Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1389

Huang Xiaoyong entered the city with the
Winged Tiger.

The news shocked the entire Dragon
Cloud City in an instant. In less than 15
minutes, the news had spread all over the

Everyone was admiring Huang

Xiaoyong’s glory on both sides of the
road. They looked at the huge body of the
Winged Tiger with envy in their eyes.

This was the most illustrious event in the
history of Dragon Cloud City, and Huang
Xiaoyong was destined to be recorded in
the history of Dragon Cloud City. This was
because no one had ever tamed a Seven
Star Exotic Beast before, and he had done s
o. He was the pride of Dragon Cloud City.

In the City Lord’s Manor, Huang Houyi
was in a state of pain. Huang Xiaoyong
had broken through two realms in a row
and had just laid a solid foundation for his
position as the City Lord. However, he had
gone to the Central District during the
Beast Hunting Meeting, and the
appearance of the Winged Tiger in the

Central District was a fatal blow to Huang


Everyone knew how powerful Winged
Tiger was. As a Seven Star Exotic Beast,
Huang Xiaoyong’s Four-Light Realm
strength was simply no match for it.
Therefore, in Huang Houyi’s view, Huang
Xiaoyong could not escape this time. Not
only would he lose his son, but he might
also lose the position of the city lord. This
reality was unacceptable to Huang

At this moment, a flustered servant ran u
p to Huang Houyi and knelt down. He
said, “City Lord, young master, young
master has returned.”.

“He’s back!” Huang Houyi shot to his
feet. He’d never thought that he’d be able t
o come back alive.

“It’s not just returning. Young master,
Young master has also tamed a Seven Star
Exotic Beast, Winged Tiger,” the servant


A thunder seemed to have exploded in
Huang Houyi’s mind.

Tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast!

How was this possible?

Huang Houyi was well aware of Huang Xiaoyong’s strength. Wasn’t it a joke for a Four-lamp Realm expert to fight a Seven star Exotic Beast?

“Are you a fool? What nonsense are you talking about? How could he tame a seven star beast?” Huang Houyi berated.

“It’s true, it’s true. Everyone in the entire Dragon Cloud City knows that the young master is bringing Winged Tiger back to the city.” The servants said agitatedly.

Duke Huang took a deep breath. Unless he wanted to die or say anything else, he couldn’t possibly say such things. The only explanation was that his words were all true.

But… how did Huang Xiaoyong do it!

How could he tame a Seven Star Mystical


“Quick, where is he? I want to go take a look.” Huang Houyi said.

“He is at the gate of the City Lord’s

A gust of wind blew beneath Huang
Houyi’s feet. He wanted nothing more
than to run up and quickly arrive at the
main gate of the mansion.

The first thing that caught his eye was the
huge Winged Tiger. It flapped its wings
and looked unusually powerful. Huang
Xiaoyong stood beside the Winged Tiger.
Although he was much smaller than the
Winged Tiger, he was more eye-catching.
After all, he had tamed the Winged Tiger.

Huang Houyi was so agitated that his
hands and feet trembled. This was the
Huang family’s fortune. Huang Xiaoyong
had tamed a Winged Tiger. In the future,
who would dare challenge the City Lord’s
Manor in Dragon Cloud City? Would the
three great clans still have the guts to
treat him like a puppet?

“Xiaoyong, you… you’ve really tamed a
Winged Tiger!” Huang Houyi walked up to
Huang Xiaoyong and said agitatedly.

Huang Xiaoyong smiled faintly and said, ”
Father, how is it? Is it domineering


“Overbearing, of course it is dominating.
This is a Seven Star Winged Tiger. In the
entire Dragon Cloud City, other than you,
who else has the right to do so?” Huang
Houyi said.

“Nowadays, among the three great clans, i
f anyone dares to be unhappy with you,
I’ll let Winged Tiger trample their manor,
“Huang Xiaoyong said.

Huang Houyi knew that no one could
move his position of city lord. With the
existence of this Winged Tiger, the three
great clans would have no choice but to
obey him in the future.

At this time, the Wang and Xie families
were very suffering. Huang Xiaoyong had
broken through two realms in a row and
had reached the strength of the Four
Light Realm, which had become a big
problem for them. However, this problem
had not been solved yet. Now Huang
Xiaoyong had brought back a seven-star
beast from the Dragon-rocky Mountains,
which was almost fatal news for them.

Originally, they had planned to take away

Huang Houyi’s City Lord’s position so

that this disobedient puppet would know how powerful they were. However, now, with the presence of the Seven Star Exotic Beast, they were already powerless to do s 0.

In the Wang family manor, Patriarch Wang instructed his servants, “Prepare lavish gifts. I will personally congratulate Huang Xiaoyong in City Lord’s Manor.”

At the same time, the Xie Family’s mansion was doing the same thing. The Master of the Xie Family requested for a servant to prepare a big gift to the mansion of the city governor.

At this time, in the Chens’ manor…

Chen Tiexin’s eyes were filled with despair. In the past, he was at the same realm as Huang Xiaoyong and could be said to be on the same level. However, a few days ago, Huang Xiaoyong had broken through two realms in a row and made Chen Tiexin suffer a blow. Of course, this blow was not a big one. In Chen Tiexin’s opinion, as long as he found a famous teacher, there would eventually be a chance to surpass Huang Xiaoyong’s realm.

But now, when news of Huang Xiaoyong
taming the seven-star beast came back,
Chen Tiexin almost despaired, because he
knew that even if a famous teacher was
willing to accept him as a disciple, he
might not have a chance to tame the seven
-star beast. In this respect, he had lost
completely, and he had no strength to
resist at all.

“Seven-star Beast.” Chen Tiexin smiled
weakly. The dream of so many people was
unattainable, but Huang Xiaoyong had
realized it.

At this time, Chen Yuanhai came to Chen
Tiexin and said, “Have you heard that
Huang Xiaoyong took Winged Tiger back t
o Dragon Cloud City?”

“Father, the three great clans of the
Dragon Cloud City will never be able to
defeat the City Lord’s Mansion in the
future.” Said Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yuanhai naturally understood this.
With the help of the seven-star beast, the
three families were just a few clowns in
the eyes of the City Lord’s Mansion. But
this was not what Chen Yuanhai was

caring about

“Since the Winged Tiger has been tamed b
y Huang Xiaoyong, is it possible for Chen
Yanran to survive?” Chen Yuanhai said.

Chen Tiexin’s eyes narrowed.

What he cared about before was Huang
Xiaoyong and he had completely
forgotten Chen Yanran.

Now thinking about it, it was indeed
possible that Chen Yanran was still alive.

“Father, I will go to the Mansion of the
City Governor right away. Huang
Xiaoyong must know where my sister is.”
Chen Tiexin stood up and said eagerly.

Chen Yuanhai stopped him. Since he was
going to the Mansion of the City
Governor, he would not go there so easily.

Now that the Wangs and Xies had made
their stance clear, the Chens had to show
their stance as well. Otherwise, the Chens
would be targeted by the City Lord’s
Mansion in the future.

“First, ask the servants to prepare the
gifts to congratulaté Huang Xiaoyong,”
Chen Yuanhai said.

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth. In his eyes, Huang Xiaoyong used to be a good-for nothing who spent all his time on women. But now, he was going to congratulate this good-for-nothing, which made Chen Tiexin feel dissatisfied.

“Father, this guy is only at the Four-Light Realm. How could he tame a seven-star monster?” Chen Tiexin said unwillingly.

Chen Yuanhai sighed and said, ” According to my guess, Huang Xiaoyong probably has a very powerful master who helped him break through two realms in a row and helped him tame seven-star beasts.”

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