Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1380

Chen Yanran’s face was livid. She had heard clearly what Samuel had said in the room.

When the flowers bloom, the Chens will b e exterminated!

His words instantly aroused Chen

Yanran’s desire to kill Samuel. For some reason, she somehow felt a strong sense o f crisis coming from this man. It was as if his words would eventually become reality one day.

Now, it was the best opportunity for Chen Yanran to kill Samuel.

However, Chen Yanran was reluctant to d o so. If she killed Samuel, then no one would know Huang Xiaoyong’s secret of breaking through two realms.

For her brother, Chen Yanran had to get the truth from Samuel.

Chen Yanran looked at the maid. Although she was already charmingly dressed, she was still short-sighted. It seemed that she had to do it herself.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Yanran
walked toward the room.

Seeing this, the maid asked in horror, ”
Miss, what are you going to do?”

Chen Yanran did not answer, but walked
into the room without hesitation.

Although she was inexperienced, she
knew very well that once Samuel couldn’t
hold back what would happen to her,
Chen Yanran was not afraid. As long as
Chen Tiexin could break through the
realm, he could get the glory of the Chen
Family. It was worthwhile to pay a little
price for it.

Standing in front of Samuel, Chen Yanran
said, “Samuel, as long as you say a word, I
can help you get rid of the effect of the

Samuel closed his eyes tightly. The drug
had been applied to the extent that he
could not see a woman. Otherwise, he
would not be able to control himself.

“Chen Yanran,” Samuel said coldly, “I
advise you to get out of my sight.”

“The result of struggling is that you die

with blood flowing out of your eyes, nose, and mouth. Do you want to die here?” Chen Yanran said.

The blood in Samuel’s body was churning. If things went on like this, blood would definitely flow out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. But even so, Yvonne’s and Han Nian’s appearances flashed across his mind. He would not allow him to cheat.

“Even this bit of medicine wants to poison me to death; you really are looking down on me a bit too much.” Samuel said.

Chen Yanran took off her coat and the snoring made Samuel’s heart beat faster again. He could only close his eyes.

“Do you dare to open your eyes and look a t me?” Chen Yanran said provocatively.

Samuel clenched his fists and felt hot at the tip of his nose. Blood gushed out.

At this moment, Chen Tiexin suddenly barged into Samuel’s room.

Tonight, he did not know about Chen Yanran’s layout. When he heard about it from the servants, he rushed over.

Seeing that the situation had not
developed to the point that he had
imagined, Chen Tiexin finally let out a
sigh of relief.

“Yanran, what are you doing?” Chen

Tiexin asked seriously.

“Brother, he knows Huang Xiaoyong’s
secret of breaking through two realms in
a row. I must let him say it,” Chen Yanran

Chen Tiexin’s heart ached. He didn’t

expect that Chen Yanran would make such

a sacrifice for him.

But even so, he was unwilling to let Chen

Yanran do so.

Holding Chen Yanran’s hand, Chen Tiexin

said, “Follow me. If you should pay such a

price, it’s okay if I don’t know.”

Chen Yanran wanted to get rid of Chen
Tiexin, but her strength was obviously not
comparable to Chen Tiexin’s. She could
only say, “Brother, if I leave like this, he
will die.”

Chen Tiexin looked at Samuel with
disdain and sneered,

“He’s a good-for

nothing. He doesn’t care if he’s dead.”

After that, Chen Tiexin forced Chen Yanran out of the room.

“Yanran, from now on, don’t do such stupid things. I know how to deal with my brother’s affairs. Besides, do you think he knows Huang Xiaoyong’s affairs?” Chen Tiexin reminded Chen Yanran.

Just now, Samuel had clearly said that he knew how Huang Xiaoyong broke through the realm.

But looking at Chen Tiexin’s tough attitude, Chen Yanran knew that it was useless to say anything.

“Brother, I know I was wrong. I won’t do i t again in the future, but he…” Chen Yanran did not want Samuel to die at the moment because Han Tianran still had her curious secrets.

“I don’t care about him. Whether he can live or not depends on his own destiny,” Chen Tiexin said.

Three times the amount. In this case, if he couldn’t get a relief, he would be

suffocated to death.

After the group of people left, Samuel’s
body had reached its limit.

There was no one around. Samuel said,
gnashing his teeth, “Little guy, you still
want to watch the show? Hurry up and
find a way to help me.”

The little white snake moved out of his
arms, but it looked like it couldn’t help. It
didn’t seem to help Samuel.

“If it really doesn’t work, you can just bite
me.” Samuel said. He truly had no choice.
The surging blood energy in his body
couldn’t be controlled at all.

The little white snake spat out red letters,

revealing two fangs.

The venom of the red-eyed jade python
was like a nightmare to the cultivators of
Xuanyuan World. Even someone as
powerful as a Superb Master was afraid of
it like a tiger.

After taking a bite, the little white snake
only released a little venom and quickly
loosened its mouth.

Samuel’s finger that was bitten slowly
turned into a black purple color.

Moreover, this kind of black purple color spread to his arm at an extremely fast speed.

As the venom of the red-eyed jade python invaded his body, the three-times of aphrodisiac in his body soon stopped, but he was in more pain. A heart-wrenching pain spread all over his body. Samuel was rolling on the ground in pain, and his sweat was pouring down like rain.

After an entire night of torment, it was as i f Samuel had walked through hell. After experiencing life and death reincarnation, he finally left behind a bit of life force.

In Chen Yanran’s room, when it was just dawn, she had already woken up. She thought that Samuel might have died in the room, so she quickly called her personal maid.

“Go to Samuel’s room and have a look. If h e dies, get someone to dispose of his body. Although she said this, Chen Yanran did not want Samuel to die in her heart. After all, she needed to know the secret that she was curious about.


The maidservant took the order and left.

The maid was a little nervous when she came to the door of Samuel’s room. After last night, her fear of Samuel had been buried deep in her heart, like a lingering haze.

The maid pushed the door open and saw

Samuel lying motionless on the ground.

She was shocked.


Was he dead?

The maid summoned up her courage and walked up to Samuel. She took a deep breath and was about to squat down to see if Samuel was still breathing.

At this moment, Samuel suddenly said, ”

Don’t worry. I’m not dead yet.”

As soon as he spoke, the maid was so

scared that her face changed and she took

three steps back.

“Samuel, if you had knelt to the young

lady, you wouldn’t be in such a sorry state,

“the maid said.

Samuel tilted his head and looked at the maid. He grinned and said, “I, Samuel, will not kneel even to heaven and earth.”

The maidservant gritted her teeth. “This guy’s stubborn temper is really a bull. In the Chens’ mansion, how can he fight with Miss?”

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