly came to Chen Tiexin’s room, knocked on the door and shouted, ”

Brother, are you in the room?”

“Yes.” Chen Tiexin’s heavy voice came from the room.

Chen Yanran pushed the door open and came in. When she saw Chen Tiexin’s expression, she guessed that her brother had already known about Huang Xiaoyong.

“Brother, you’ve heard about it, haven’t

you?” asked Chen Yanran.

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth and looked very unwilling. He had been looking for a high-ranking teacher for many years, but he found nothing. Now Huang Xiaoyong had reached the Four-Light Realm, which was unacceptable to Chen Tiexin.

How could the son of a city lord who had nothing better to do have such good luck!

“Huang Xiaoyong must have found a master with a high realm. Otherwise, it is impossible for him to have such a

terrifying realm promotion,” Chen Tiexin


Chen Yanran also had such a guess,
because Huang Xiaoyong had been stuck i
n the Second Light Realm for several
years. For cultivators, this was a huge
barrier. It was not easy to cross it unless a
guide appeared.

However, Chen Yanran couldn’t figure out
who in a place like Dragon Cloud City
could be so powerful that Huang Xiaoyong
could break through two realms in a short
period of time.

“Brother, do you think his master is still i
n Dragon Cloud City? If he can break
through two realms in a short time, what
realm is that?” Chen Yanran asked

Chen Tiexin took a deep breath. If that
expert was still in Dragon Cloud City, he
would be able to find him even if he had to
dig three feet into the ground. As for
Huang Xiaoyong’s master’s realm, that
was not something Chen Tiexin could

“Sister, help me mobilize all the people in
the mansion to look for this person. We
have to find him no matter what.” Chen

Tiexin said.

Chen Yanran knew that Chen Tiexin was very anxious, but this matter could not be taken recklessly. Since he was a master, h e deliberately hid himself. No matter how many people there were, it was useless.

And even if he was really lucky to be found by them, in case he made the expert dissatisfied, no one knew what would happen.

“Brother, don’t worry. We have to think about it carefully.” Chen Yanran said.

Chen Tiexin swept the teapot and cup on the table with one hand and looked extremely angry. He said, “Even Huang Xiaoyong is in the Four-Light Realm, but I’m still in the Two-Light Realm. How can I accept this?”

Chen Yanran saw that her brother was angry. Although she really wanted to help him, this matter was beyond her ability, s o she wanted to help him, but she could d o nothing.

“Brother, don’t worry. Maybe your luck hasn’t arrived yet. I believe that in terms o f talent, you are stronger than Huang

Xiaoyong. Once the expert knows about your existence, he will definitely think more highly of you,” said Chen Yanran.

Chen Tiexin was thick-skinned and didn’t feel that there was any problem with Chen Yanran’s words, but he looked worried and said, “I’m afraid that this master has left Dragon Cloud City before he sees me.”

“No,” Chen Yanran said resolutely.

“Why?” Chen Tiexin asked with a puzzled look. He didn’t understand why Chen Yanran was so sure.

“The Beast Hunting Competition is coming. I feel that the reason he appeared in Dragon Cloud City is because of the Beast Hunting Competition. Even if he wants to leave, it should be after the Beast Hunting Competition.” Chen Yanran explained.

After hearing this, Chen Tiexin calmed down a little, because what Chen Yanran said was very reasonable. It was very wrong for a strong person to appear in Dragon Cloud City. Since he had appeared, there must be some reason.

The most important event in Dragon Cloud City recently was the Beast Hunting Meeting, wasn’t it?

“It looks like I have to perform well during the Beast Hunting Competition in order to attract the attention of this 11 expert,” Chen Tiexin said.

Seeing that her brother calmed down, Chen Yanran nodded and said, “So, brother, you can’t be in a hurry now. You should prepare for the animal hunting meeting. The more anxious you are, the easier it will be for you to make trouble.”

“It’s all thanks to you that you reminded me. Otherwise, I might have acted recklessly. The loss outweighed the gain.” Chen Tiexin smiled.

“Well, you take a rest first. I have to go to prepare for the animal hunting event,” 11 Chen Yanran said.

After leaving Chen Tiexin’s room, Chen Yanran did not go back to her room directly, but went to the place where Samuel lived.

Previously, Samuel and Huang Xiaoyong
left Dragon Cloud City together and went t
o the suburbs. No one knew what had
happened during the period. But Chen
Yanran guessed that something must
have happened between Samuel and
Huang Xiaoyong.

Of course, she did not think Samuel was
Huang Xiaoyong’s master. She just
wanted to learn more about Huang
Xiaoyong from him.

“Aren’t you going to sleep here tonight?”
Samuel was a little surprised to see Chen
Yanran come to his room at this time.
Although he and Chen Yanran were
husband and wife in name, in fact,
nothing had happened.

The most important thing was that
Samuel was not interested in Chen Yanran
at all. To him, disloyalty to Yvonne was
the most heinous thing in the world.

Chen Yanran smiled coldly and said, “You
are not qualified to touch me. Don’t

Samuel patted his chest with a look of
relief and said, “That’s good.” Chen Yanran’s face froze, and she gritted her teeth and said, “What do you mean?”

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