Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1387

Huang Xiaoyong was also stunned. He
thought that his master would take out
some trump card, but he didn’t expect
that such a little thing would be smashed t
o pieces by this kick!

“Master, you… you are…” Huang

Xiaoyong had mixed feelings in his heart

and really didn’t know what to say.

Samuel wiped the cold sweat from his
forehead. It was quite powerful when it
was in the Devil King’s Cave. It was
unlikely that it would be killed by a
Winged Tiger when it arrived in Xuanyuan

Moreover, according to Huang Xiaoyong, i

t should be a red-eyed jade python. After

all, it was a nine-star beast. How could it

not be able to deal with a seven-star


“Or is it now growing, and its strength
hasn’t reached nine stars at all?”

“We’re screwed now.”

According to Samuel’s current injuries, it

wasn’t very likely that he’d be able to face

a Seven Star Winged Tiger. If the red-eyed

a Seven Star Wing t. If the red-eyed

jade python was really that bad, the lives o

f them would most likely be lost here.
“Don’t worry.” Samuel comforted Huang
Xiaoyong. Although he was not sure, he

did not show any panic on his face.

Hearing Samuel’s words, Huang Xiaoyong

calmed down a little.

The first trampling by the Seven Star
Winged Tiger wasn’t enough. It lifted its
foot again, as though wanting the little
white snake to die completely.

But right at this moment, the seven-star
Winged Tiger suddenly froze. A dangerous
aura caused it to stare warily at its
surroundings, as though a tremendous
danger was about to descend upon it.

At this moment, Samuel noticed the fear i
n Winged Tiger’s eyes. It was obvious that
he was afraid.

With a thunderous roar, the Winged Tiger
seemed to be emboldening itself and also
calling its opponent to show up.

This roar once again caused the outer
fringes of the Dragon -Rocky Mountain

Range to shake. Those one Lamp Realm

experts all had panicked expressions on their faces. Quite a number of them had already decided to leave in order to avoid Winged Tiger’s sudden arrival at the outer fringes from being affected.

People left one after another, but the entrance of the middle area was still guarded by a figure that was unwilling to leave.

Chen Tiexin!

He knew that Chen Yanran was still in the Central District, and he also knew that Chen Yanran wanted to use this opportunity to kill Samuel.

However, he had never expected that the Seven-star Winged Tiger would appear in the Central District. If Chen Yanran met the Winged Tiger, she would definitely die, which made Chen Tiexin very worried.

Since they were children, they grew up together. Chen Tiexin shouldered most of the responsibility of protecting Chen Yanran and loved his sister very much. He would stand up for Chen Yanran no matter what happened. But this time, he hesitated.

Worried as he was, Chen Tiexin knew that
if Chen Yanran really ran into Winged
Tiger, it would be impossible for him, a
Second Light Realm expert, to save Chen

Even if he entered the Central District, it
was just a dead end.

“Chen Tiexin, what are you waiting for?
Hurry up and leave. Once Winged Tiger
appears on the periphery, everyone here
will die.” A young man shouted at Chen
Tiexin. It seemed that they had a good
relationship. At the critical moment, he
didn’t forget to remind Chen Tiexin.

“My sister is still inside.” Chen Tiexin
clenched his fists and said.

“Do you think she still has a chance to
make it out alive? This is a Seven Star
Winged Tiger, not an ordinary beast,” the
man said.

Chen Tiexin naturally knew how powerful
the Winged Tiger was, but he was not
willing to let Chen Yanran die in the
Dragon-rocky Mountains,

“Let’s go. You can’t save her with your

strength, so you don’t have to hurt yourself,” the man continued.

Chen Tiexin took a deep breath and said in a low voice: “Samuel, if it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation. I want to find out all your information and make your family die with her.”

After that, Chen Tiexin turned around with difficulty. It was not that he didn’t want to save Chen Yanran, but he knew that there was nothing he could do about i t.

“Why did she go to the Central District? With her strength, wouldn’t she be courting death if she went there?” The man asked Chen Tiexin doubtfully. He didn’t understand why Chen Yanran did this before. After all, ordinary people didn’t dare to go to the middle area.

Chen Tiexin had blamed this matter on Samuel. Hearing his question at this moment, his hatred for Samuel became even stronger.

“It’s nothing. It’s just her bad luck,” Chen Tiexin said.

Central District.

After roaring, Winged Tiger was still
searching for his own place, but he didn’t
realize that the little white snake beneath
his feet was rapidly growing thicker at a
speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this scene, Huang Xiaoyong’s
breathing became more and more rapid. A
s the little white snake became bigger, its
image became more and more similar to
that of a strange beast Huang Xiaoyong
had seen in a painting, and the strange
beast in the painting was a nine-star red
eyed jade python.

This was the legendary nine-star Exotic
Beast. At present, in the entire Xuanyuan
Continent, Huang Xiaoyong only knew
that the Supreme Emperor of the Royal
Court could control it. Moreover, in order t
o capture the nine-star Exotic Beast, the
Supreme Emperor had many help from
many people in the Eight -Legg Realm,
Nine-Legg Realm, and the Superb

“Master… Master is actually a Beast
Trainer, and the strongest one among the
nine-star beasts is a red-eyed jade python.

“When he said this, Huang Xiaoyong couldn’t help but tremble because he was really frightened.

Although he had guessed Samuel had reached the utmost master realm, it was still just a guess. There was no evidence, s o the shock in his heart would not be too strong.

But at this moment, the appearance of the nine-star supernatural animal, the red eyed jade python, was equivalent to confirming the realm of Samuel. How could Huang Xiaoyong not feel excited

A Superb Master!

Master was really a Superb Master. For him, such a great thing was his capital to achieve great things in the future.

How many people in Xuanyuan World could have such honor and become the apprentice of the Superb Master?

It was also the first time that Samuel had seen the real body of the python with red eyes. He was also a little shocked, because at this moment, the python with red eyes and a body like a bucket was still growing

larger and larger. There was no sign of stopping.

“How big is this guy’s real body?” Samuel said with a sigh. Usually, this little thing was attached to his wrist. Samuel had never thought that it could be so big.

The ten-foot-long red-eyed jade python finally revealed its original appearance.

The Seven Star Winged Tiger was so frightened that it was shaking. It had been fierce in the past, but now it was licking its paws like a well-behaved kitten.

The red-eyed jade python spat out the red letter with a hiss. Winged Tiger was so frightened that his entire body trembled. He actually fell to his knees, as though begging for mercy.

The Red-eyed Jade Python raised its head.

high and lashed out with its tail.

The Winged Tiger, which had been slammed heavily against the mountain wall, let out a pitiful whimper. Although it was a Seven Star Exotic Beast, it was already powerful enough. But in front of a top-tier Nine Star Exotic Beast like the

Red-Eyed Jade Python, it wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance at all.

Just as the red-eyed jade python was about to swallow the tiger, Samuel suddenly stopped it.

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