Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1385

When the chipmunk was lying on the
ground and unable to move, the three
discussed for a while. Then, one of them
walked toward the chipmunk. Suddenly,
the chipmunk became docile. It wagged its
tail at the man like a dog.

“What did he do just now? Why does the

chipmunk’s attitude toward him change s

o quickly?” Samuel said, puzzled.

Huang Xiaoyong was about to explain to

his master, but was unexpectedly

preempted by Chen Yanran.

“This is a special rune. With this rune, the
master only needs to think, and he can
kill the beast. The chipmunk knows that
his life is in the hands of that person, so h
e tries to please him.” Chen Yanran

“This isn’t taming, this is a threat,”
Samuel said.

Chen Yanran smiled coldly and said, “Do

you want to reason with these bastards?”

When Chen Yanran said this, Samuel
clearly felt that the little white snake’s

body trembled and began to spit out a letter. Obviously, it was very dissatisfied with Chen Yanran’s words.

Samuel touched his arm. This gesture was equivalent to comforting the little white snake, telling it not to lower himself to the level of a woman.

“Chen Yanran, from what you said, you seem to look down on these animals. Do you think they are inferior to us? But you have to rely on these animals to improve your status. Don’t you think it’s funny?” Samuel said lightly.

Chen Yanran’s face changed and she said, “I am a human and they are beasts. Can’t I be higher than them?”

“In the eyes of the imperial court, unique

beasts are likely more important than humans. Why would the imperial court think highly of a Beast Trainer? Is it because of a person or a unique beast? You can taste, carefully taste it.” Samuel said with a smile.

Chen Yanran’s expression was extremely ugly. Samuel’s words did make sense. The Royal Court valued people who could

control strange beasts, and the strange beasts were the most crucial part. From a certain point of view, wasn’t the Royal Court concerned about those strange beasts?

“Samuel, I don’t mind if you compare yourself to these bastards. But please don’t take me with you. I am different from you. You are just a good-for nothing, while I am the eldest daughter of the Chen Family,” Chen Yanran said coldly.

Huang Xiaoyong suddenly clenched his fists and wanted to punch Chen Yanran to death. How dare she talk to his master like this? Wasn’t she looking for death?

At this time, the three people came over and bowed to Huang Xiaoyong to thank him.

“Brother Huang, thank you for helping us. We were so petty just now.”

“Brother Huang, please forgive us. After all, this strange beast is too precious. We can’t help but think too much about your sudden appearance.

“Brother Huang, we’re from the Xiaoling City. If you go there to play, just let us know and we’ll make you have a good time.”

Upon hearing the name of the City of

Xiaoling, Huang Xiaoyong showed a hint o flonging on his face.

“I didn’t expect you guys to come from the Xiaoling City. When I have time, I’ll definitely find you guys to play,” Huang Xiaoyong said with a smile.

The three of them looked at Samuel, but did not stop their eyes too much. Instead, i t was Chen Yanran who made their eyes light up. After all, she was a great beauty, which was very attractive to men.

“This is…” One of them pointed at Chen Yanran and asked Huang Xiaoyong.

“She’s just an ordinary person. It’s not worth mentioning. We have to find some strange beasts. Let’s part ways here,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“That’s fine. I hope I can meet Brother Huang in Xiaoling City,”

After the two groups separated, Huang
Xiaoyong couldn’t help saying, “I didn’t
expect them to be from the Xiaoling City.
This time, I gain a lot of benefits.”

Samuel looked at Huang Xiaoyong
curiously. This guy’s reaction when he
heard the name of the Xiaoling City was
very strange, and now he had a look of
yearning for it. Was there something
special about the Xiaoling City?

“What’s the big deal? What benefit did
you get?” Samuel asked.

“Ma..” Huang Xiaoyong hurriedly took
back his words before he could say the
word “Master”. He almost had an
accident. He hurriedly said, “How can
people like you know the beauty of the
City of Xiaoling? But I can answer your
questions. There is a river in the City of
Xiaoling, and both sides of the river are
many beauties. When you passes by the
river. The girls are standing on both sides
of the river and making a show of their
beauties. It’s like a fairyland. Once
someone is interested in her, you can
invite the person on the boat to have a

talk. The most magnificent scenery of the

City of Xiaoling is the undulating waves and the shaking boat on the river.”

Countless ships were swaying left and right in Samuel’s mind. The view was quite magnificent. No wonder Huang Xiaoyong yearned for the Xiaoling City. As long as it was a man, he would probably want to see it.

Samuel would not do anything unfaithful t o Yvonne; it was not bad for him to be worldly-wise.

“So that’s how it is. It seems that I will

have to broaden my horizons if I have the

chance,” Samuel said with a smile.

At this time, Chen Yanran suddenly snorted. As a woman, she naturally scoffed at such a brothel. Moreover, Samuel was going to die here today, and h e even wanted to go to the Xiaoling City. It was really ridiculous.

“Chen Yanran, with our relationship, you don’t have the right to be in charge of me, do you?” Samuel asked.

Chen Yanran did not speak, but her eyebrows were full of coldness.

The three continued to move forward.
Chen Yanran, who wanted to kill Samuel,
became even more determined at the
moment. Unfortunately, it was not up to
her to decide whether she could meet the
beast or not.

After walking for half a day, the quiet
Central District appeared extremely
strange. However, Samuel suddenly
halted his footsteps.

“What are you doing?” Chen Yanran was
shocked and hurriedly stopped. She was
already frightened when she walked to
the Central District. Samuel’s sudden
strange action made her feel even creepier.

“There is a smell of blood in the air. Do
you smell it?” Samuel said seriously. The
fishy smell came from the front.
Obviously, something had happened there.

Huang Xiaoyong frowned when he heard
what Samuel said. He sniffed carefully
and found that there was indeed a fishy

“It seems that there are already people
died in front of us. I’m afraid that they
have met a powerful beast,” Huang

Xiaoyong said seriously.

A powerful beast?

Wasn’t this the best chance to kill Samuel?

Chen Yanran didn’t think about it and continued to walk forward.

Samuel smiled helplessly and nodded to Huang Xiaoyong.

Huang Xiaoyong walked to Samuel’s side and said in a low voice, “Master, is this woman crazy? She knows that there is danger ahead, but she still dares to go.”

“If she wants to kill me, then she naturally has to encounter a powerful strange beast. ‘She is not crazy, but rather vicious.” Samuel said.

Huang Xiaoyong sneered. “With Chen Yanran’s realm, if Samuel is dead, will this woman still have a chance to survive? It’s ridiculous.”

“What a wicked woman.”

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