Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1384

After entering the middle area, Chen
Yanran and Huang Xiaoyong became
more serious. After all, they knew clearly
that the beasts here were not comparable t
o those in the outer area of the Dragon –
rocky Mountains. If they were not lucky
enough, they would probably lose their
lives here.

However, compared with Huang
Xiaoyong, Chen Yanran was more serious.
At least, Huang Xiaoyong knew that he
was in danger and that Samuel would take
action, but Chen Yanran was completely
unaware of it..

Huang Xiaoyong saw Samuel walking
behind, so he deliberately slowed down

and gradually paralleled Samuel.

Since Chen Yanran’s attention was all
focused on observing the surrounding
environment, she did not notice the
whispers of Samuel and Huang Xiaoyong a
t all.

“Master, my life is in your hands. You
have to protect me,” Huang Xiaoyong said

“You are now in the Four-Light Realm,
and this is not the core. What are you
afraid of?” Samuel said helplessly.

“Master, there are things you don’t know.
Although this is only the Central District,
there are some core Exotic Beasts that will
appear here. Those powerful Exotic Beasts
always need some food,” Huang Xiaoyong

Samuel nodded. If he was really so
unlucky, Four-Light Realm might not be a
big deal.

At this time, the sound of fighting came
from the front, and Chen Yanran
subconsciously stopped.

Huang Xiaoyong hurriedly distanced
himself from Samuel in order not to let
Chen Yanran notice the unusual
relationship between him and Samuel.

“It seems that someone has encountered
a strange beast. Do you want to go and
have a look?” Chen Yanran asked Huang
Xiaoyong. Obviously, she was asking for
Huang Xiaoyong’s opinion. After all, in
her heart, Huang Xiaoyong was a strong
man, while Samuel was just a good-for

nothing. She couldn’t expect Samuel to protect him.

Huang Xiaoyong looked at Samuel from the corner of his eye and saw him nod slightly. He said, “Of course I want to see i t. I want to see if I can pick up a bargain.”

The three of them walked in the direction of the sound of the battle. At the corner of the mountain, they found that the four people in front of them were attacking a strange beast that looked like a mouse, but was bigger than an ordinary tiger.

“A chipmunk! These guys are really unlucky to meet a chipmunk,” Huang Xiaoyong said softly.

“Is it very powerful?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“Four-star Exotic Beasts are considered very powerful in the middle area of the Dragon-rocky Mountains. However,

chipmunks are even more difficult to deal with compared to the same-star type of Exotic Beast, because they specialize in speed. This will make it difficult for people to launch a true attack on them.

There is an army of chipmunks under the

Royal Court, and it is rumored that there are thousands of them for a surprise attack.” Huang Xiaoyong explained.

Samuel nodded. From the looks of it, this big mouse was of some value. The fact that the Royal Court was able to establish a n army with it as the foundation indicated that it was extraordinary.

The three opponents were obviously weak in the face of a chipmunk. After several rounds of attacks, they did not even manage to touch the chipmunk. The battle was at a complete standstill.

At this time, Samuel suddenly said to Huang Xiaoyong, “Don’t you want to help?

Although this was an inquiry, from Samuel’s mouth, Huang Xiaoyong could naturally understand what he meant.

Master was asking him to do it himself.

Huang Xiaoyong was not very afraid of the four-star beast and had three helpers, so he went out.

Chen Yanran was a little surprised in her heart. “Is Huang Xiaoyong so kind?” But if

he wanted to fight for this chipmunk, shouldn’t he wait a little longer? It would b e better if he appeared to reap the benefits when both sides were injured.

“What a fool. It’s not the best time to show up now.” Chen Yanran said with a disdainful look.

Huang Xiaoyong’s appearance made the three of them vigilant at the same time. After all, he was an outsider. Who could guess what he wanted to do?

“Who are you?”

“This is the Exotic Beast we found first. D o you want to grab it?”

“I advise you to stay away, otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

The three of them threatened Huang Xiaoyong in succession. Obviously, they didn’t want their delicious meal to be ruined by Huang Xiaoyong.

“Don’t worry, I won’t fight with you, but with the strength of the three of you, it will be a little difficult to deal with this chipmunk. If I am added, it will be much easier. I don’t ask for anything in return,

just for free help.” Huang Xiaoyong said with a faint smile.

Obviously, the three of them would not easily believe Huang Xiaoyong’s words. In front of Exotic Beasts, who wouldn’t be tempted? After becoming a Beast Trainer, one could be used by the Royal Court. Moreover, an antelope -like Rat had its own special ability. Once they tamed the chipmunk, they could join the Royal Court directly.

“Who are you and what realm do you belong to?” someone asked Huang Xiaoyong.

“My name is Huang Xiaoyong, son of the Governor of Dragon Cloud City. I’m in the Four-lamp Realm.” Huang Xiaoyong introduced himself. His tone was full of pride. If it were in the past, he would not have the confidence to say that. But now h e had the Four-lamp Realm, so he was completely qualified.

“Huang Xiaoyong!”

“You are Huang Xiaoyong, who has broken two realms in a row!”

The three of them looked surprised. It
seemed that they also knew that Huang
Xiaoyong had broken the realm.

Huang Xiaoyong’s face was full of pride as
he said, “You guys shouldn’t be from
Dragon Cloud City, right? I didn’t think
that my matter would have already been
spread to other cities.”

“You’ve broken through two realms in a
row. Rumor has it that you’ve received
pointers from an expert. Is this true? Is
there really such an expert in Dragon
Cloud City?” Someone couldn’t wait to
ask. It seemed that in his eyes, even

antelope chipmunk was no longer
important. After all, his cultivation state
was already very strong, and it was more
important than hunting strange beasts.

Huang Xiaoyong smiled and said nothing.

He didn’t answer the question directly. If
they knew the realm of Samuel, wouldn’t
the person who had been apprenticed
have to step over the gate of the Chen
family’s mansion? Huang Xiaoyong didn’t
want anyone to compete with him for the

“Cut the crap. Let’s settle the matter at
hand first. I’ll help you capture this
chipmunk.” Huang Xiaoyong said.

The four of them gathered together and
surrounded the chipmunk.

With Huang Xiaoyong’s help, the escape
route of the chipmunk was almost
completely blocked, which made it
impossible for it to exert its agility. Soon,
the chipmunk seemed to be in decline.
After being hit several times, even its
speed was much slower.

“Well, I’ll leave it to you. I’m going to
watch the play.” Seeing that the
chipmunk was almost unable to resist,
Huang Xiaoyong withdrew from the battle.

The three men didn’t expect Huang

Xiaoyong to be so straightforward and not
coveting the chipmunk at all, which put
them at ease.

Huang Xiaoyong raised his eyebrows at
Samuel. He seemed to be taking credit, as i
f he was saying, “Master, I did a good job.”

Samuel glanced at Huang Xiaoyong
disdainfully and then focused his attention back on the chipmunk.

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