Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1382

“Are you qualified to speak?” Chen
Yanran scolded Samuel in a cold voice.

She knew very well that Chen Tiexin had
suffered a lot in Huang Xiaoyong’s
breaking through the realm, and Samuel
had deliberately provoked Chen Tiexin to
find trouble with Huang Xiaoyong. Wasn’t
that embarrassing Chen Tiexin?

Samuel waved his hand helplessly and
said, “I just thought your brother wanted t
o avenge you. It seems that he doesn’t
dare to do so. Just forget what I said.”

Chen Tiexin suddenly turned around and
grabbed Samuel’s neck with a murderous
look on his face. He said with bloodshot
eyes, “Samuel, believe it or not, I’ll kill

Samuel looked indifferent. Even Huang
Xiaoyong didn’t dare to kill people in
public, let alone Chen Tiexin.

Moreover, if Chen Tiexin really dared to
kill him, Samuel would be able to end
Chen Tiexin’s life faster.

Although Samuel was now poisoned by the red-eyed jade python and his strength was not at the peak, he could still deal with Chen Tiexin, who was a weak person i n the Second Light Realm.

“Chen Tiexin, you can only be mean to m e. Don’t you feel sad? How dare you kill m e? How dare you kill me in front of so many people?” Samuel said lightly.

Chen Tiexin was furious, but he still let Samuel go.

Killing people in public was inviting trouble to himself. He did not dare to ruin his future because of his impulsiveness.

At this time, Chen Yanran was full of killing intent. Originally, she wanted to use the Beast Hunting Meeting to end Samuel’s life, but now she was more determined in this regard.

Huang Houyi appeared shortly after.

As the Governor of Dragon Cloud City, he was naturally required to give commands on important matters such as the Beast Hunting Meeting.

“I think that everyone has been waiting for a long time. I will not say any unnecessary words. I hope that everyone can return with a full harvest today. Let’s set off.”

After saying this, the crowd began to sprint. Everyone wanted to gain the initiative. After all, there weren’t many strange beasts on the outer edge of the Dragon -rocky Mountains. If they were late, they wouldn’t even be able to see the shadow of the strange beast.

Chen Tiexin was also among the crowd. At this moment, he did not have the feeling o f superiority in front of Samuel. Instead, h e was like a hungry beggar. When he saw the buns in the distance, he wanted to fight for them with his life.

However, Chen Yanran was not anxious, because she did not want to hunt the beasts, but to find an opportunity to kill Samuel.

As a Four-Light Realm expert, Huang Xiaoyong was also not in a hurry, because most people could only search for strange beasts on the periphery of Dragon -rocky

Mount. However, he had the strength to enter deeper, and there were fewer competitors, so it was useless for him to b e anxious for a while.

“Chen Yanran, did you give up at the beginning?” Huang Xiaoyong approached Chen Yanran again. It could be seen that h e had a strong grudge against this matter. Otherwise, he would not keep showing off his superiority in front of Chen Yanran.

However, Huang Xiaoyong’s feelings could be understood. After all, he had been pursuing Chen Yanran for many years, and everyone in Dragon Cloud City knew about it. However, there was no result and he even made a lot of jokes..

Now that he had reached the four lamp realm, it was reasonable for him to swagger around.

“Could it be that I can enter the deepest part of the Dragon -rocky Mountains like you? There aren’t many competitors there, so why should I be anxious?” Chen Yanran said.

“You?” After a moment of astonishment, Huang Xiaoyong laughed and said, “Chen

Yanran, you really don’t know yourself well. Aren’t you afraid that you will die in the Dragon-rocky Mountains?”

“It’s none of your business whether I die o r not,” Chen Yanran said.

“Your life and death, of course, have nothing to do with me. Do you think I care about you as much as before? I’m just looking for an opportunity to mock you,” Huang Xiaoyong said with a laugh.

Chen Yanran’s face was livid and as ugly a s it could be. She used to ignore Huang Xiaoyong, but now, she had a feeling of being unworthy of him.

Samuel glared at Huang Xiaoyong and motioned for him to get out of here. He thought, “Don’t be so arrogant. She’s just a woman. It’s not necessary for him to be s o calculating.”

Huang Xiaoyong trembled with fear and hurriedly ran away on his horse. He dared not disobey his master’s order.

After Huang Xiaoyong left, Samuel looked at Chen Yanran from the corner of his eyes. He had long felt Chen Yanran’s

murderous intent toward him, and this Beast Hunting Meeting was the best time.

Just now, he heard that Chen Yanran was going to enter the deepest part of the Dragon-rocky Mountains. With her strength, it was impossible for her to go there and risk her life. Therefore, the only explanation Samuel could think of was that Chen Yanran wanted to kill him, so she went.

“If you want to kill me, you have to take such a big risk. Is it necessary? Have you ever thought that you may die in the Dragon-rocky Mountains?” Samuel said t o Chen Yanran directly. Since things had come to this point, there was no need for him to hide his guess.

“Samuel, when did you start to know that

I wanted you dead?” asked Chen Yanran.

When Samuel mentioned the sacrifice, Chen Yanran felt that her plan had been exposed, but she couldn’t figure out why Samuel knew about it. After all, only she and her personal maid knew about her plan, and it was absolutely impossible for her maid to tell Samuel about it.

“From the moment I woke up,” Samuel
said faintly, “The reason why you married
me was that you saw that I was in a coma
and could be at your disposal. But once I
woke up, I became an unstable factor.
That’s why you wanted to kill me. But you
hesitated about this issue and tried to test
me. Perhaps you wanted to see if I was
still useful. Perhaps this time, you wanted

to test me with my life.”

Samuel’s analysis frightened Chen
Yanran. She didn’t expect that her plan
would be so thoroughly analyzed by
Samuel. How could such an inconspicuous
man be so scheming?

“Now that you’ve guessed it, why did you
come here?” Chen Yanran asked in

“I’ve never experienced such a thing
before, so of course I have to experience i
t. As for the danger, you’re still here,
aren’t you? If I face death, do you think
you can escape? I think it’s good to die
with you,” Samuel said with a smile. He
knew that Chen Yanran hated him very
much, so he deliberately said so to disgust Chen Yanran.

One had to say, Samuel’s goal had been achieved.

Thinking of dying with Samuel, Chen Yanran felt sick in her heart. She was the eldest daughter of the Chen Family. How could she die with a good-for-nothing?

However, Chen Yanran had already thought about it. Once she met a powerful beast, she would run away without hesitation. As long as Samuel was in her way, she would have a better chance of survival.

“When your death anniversary comes, I will burn some incense for your sympathy. “Chen Yanran said.

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